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  2. The journey was now truly underway, signaled by the burning of the two pirate ships that had accosted the merchant ship. Davros was all too eager to send both to the bottom of the ocean; his ship was largely unharmed, but time had been lost with their meddling. The flames rose, and the ships sank, and with them any other pure weapons that were aboard, and the bodies of those who deigned to engage the Iron Tigers that day. Davros asked the group to take turns on the night and morning watch, to make sure that pirates didn't sneak up on them again. There had been a few close calls, but the voyage since their encounter with Krauser and his crew was smooth. The Iron Tigers were slowly improving their cohesion; their ability to fight had always been present, but outside of combat they tended to struggle. Yet, with the gentle roll of the waves, words and hopes flowed freely when before they had been frozen inside. On a brisk evening on the 7th day of travel, Davros's vessel made land in the port town of Eibar. It was the largest port on the northern coast of Hecatia, and even larger than that of even the largest part in Glacies. Because of the constant trade through the port, it was one of the most progressive locations in all of Hecatia. While not Glacies, or Lufiria, they still treated monsters and Clouded as if they were living being with their own thoughts and aspirations... but for every person who saw an equal, there were just as many who saw beings to be reviled and extinguished. The atmosphere matched the dated feeling the Hecatian port had. The ships were poorly constructed compared to Davros's ship, and magic played far less of a role in anything that happened here. It felt more like a place stuck in time, but it would be where the Iron Tigers would take their first steps towards something greater than they could have ever known... But first, there were goodbyes and farewells to perform. Marianne's feet hit the dock. She'd felt much better today than the recent days of the voyage; still not enough to fulfill her promise to Ingverd and mercenary who'd asked before she'd gotten woozy. But recovering had always been the hard part for her. Perhaps she could manage little something before they parted ways. Marianne and Chris were both heading to Amaranthe province to perform in the capital, which, unfortunately was the opposite direction that the Tigers were traveling in. She quite liked their little group from what little interaction she had with them. She sighed, she wouldn't have minded continuing to travel with them for a little while longer, but she and Chris both had things to do as well. She looked over at her partner, who'd spent the remaining parts of the voyage a bit annoyed. "Chris, normally something like that wouldn't bug you so much. I know how much you detest traffickers, but if what you told me is true, it's not too far of a leap to have made. It's not like we both don't know that there's a huge Hecatian trafficking market." Chris's head slowly craned over to her, "Yes, because that completely makes sense to go from me saying that I'm "Informing people about the influx of pure weapons," to ' I'm definitely working along with traffickers, and that I have no business knowing what's on that document', because I'm not a monster or clouded, when neither one of them were either of those things. Riiight. If that's what passes for deductive reasoning then I have to be the world's greatest detective." "Well, fine. Just be cordial then. We've still got to say our goodbye to Cinead, and wish him luck... oh, I've also got to give him that gift for helping us. I'd like to say goodbye to some of the others too, so would it kill you to muster a smile." "You say that as if I never smile." Chris huffed, and then let his shoulders fall before giving Marianne a small smile, "Alright, I suppose I've got goodbyes to say too."
  3. Of course they would! Did you forget what that Ion canon did last time? Ya know, where it killed and destroyed everything you know??? Armagon, your gif Route 1 and 2 be like: Seige no Mikata! *Fire Emblem intensifies* ...why is this a thing? And why does it actually look kind of fun?
  4. How did you rebuild the rom after you're done?
  5. You can replace the big robot with Garon and it wouldn't look outta place Ü
  6. ...all right, curiosity has gotten the better of me Terrible at videogames? I know I have been flubbing a bunch of Jacob and Esau runs on the Binding of Isaac Repentance, but that doesn't make me bad, that character is just mind-meltingly hard to dodge with... ...Shrug, kinda boring really, especially when compared to ones like the meme lord...
  7. You know it's bad when Shrimpy is wishing for a Cold Steel moment.
  8. Oh pls tell me they are pulling a Cold Steel in this route will just make it all so much funnier Ü
  9. Okay, so what if I learned what you're getting your friend as a birthday present and ruined the surprise by telling them about it? Would you appreciate that? Especially if it was something you put months if not years of work into? Pokemon is still Nintendo and Game Freak's intellectual property and thus they have the right to control the rate at which content about it is revealed. It doesn't take something as serious as national cybersecurity to expect a basic level of decency, including respecting a content creator's wishes to reveal their content at the time and in the manner they choose. Leaks like this are disrespectful to the people who worked hard to create the content and planned to reveal it on their own terms.
  10. what an asshole cold father Killing the closest and nicest allies, nice Ü
  11. I will need this image in my review of the game later when i describe this route, please keep posting it Rain with the facts as usual
  12. Ya know, sex makes you betray your allies, or something He says that while his strongest subordinate is a woman and so is the enemy leader lmao and didn't you say you didn't care about her anymore? Who the hell wrote this? This is Conquest tier almost lol Well, we are going in killing our own family lol lol
  13. Apparently these affect the little aerial missiles. TIL. So fun fact, I actually hadn’t been using these all game. I really should have been, coming back from that battle using them and getting S-rank first try. But of course, these are the classics.
  14. Today
  15. 9. Is there a RPG maker program or similar for rpg maker?
  16. Okay new here, been playing with Febuilder and I have questions. 1. Is it possible for multiple class change routes, as an example say a knight into either a general, or great knight with a Knight's crest, or into a paladin, or general with a master seal? 2. Can you have more than 3 class up choices? 3. Aside from a limit of the 255 character limit, can you set randomized units or generic units? Like having commanders and each commander has a team of 5-7 generic units that can all class up and have their own items and stats? 4. Is there a way for multiple commanders on the world map, like sending Erika to her mission and then switch to Ephraim an do his mission? If so can you designate different units to each? 5. Where can I find the different patches for Fe8 like the skills system and others? 6. Where can I find free portraits, animations and more? 7. How do you add different types of shops like say a repair shop, or a recruiter, and is it possible to make a weapon forging shop. 8. Can you have multiple level flags, like alternative routes?
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