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  2. Should play FE6 the way it is on his first playthrough. Using mods on a game you've never played could give you a wrong perspective of it, so I'd personally advise against doing so.
  3. oh yeah, me, i think the core concept of the war room is very solid, especially with content recurring (e.g. literally right now, ghb revivals) and i'm very proud of having led development of the idea, unless parrhesia did. i can't keep us separate. i'm hella glad to hear you're finding it useful!
  4. Banned because ninjafalchion strikes yet again!
  5. Banned because Aether should not proc at 2-range, but apparently a Twitch streamer had that happen to them in a glitch with Path of Radiance.
  6. Heroes Analysis makes me a little sad, because it was such a great idea that ultimately suffered from the fact that the game receives ongoing updates, meaning that all threads are technically forever WIP because they can just keep releasing powercreep that will keep updating the optimal sets. This would be great if everyone who ever created an analysis was consistent about updating their threads, but as the creator of the OG Roy thread I can definitely attest to the problems of this. I do greatly appreciate the GHB/BHB clear threads, though - @Zeo alone has really inspired me to put effort into some of the weirdest Units for creative build ideas, and I have to admire @mampfoid's dedication to beauty. Definitely keep those and not just because I finally had a clear I could take a good video of and be relatively proud of my achievement SUCK IT PETRINE.
  7. Banned because I agree! (And I read “I agree” in Ingrid’a voice lol) Also banned because her proccing speed twice was very surprising
  8. Banned because Annette excelling as a physical attacker is surprising.
  9. Banned because speaking of units in classes oriented in a different attack stat, I was completely wrong about wyvern lord Annette. She is having no trouble one rounding units WITH A SILVER AXE. The plan was to make her a bolt axe wyvern, but I don’t think she’s even used hers yet. Very nice.
  10. Is most likely aware that I won’t use the numbers patch, at least on my playthrough. If all it does is boost hit rates, how would it help getting hit by a 28?
  11. Banned because I'm benching Mage Cav.
  12. If he plays FE6, ought to use the numbers patch to prevent frustration. Missing with 78s and getting hit by 28s is par for the course with vanilla FE6.
  13. Depends on how many slots I have. I know that Zihark, Nolan, Oscar, Aran and Jill get absolute top priority, followed by Soren, Elincia if she's optional, and the laguz royals if they're optional. Probably Shinon if I can fit him. Oh yeah, and I'd love to find a way to slap Janaff and Ulki in there.
  14. Woop thanks for the quick pickup and happy to help. =] Also, i really needed that info and I am so glad you told me.
  15. My main issue with the OCs is that right now there are too many of them and most of them are pretty irrelevant. Books 1 and 3 were pretty decent about their total OCs, but book 2 and book 4 are pretty guilty of overloading their stories with too many OCs where most of them are irrelevant. Like ... you wouldn't have had to change anything of importance if you cut or merged one of Gunnthra or Hrid. And the story could be easily rewritten to not include Mirabilis and one of Triandra or Plumeria. And, like ... Anna and Sharena have been part of the story since forever, and even then they barely get anything to work with as characters. Book 4 is probably the most Sharena has had to do, and unless she somehow becomes super important in the last two chapters while Alfonse disappears, it's still mostly been "Alfonse doing smart things. Everyone else exists." The game's just not good at handling its numerous OCs. I wouldn't have such an issue with them if Heroes knew what to do with all of them rather than half-assing most of them.
  16. I feel like the first one would arguably make Archers even more bad than they already are.
  17. Thank you all! I didn't expect this warm of welcome with so many replies. Makes me glad I joined!
  18. Isn’t playing fe12. I’m one chapter before the time skip; the flame emperor’s identity just got revealed. I should soon play fe6, because I’m doubtful that I will force myself through Crimson Flower Hard. I mean probably not, but who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  19. Banned because that really does hurt a ton.
  20. Oh, that's a great idea, actually. I was wondering who should get that Skill Manual. Thanks! ^^
  21. hehe I gave her Pavise in my old save file iirc. With her SKL being good it should activate relatively often
  22. Oof. She tears through everything, currently. She kinda reminds me of Hilda that way. Only difference is that her defense is practically non-existent. XD
  23. They used a FE4 map theme in older versions, which combined with GBA soundfront didn't really work well. In my old file she had the highest STR iirc, give her a Shield + Wrath and you have a Crit machine Weapons also generally have a high hit rate. Iirc Iron Axe has 85, Lance 90 and Sword 95
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