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  2. Hiii, ❤️ I'm currently loving Three Houses, and would just like to share some fun discoveries about hidden unit strengths I've made so far: (I try to make all my babies exceptional in some way, after all) Ingrid scales ridiculously well as a front line unit, as she can easily attain 0% hit from most regular enemies just by making use of Advanced Alert Stance, Evasion Ring, innate Peg + Falco Knight evasion, and her high base speed growth to fly out in advance of your main army to be engaged upon by a group of enemies, counter attack from up to 1-3 range with weapon upgrades, and allow the rest of your unit to swoop in on the survivors. Note, this is before even taking terrain or support bonuses with someone like Dark Knight Sylvain into account. Basically, she starts out as merely a decent unit and by the end without any particular favoritism became just this...literally unkillable monster. This was normal mode, however, but I'm curious to try it again when I run Blue Lions again on Hard. If anything, there's another ability I didn't use that grants bonus evasion when you're below a certain HP threshold I could add to the mix if it's needed, but we shall see. Ignatz, on the other hand, whom as far I've seen isn't looked upon favorably by many players (albeit for understandable reasons), I find has a subtle strength I'm just now experimenting with in my first Golden Deer run. That is, because his trait gives him extra hit, one need not take prowess abilities for the sake of giving him reliable attack accuracy. For best use of this trait, I run him as an assassin as the lowkey broken Assassin trait Stealth means he doesn't have to worry about having lower evasion and crit evasion either (as you may know, Stealth makes it so that if enemies can target any other of your ally units in their range, they will not target him). He also gains Seal Strength (ATK debuff) and Break Shot (DEF debuff), the latter of which gives him an extra bow range, and together make him a kind of chip attack, debuff applying machine, that I would theorize to be much more helpful in harder difficulties once they release, but as it stands gives him a neat utility as an initiator against monster units. I intend to add the Poisonstrike ability to him on top of this, particularly to help with his raw damage against said monsters, and a Venin Bow once I get ahold of one (do their effects stack?). As for sword skills he gains Haze Slice, which also works as a safe chip option against, say, Snipers and Bow Knights. His aforementioned freedom with ability equips also lets him take Steal for added utility, and I'm sure many more off-branch ability combinations I am yet to discover. Being an Assassin on its own, might I add, serves a useful utility, in that you can block off enemy attack paths in places, and in this regard I often have him tailing beside Raphael, providing support bonuses and battle assist bonuses to him just from being there with a bow equipped, while effectively walling off back row units if needed, funneling them all into attacking the Seraph Robe and Goddess Statue stacked Raphael only. In this way he is a versatile Utility pick, moreso than a Wyvern Lord Hilda with Weight -, Hit + 20%, Death Blow, Axe Prowess, and an Accuracy Ring. However, I find both to be fun in their own way.. xD I just think if a unit seems weak to you...try to think outside of the box! :)
  3. The idea is that you'd need to fodder 11 Gen 3 units if the older unit was +10. The bigger issue I can think of is the existence of 4* Gen 3 units, not sure how to handle those but that's just detail really. Dragonflowers are fine but are intentionally tuned as to not provide parity, doubt they'd change that philosophy.
  4. Sounds reasonable if that's the case. I didn't watch the video, so I'm just basing it on the statement in the OP: "Three Houses is the second best selling games in terms of launch sales in the US after Awakening."
  5. None of this shows that the Etrurian nobility would tolerate armed action. Roy sent a message to Cecilia, not to everyone else. The fact he started fighting prior to making sure the message is sent across could piss the government off because he ended up acting on his own. And this could be used as propaganda by Roartz that the Lycian Alliance are up to no good. Roy being willing to explain his actions does not mean the Etrurian nobles wants to hear his reasoning. Whether or not he was literally trespassing doesn't matter because to an outside observer who isn't privy to the events, it sure looks like he is. Roy being determined to explain his actions doesn't mean people, other than Cecilia will take him seriously. Not to mention how exactly is he supposed to be sure that he can explain his actions anyway. He's just saying they'll understand without taking into account what if they don't. That's an emotional reason, not a logical one. Him leaving means he can protect Lycia himself without incurring the wrath of Etruria. If Etruria is open to dialogue, they'd understand why he had to leave and continue supporting him but if Etruria is not open to dialogue, then he forfeits both Etruria and Lycia's protection of Lycia.
