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  2. While 20,000 Feathers sounds like a lot, it only represents about 1 week of game play, and the average player probably earns quite a bit more than that. While Atk/Spd Solo is not bad, the reason I recommend Atk/Spd Solo for staff units is because regular player phase units can use Swift Sparrow and Life and Death, make better use of Brazen Atk/Spd, and all three skills are a lot easier to use. Atk/Spd Solo is not that great on regular nukes due to its positioning requirements, and while it is not as crap as Bonds, it is still far from ideal as nukes will oftentimes be adjacent to allies and it simply is not practical to have them move to a new position all the time. And for Galeforce teams who may want a lot of its members run Wings of Mercy, Atk/Spd Solo does not really work very well in that set up. If you really do not want to give it to a staff unit, the only other type of unit I can think that can use Solos somewhat well are dual phase Galeforcers. For Atk/Spd Solo you want to use it on a high Spd unit, and also probably give them a defensive B skill that is active on both phases. Null Follow-Up, Close Call/Repel, Lulls, etc. are premium options, but there is also Dull Close if you do not mind spending Grails, and Guard (its HP requirement sucks though) and Breakers for really cheap options. The main issue with dual phase Galeforcers in my opinion is that they do not feel that great, at least when I used them. While it is nice to be able to have them break away from the main team and do their own thing, that kind of play style is very hard to support properly using a regular team, so if the Galeforcer gets into trouble, it is hard to extract them out of enemy range. I am also not super convinced that the dual phase portion for those Galeforcers is really that necessary either, although it certainly is fun and mesmerizing to watch them auto battle on easy modes like Training Tower and Special Training Maps.
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  4. Knows well of Dante's Inferior in the form of the endless black pagentry mercifully given the nomenclature...Teehee...
  5. One reason I want to inherit Galeforce with Atk/Spd Solo is the cost of Galeforce. It's 20k to 22k feathers from a Cordelia or inheriting it from a 5*-only unit. Atk/Spd Solo is the main priority and Galeforce is bonus for someone who can use it well. If we had a 3* to 4* summonable unit with Odd Spd Wave, then that would be a more flexible, but not as potent bonus. So, that is a reason why I did not mention a healer or even a ranged unit. For healers, CYL Camilla and CYL Veronica are my only high offenses healers where CYL Camilla is the one that introduced Atk/Spd Push 4 and CYL Veronica is used for F2P strategies, so I don't want to mess with her a lot. Veronica's +Atk, -Def, so running Fortress Def 1 in her empty A passive gives her her neutral stat spread. I could swap it out when I need to, but I'm waiting on for the CYL3 free pick's expiry notice to come up to decide if I should pick her for a neutral copy and allow this one to be free and merged or just keep her with this role as a substitute, pick someone else for skills, and hope that a miraculous neutral one will appear. Barracks space issues... My CYL Camilla is +Atk, -Spd? and +1 merged. I never summoned Loki, bride Fjorm, Maribelle, or Elise. Although it would be overkill, bride Fjorm I think I would rather stick with her HP/Atk 2 or inherit HP/Spd 2 and run HP/Spd 2 as her seal. The next best thing I have would be Wah!Mia who is +Atk and +1 merged so she has 33/35 offenses, Lucius, Mercedes, Serra, hot springs Sakura who is +Atk, -Spd so she has 38/29 offenses, and the free Emmeryns if I were to make one a 5* and where Emmeryn's 32/34 neutral offenses is the best I think for a 3* to 4* summonable healer. Lucius, Mercedes, and Serra I can choose from +Atk or +Spd and there's also a Brady (+Atk, -Spd) if I were to 5* him and give him a merge to fix the -Spd flaw. Regardless, I'm not to keen on giving any of them Atk/Spd Solo and from a unit who has Galeforce. Atk/Spd Solo is the new Swift Sparrow where many of the new, shiny high offenses units have it, but of those units, the ones without that great of other skills to inherit from would be legendary Eirika, spring Fir, kind of sweaty F!Corrin, and then Yarne. Although, legendary Eirika has Lunar Brace shenanigans and spring Fir is one of the few, well, two high offenses axe fliers. Sweaty M!Corrin and Hilda on their own have high offenses and have Null Follow-Up, Larcei and Mareeta have Close Call/Repel, New Year's Lethe and Sirius have a Lull, and Sothis is a mythic and has Time's Pulse. If I had a ton of copies of Wah!Mia or hot springs Sakura, then maybe them because they're fliers. Otherwise, Emmeryn for her offenses or Nanna because she's a cavalry healer and easier to merge than Veronica, but 27/34 neutral offenses to Veronica's 32/36 and access to Hlidskjalf isn't that great. And with healers being ignored in weapon updates and for good reason because Gravity/Pain and Dazzling/Wrathful Staff are that powerful. Still, it shouldn't stop them from giving, say, Azama Pain+ and Dazzling Staff for the base effects of his staff and something stupid like: "At start of combat, if foe's Atk ≥ unit's Atk+3, grants Def/Res+4 during combat and unit can counterattack regardless of foe's range", for its unique refinement. As if everything else isn't hellishly chaotic. The other healers who have high attack, but low speed like Genny, I'd rather have them run Atk/Def or Atk/Res Solo depending on whatever their higher defensive stat is, but considering how special Solo skills are treated, that's likely to not happen in the near future. We got Spd/Res Solo as a seal recently, but it would be nice to have a Solo in the 3* to 4* summoning pool. Or Swift Sparrow 2 at this point. I know I type a lot and perhaps too much, but I did mention Raven, witch Celica, Lon'qu, and Peri for that matter as units who would be fine with a "cheaper" Fury 3 or L&D3 and Galeforce. Cheap in this case means that they work just fine with either A passive or something else that is not as expensive as Atk/Spd Solo. Or that they want to retain their bulk for whatever reason which could include Karla, Linus, Lon'qu, and Raven. An example being PvE challenge maps and for whatever reason wanting very exact HP control where double L&D3 Raven doesn't work, but L&D3 and Atk/Spd Solo 3 Raven does. I already have Linus and Raven running L&D3, but Raven has yet to inherit Galeforce since I am still holding onto to feathers for the last remaining Echidna copies to show up and figuring out who or if I want to invest in a grail hero that isn't Aversa or Kronya or some other 3* to 4* summonable unit.
