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  2. Wyvern riders can only attack ground units and damage is reduced by 80% against archers. Pegasus riders can attack anything but damage is reduced by 50% against flyers, 80% against archers, and 25% against other ground units. Gryphon riders can only attack other flyers. Some enemies get an exclusive skill called Vulcan Cannon, which nullifies a flying foe's avoid and defense regardless if mounted or not.
  3. welp decided to either pull the full circle or at least until I get 1 green. Of course it took me 3 circles to get even 1 green for my main. 3* Gunter, too. Oh well, I got my second Norne at least, who is identical to my first +Def/-Spd one. Probably should've opened the other colourless instead of looking for that green. On my second account I pulled the whole circle and got my second Nah with a great Atk/-HP! First one is neutral so debating if she'll be Bonus Doubler fodder or a merge.
  4. As a proud owner of two lovely cats, this enrages me to no end. Those cats didn't do anything to you, why would you do something so awful?
  5. Tier 27. My def went really bad this week, but had a perfect offense with B!Ike and B!Lucina. They make this mode easy. Still had my ladders at the end.
  6. Depends on the definition of "barbecued" in this instance. WHAT HAVE I DONE?!
  7. 277 orbs got me Nino (+Atk -Def) and Sothis (+Def -Res). Pity breakers were 2 Ylgr, green Olwen, and Rhajat. Got 2 more Nowi merges along the way, between the two low merge ones I can make a +10 now if she gets another alt.
  8. So here's a Wild speculation (Warning: Major Spoilers if right!) Don't tell me if i am right or wrong thx! Also, Petra Str screwing about to end. She will get a whopping 7 STR upon promotion to Wyvern Knight xD
  9. "They're just stray cats" is what the murderer said. They should've exposed his face and not hidden anything from something that literally kills kittens for a living. Death sentence anyone?
  10. Managed to finish a couple more merge projects. Did some of my favorite male units this time around. Next is FH!Delthea who should be done by Friday (and will be the fourth blue tome unit I will merge to +10). I really should focus on a red unit after that since A!Tiki is still the only red unit I merged to +10 after all this time.
  11. Hmm, despite having 4 free units in the bonus line-up, it's the first time without a legendary hero and without a unit from the 3*/4* pool.
  12. I opened two colorless stones this morning, which means 4 orbs for ... nothing. Waiting for a good legendary/mythic banner to spend my orbs. Yay, congrats! You really like each other! Ouch, sorry about the banes, but you'll have a lot of bonus units for TTs.
  13. Today
  14. Caineghis is old though. Dragon lolis are young and got trainee classification, so they are stronger and got 180 BST. The only reason A Monstrous Harvest Hector got 180 BST is because of Lilina is younger and stronger. Hector may be swinging the sword, but that is just Lilina giving her old man a magical steroid boost.
  15. Ending on Tier 26, which is great! I will probably get another Golden Throne! Fjorm did a great job this season! Too bad next season is not water again. I may keep using her, but I still need to think.
  16. Chances are this'll be worse than Thracia. 41 speed armours though. 3 Colourless, 1 each Red, Blue 4* Norne (See this? More of this please. +Atk/-Spd, merge time.), 4* Brady (I FINALLY GOT BEST AWAKENING KID! +HP/-Res, I'll have to look into his viability.), 4* Klein (HOLY CRAP THIS IS AN AMAZING CIRCLE. +Res/-Def, DB3), 3* Mathilda (Of course. +Atk/-HP) 2 Red, 1 each Blue, Green, Colourless 4* Rebecca (DB at least. +HP/-Def), 4* Peri (Bleh. +Res/-HP), 3* Beruka (Skill fodder too. +HP/-Res) Let's leave it be for now.
  17. i mean yeah but that wasn't really my point i guess that's just how bst and powercreep work
  18. Banned for editing a ban.
  19. Ugh. It is sad and upsetting to see cats being treated this way. Basically, a man is going around capturing and murdering cats on the streets. At least one kitty is not even a stray, based on how that kitten (yes it is a kitten) interacts with people. A cat mom that was rescued gave birth at the vet but lost a kitten, and she is so traumatized that she is not caring for her surviving kittens. Another cat mother that was rescued died after giving birth at the vet. How that asshole murdered the cats is horrible; I do not really want to describe it as it is pretty upsetting and I am trying not to think about it. I will just put a link to the video here instead of embedding it if you really want to watch it; and here is part two of the video. They blurred out a lot of the graphic scenes, but that still does not make it easy to watch. I am holding my kitty close right now to feel better. I lost my appetite, and I cannot even finish my dinner anymore. I do not feel like eating meat for a while either.
  20. Well my rolls sure were... something. I NP5'd Medusa Lily before I got MLB Starry Nights. Going to take this as a sign and stop rolling.
  21. I've been loving this game. The animation and expression work is just amazing. I also like having more Mario characters in there, though I wonder why Daisy wasn't brought in. She's Luigi's girlfriend, for pete's sake! And the Tomb Suites would have been a good place for her painting, considering the first and most recognized kingdom of Sarasaland is the Birabuto Kingdom, based on Egypt.
  22. Who do you think will break it to Sharena first? Anna? Alfonse? Peony? Fjorm? I lean towards maybe Fjorm since she is from Nifl.
  23. Is Alfonse trying to insinuate the Winter's Envoy isn't real? Some kinda bullshit that is.
  24. VincentASM I am big fans of TearRing Saga. I've been looking for this novel for a long time. but link of images is no longer valid. can you send to my emal : [email protected] please.. thank you very much
  25. Caineghis is gen III. Glorious Gifts Zephiel is gen IV.
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