  6. "So long as you are ready to make good on that conviction, should it need come to pass. I hope Agni can see the error of his ways, I would hate for you to need remove him if it can be avoided." Nessraya replied, leaning into Marina as the heroine did the same. It seemed Marina was coming around, and was warming to the idea of having a good time with her. That was all but confirmed as Marina continued to speak, but just as Nessraya was about to show her just why that was the proper decision, a scream rang out through the camp. It didn't take overly long to pinpoint the cause, and- damn it all. "It seems that will need to wait. Get Myrithali, NOW!" Nessraya barked, immediately springing up from her seated position, wings spreading. For Lavinia to be taken by surprised and subdued so easily, and- was that Asami as well? This was no opponent to be taken lightly, and it became unfortunately obvious as she approached that Nessraya's own options were... limited. With Lavinia within the Naga's, Lamia's? It didn't really matter, grasp, her spells would almost certainly impact the vampire as well should she lob them... and this arrival was likely far more resilient towards magic than Lavinia. Still, she had to be ready to strike if need be, a fireball forming in one hand as she held her rather recent acquisition, a blizzard tome, in the other. Whichever sort of snakefolk this was, she would not appreciate the frigid cold. "This is the only warning I will give you, our mystery assailant. If you do not release them both immediately, it will be your head on a pike." The General stated coldly, watching for any sudden movements. What an unenviable situation.
  7. Still easier to +10 a 3-4 Star unit and then fodder of a 5 Star Gen 3 unit then building a 5 Star Gen 3 unit. So nope wont happen. The best bet are Dragonflowers, because: 1. They are limited, so the amount of full "free" built up 3-4 Star units is limited 2. They are kinda tied to summoning, because new units give 40 Dragonflowers. And I believe this is the way IS will handle this, at one point with Gen 4 or Gen 5 units they will up the cap on Gen 1/Gen2 and Gen 3 units and prolly add more Dragonflower rewards (but it will still be steep to go from +10 Dragonflowers to +15 but easier to go from 0 to +10) Since Dragonflowers dont count towards Arena Calculation this also keeps AR Duell skills relevant to some degree.
  8. That's actually an amazing idea, you could buy mounts like we do with Brave Weapons, which are limited in number. It would also give the option to have higher tier mounts and lower tier mounts, especially seen as now we have Riding/Flying ranks. I'd extend this to armours as well. And by doing that we'd remove completely the fact that some classes are mounted/armoured and some aren't, just as we do with weapons you can raise your Riding skill and slap a horse on your Halberdier (we still need those) and you get a Paladin. It would simplify greatly the class tree, every class is infantry and then the player decides which unit gets to fly/ride/armour. It does need some tweaking, not only must it be limited in number, but the boost they provide should still be compensated with some debuff (thinking of Dex, hitting things while on an animal must be more difficult).
  9. NPD is comparing Three Houses sales at this moment to Awakening's life time sales. That's why it's only a matter of time. If you look at reported sales for Awakening, that entry had pretty long legs. It was a million seller at the start of 2014 (already a year old in Japan), then reportedly almost became a two million seller at the end of that year. Leaving us to speculate where that bump may have come from. But those reports came directly from Nintendo who DOES have digital sales numbers, unlike NPD.
  10. Since Master classes take more investment than Advanced, I would rather have them be an improvements That said, we definitely could use more mastery rank infantry classes, especially the sword wielding variety, why do we have 3 different sword wielders in advance only to have 1 in master? Hero and/or assassin could easily be bump up to Master (increase requirement of Axe/Bow and improve their stats to match obviously). Mortal servents need a stat improvement to make its shtick more viable to most characters.
  11. We seem to be arguing completely different things here. Just to be clear, are you arguing that the new system is better, or that it's not bad enough to warrant criticism?