  6. Nooooo!!! Banned for his fell necromancies!!!
  7. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
  8. honestly just the main characters/avatars. Marth because he's the face of the series basically Ike because Tellius and because he's radically different than Marth Byleth to represent the weapon triangle and Robin/Corrin for the avatars
  9. That an album of his or what...?
  10. Best boss theme in the series imo. The vocals elevate this for me.
  11. Well pre-timeskip she's only 160% modifier according to the data compared to Byleth's 200% Which is decent, I guess I'd say she's like S!Laegjarn~
  12. hahaha fire emblem funny number 1
  13. Neat. I do like this game so nice to see there's more content waiting for me. Ohhhhhhhhh. Highly recommend. With it turned on, all the EXP you get from anything that isn't battles gets stockpiled and you can pull from that stockpile to raises yourself a few levels. Really useful if you're underleveled and need to shoot up some levels. You can also use it to cheese EXP by lowering the levels of party members and then fighting enemies higher-leveled than them (though do note that there's only so much EXP that can be gained from any single enemy). I do wish you could change them around prior to the fight. Actually, just being able to change your setup in general for Time Attack. Like, i know there's the free option but the restrictive option feels too restrictive. Xenoblade 2's Challenge Mode also had restrictive conditions but you still had the liberty in what setup you wanted to be in. Time Attack is neat and all but it's essentially just a diet version of Xenoblade 2's Challenge Mode.
  14. You know how folks tout Xenoblade as a JRPG that got the MMO treatment and delivered? Well the point I'm gonna make isn't related to that (lol). It was common practice for me to use combat arts/skills on the left side of the screen (buffs on the right side) when I was still playing those games (cough, P2W, err, F2P games, cough) years ago. I find myself orienting every character in XBDE in reverse. I wonder why.
  15. Okay, I'm in love with the Wings of Fire villains so much that I did the villains instead of protagonists. I did Darkstalker, Scarlet, and Albatross using Fire Dragon, Immaculate One, and Immovable sprites. Darkstalker: Scarlet: Albatross:
  16. Post game is quite big ;) Trails in the Sky Nope xD Maybe i should hmmm Ugh don't remind me. I did that one time attack and my arts were all out of order during it and it was super annoying
  17. Oof. That's too bad, actually. It sucks when fanbases ruin things... Then again, I can see violent debates about Qibli vs. Winter causing bigtime salt.
  18. I don’t wasn’t a member then but reddit can give a link to that convo and I was shocked about that. And as for Avatar. Byleth was in a specific way the worst. He can’t be customized in appearance he/she has a canon birthday 20 of horsebow moon. Are a stillborn and a chosen one/vessel for the Progenitor god. Their support feels like blind followers. And him/her not talking/voice makes immersion in the world unnatural. I said it Earlier with the AVGN Rambo quote “John the movie can’t continue until you say yes” If Byleth or Corrin dies and the world stop and dies cause people who don’t know them can’t live anymore. It not just Bad Writing and World Building. Its Fanfiction Tier Writhing.if Fodlan can Fonction without Byleth/Sothis than the world building is good since it can still fonction but If it can’t.then Three houses has wasted potential. I’ve made 3 topics about Byleth and that
  19. Nearly done with Tales of Berseria. I'm just wrapping up some of the character sidequests before i head off to the final battle. PTSD? Oh by the way, you do have Expert Mode turned on, right? Bonus EXP is very good and and as a reminder, if you feel overleveled, you can always delevel with Expert Mode. Expert Mode is a misleading name btw, it doesn't actually make the game hard. I think the only character where i actually set the Arts a certain way was with Riki. I put all his debuff Arts on the right side. Gotta say though, it does feel weird seeing Shulk's Arts rearranged. Some of the Time Attack battles messed me up because Shulk had a different Art order than the default.
  20. Alright! Got that Dracoshield. Ended up using all the Turnwheel's uses... because I kept beating Slayde without intending to. In the end I had him baited with Tobin wielding a Longbow (so no counter) with Silque healing and backed with a Blessed Ring. I'll admit, I got lucky since Alm scored a crit while using Foudroyant with the Lightning Blade. I wasn't expecting for then Slayde to be the one running away after, but he was the last enemy standing in a rout map anyway. I suppose there's just visiting Zofia Castle to fully finish Act I... I'll leave that for another day.
  21. The Astral Chain spirits were added as DLC Spirits for the Version 6.1.1 Patch. I totally think only the in-game spirits like Min Min are the ones that don't get deconfirmed as DLC Fighters.
  22. just based off of the part of the fanbase i'm in, i see a lot of people usually being pretty salty over characters people like/dislike, opinion change forcing, etc
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