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  2. "Mmm, I suppose it counts for you, Tundyssa, though I wouldn't have counted it for me," Jade kept an upbeat and joking manner as the dragon relayed how her primary company had been the cursed sword that had made its curious journey from the demon king's family, through unknown numbers of hands until reaching the merchant's, and then back again to a royal member. "I'm surprised to hear it worked against the golems, to be honest. I thought it hungered life force, and that's why I never had much luck with it until I lent it out..." A shrug, a glance to Lavinia for her thoughts, and then the zombie considered the final matter raised. "No strange humans in our sector, but I'd say our find outranked yours, whoever she was. So you're not exactly wrong there. We were lucky she aimed her spell away from us," Jade's voice lowered in contemplation and she continued. "I may be hardier than most, but looking at the devastation it caused I wouldn't have wanted to be in its path. Magic is rather outside my wheelhouse, so I left her to the General to figure out. Focus on the things I can do instead, you know?" The Saint's name coming from Xalrei's--Tundyssa's lips--was a surprise ending there as well. Hadn't she just said she'd been alone? Jade found herself looking around for where the tall, cowardly-seeming woman had ended up. She hadn't really much in the way of personal interactions, an inescapable consequence as the ragtag militia group had continued to expand, often in completely unexpected ways. Perhaps a conversation was coming due...
  3. They were already raked through the mud in the first game. We saw them repeatedly execute people with no trial, even execute people for crimes they didn't commit, censor books, lie about history, use religious imagery to attack their political enemies, purge dissident Church factions, etc. From everything I've heard Three Hopes seems to be going out of its way to make more explicit some things that apparently weren't obvious enough in the original text, so I'm not surprised that includes being even less subtle on how the Church of Seiros is not meant to be a seen as a good organization. At all. Rhea herself I find very compelling so I do hope the new game continues to dig into how her backstory shapes her actions - I like her a lot because she's both sympathetic and credible, while still doing terrible things. So in that sense I do hope she's not "ultra-flanderized". But I also don't blame the writers for essentially taking a direct shot at people who misread the game so badly that they unironically said things like "Rhea did nothing wrong".
  4. …Of course there is only one chevalier I give a rat’s ass about, and unlike a certain chevalier of the ashen persuasion this fellow has gotten laid…a lot…with hundreds of different women…
  5. Yes, that has a tendency to happen. Try not to let it happen, though. The state doesn't like it when you're too incompetent to keep your folks alive.
  6. I have no idea what you're talking about, but thanks! Criado por Lucas Pope lol. In Spanish "criado" means "raised", so that was funky to read at first. Anyway, I don't know. Game's not that long, but I don't think it's "beat in one day" short. Probably'll take two, three, maybe four days.
  7. Yup, pretty much exactly what I thought it was. Hayashi wasn't lying when he said characters for FEW were held back for a potential sequel, but developing Three Houses inspired them to go in another direction. Persona 5 Strikers all over again. Well, either way, I'm not complaining. The crossover style warriors games bored me while Age of Calamity, Strikers, and Three Hopes have been a blast.
  8. I mean I have a lot of time on it so far but I'm only on chapter 10 of GW 1st cycle
  9. I guess let's just be optimistic and hope this was a "we can't justify two redundant crossovers on the same console" type of thing...
  10. Must be playing on easy, minimizing side battles and uh... not sleeping.
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  12. Oh wow, why Leonie of all people? Lysithea, I can understand when she's given an additional recruitment opportunity in Crimson Flower and a story-heavy support conversation with Edie on top of that.
  13. The news that they were initially going to make an "FE Warriors 2" is interesting. I like Three Hopes, but I hope that comes to fruition some day too.
  14. Actually not all that much. Lost interest, won't purchase: Tellius duology and their false billing with Micaiah. Won't play again: Fates Conquest and its atrocious story. Awakening for its lack of good gameplay. Might not play the original, but interested in a remake: Jugdral Played twice, enjoyed it: Elibe Binding Blade, Sacred Stones. Also Shadow Dragon for its value as the game that started it all. Will play again at some point: Three Houses. Looking forward to Verdant Wind next. But geez, as much as I'm enjoying the story, the whole thing is a slog to get through.
  15. I thought "we originally pitched a full Persona franchise crossover" was the most painful thing I'd read in a Koei interview. I was wrong. Oh well. 3H has a better roster to pull from than the original game's 3 focus games combined.
  16. Didn't take the bait, even if unknowingly. I'm proud of you Ruben. Think I can beat it today?
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