  12. Good analysis, hope to see you continue it. I basically agree with everything. Specific comments: Hit+20: I'd say this skill is a little less powerful than the others (except for high-range archers) since many PC builds are already quite accurate most of the time, but it still definitely belongs in this tier. Armoured Blow: Fates had the right idea with the Blow skills, in which Quick Draw (which is now Death Blow) was +4, Darting +5, Armoured +10, and Warding +20. Now they're all +6 like in Heroes and wouldn't you know it, the defensive ones are junk, because your defences aren't nearly as important on player phase generally (sometimes you kill an enemy before they counter, sometimes you're attacking an enemy who can't counter at all). I kinda like Armoured Blow in concept, but it needs to be much more potent... +10 strikes me as the minimum it needs to be to be relevant (and honestly it wouldn't be better than Death/Darting Blow even it were +infinity).
  13. I like Edelgard because I’m cynical enough to think that sometimes it is necessary to do monstrous things for the greater good. Even if most modern media, especially entertainment, is pretty overwhelming in denoting that as evil (unless the character shows remorse, then it can usually be all forgiven). I think sometimes, as with Edelgard, this does take you down a terrible road and many mistakes are made. Knowing other possibilities and outcomes from a meta-perspective, her path does not seem like the best one. But it’s incredibly hard for humans, while taking action, to pre-judge the results and impossible to change past actions in hindsight. (divine pulse certainly seems like it can’t be used in that way also). I’m actually not sure the game really engaged this theme very deeply and well overall, and it’s been done better in many other stories, but it was enough to make me feel some real sympathy for Edelgard. Not because her background is sad (which it is, to be fair) or her intentions are good (which ultimately means little), but because consequentialism is really hard and one of the most human things is struggling with it (and that’s enough sometimes).
  14. What, using any weapon is less depth than being stuck to using weapons in specific situations for best results? The "weapon level X" skills also add stats - maybe not the most useful thing, but I get more mileage out of them than the likes of Authority. Lances/axes get cheap throwing options, swords can hit Res, axes/swords get armor effectiveness while lances get cavalry effectiveness. . .just like old FE games. Except this time, I don't have to be a lancer to use a Horseslayer.
  15. How about instead limiting the number of mounted units that can be deployed by making mounts a finite resource? It occurred to me while trying to shuffle my too-few flying battalions between my fliers that if wyverns and pegasi were treated as the rare beasts that they are and making them a piece of "equipment", you could allow mounted units to keep their power advantage (which is realistic enough) without the gamebreaking strategy of having your entire army be mounted.
  16. It's a little more forgivable in those instances because the shift doesn't really include drastic character shifts, but rather story shifts. It may have been less jarring if we spent another chapter fighting Edelgard after her big villain reveal, but ultimately it wouldn't have actually changed much. Dimitri's character arc was hinted at and planned well before the time skip and it still just... flopped. As for Dimitri's personality - the guy goes from getting mad at you for going "that's the nature of war" when you're talking about civilian losses in one of the early pre-skip missions to implying he wants to torture Randolph when you capture him. He's also informed that the citizens of his capital are suffering when you're discussing what your first move should be, and he insists on marching to Enbarr because it's the most direct route to Edelgard - so he's certainly not concerned about his country at that point and attributing his murder hobo tendencies to him being angry about that isn't really backed up by the story. He snaps back to being a decent person after Fleche/Rodrigue makes him see the light. This is because they are just a bunch of kids who have been thrown into a class together. Claude's been there for only a year, and they have the most commoners. The other two houses are comprised of mostly nobles who have been faffing around with the royals/house leaders and each other for years before arriving the monastery. Quite a few of their C supports involve them stepping on toes while trying to get to know each other lol. If you're looking for touching, background heavy supports then BL has the better batch, imo. Still disappointed that we never get to see Holst.
  17. First, you say that like it wasn't exactly my point. The game didn't add anything, it just took pre-existing depth away. Second, this is why I used swords for my example, because when you have swordfaire, axes and lances lose in mt, wt, and hit rate. You need to get lance or axefaire, which takes pretty much mastering it, in order to invent a situation where those weapons wouldn't lose that argument.
  18. This isn't true; Heroes is less relevant now than it was in 2017 by quite a bit, see the Google Trends for the game. I know hardly anyone who plays Heroes now who didn't in 2017, while I know many people who have put the game down in the same interval. But Heroes did push this game more + being an actual new FE is obvious the big deal, as you said; remakes don't usually sell that well unless the original is truly beloved. Anyway I'm very happy to see this game doing well. It's pretty hard to get good data but at the very least it looks like this will at minimum be roughly on par with Awakening/Fates for sales, which is great to see as someone who hopes the series continues to get entries for many years to come, since in my humble opinion it's the best series in gaming at the moment.
  19. You made comments using the present tense that said you were in the early going on the same day you were arguing dodge tanks and deep Deadeye weren't ever viable in the game. In both cases, people pointed to actual game use and/or gave statistics from in-game and you referred to incorrect theory or noted how the formulas were worse than in other games in the series without considering the validity in this game's unique environment. In both cases you continued the same argument over several more posts after evidence (anecdotal or screen shot) was brought forth to prove you wrong. In this instance, a week later after further anecdotal evidence was shared to oppose your viewpoint, you continued the argument without any supporting in-game evidence or even anything anecdotal. You just compared the game's formula to a different game again. I respect the fact that you seem to know the other games in the series very well, but when someone tells you something works because they have done it in this one, repeatedly arguing that it doesn't with no supporting evidence isn't a very effective strategy and is quite annoying. Once your standard of "it's impossible" is shattered, your next main argument against things seems to be that it takes a lot of investment. Your main character's role in this game is literally a teacher. All you are doing is investing in characters. It's like 50% of the game. Try it, it's fun.
  20. Sometimes after the timeskip, fast-travelling to the cardinal's room and immediately running forward will clip you through into the big rectangular tables, and you're stuck until you fast-travel out
  21. They also objected Roartz acted without consulting the king. Besides, as Roy says to Elphin: He's quite willing to explain his actions... and he did. He still sends a letter to Cecilia. He wasn't tresspassing. In fact: He's quite willing to request permission to pass through. He's promptly attacked for his actions. I already explained for the other route, Roy is determined to explain his actions. He stays because he's not going to abandon the islanders to further oppression by the bandits and corrupt Etrurians. Also, officially, he's still on orders to eradicate the bandits. Him leaving means Etruria has no obligation to keep protecting Lycia, then. Roy's stuck in a Catch-22. Either he helps the people and rebels and risk the chance Etruria won't accept his reasons... or forfeits Etruria's protection and leaves Lycia at Bern's mercy. The former option still has a hope the Etrurian-Lycian partnership can survive. The latter doesn't.
  22. Different MT, weight, hit rate, available combat arts, and skills locked to wielding a weapon aren't enough for you? The first three were in every single FE game. The point is that you can choose whether or not your once-swordlocked class will continue to be a swordlocked class. Or perhaps pack a Javelin for a cheap ranged option. Or maybe hack out a Mace because my Armorslayer is elsewhere. In earlier classes, having a Myrmidon use an axe is an option to secure kills. FE is still a numbers game, even if the numbers are a little bigger.
  23. It was a whim... just a whim on 9 orbs and an extra 13...! +Atk -Def Brave Eliwood, literally the asset I wanted on him. Also bonus Idunn. Oh if only you knew the trouble she'd cause your lineage, Eliwood...
  24. I don't think many master classes are above advanced classes. They were just set to add new roles the game. However, the flyers are overpowered. They should have lower stats (modifiers shouldn't sum more than cavalry units) and be advanced classes (demoting the wyvern knight as well), then, for the flying master classes, have the flying magic casters (again, with lower sum of stats). I agree that the GK is screwed in this game. He shouldn't have lance faire, and get a different skill instead (maybe weight-3, not as much as the fortress, but still something), or trade both faire skills for an exclusive sword-lance-axe faire, which gives damage +3 to those weapons weapons. And the advanced infantry should get more movement than the intermediate to be on par with master. What I mean is that master classes are about versatility, while advanced are focused on specialities. However, they are very unbalanced, with some master classes being ridiculously overpowered. For instance, bow knights, dark knights, gremories and war masters are promotions of advanced classes (sniper, warlock and warrior). There's no use for the advanced class when the master one is available. On the other hand, holy knights are inferior to bishops, since most characters get one single damage dealing spell (Nosferatu), being the other ones healing and support, thus being more useful the bishop white x2 than the white faire. With most characters sporting physic, having extra movement and canto isn't a big deal. Instead giving us many new classes, I'd rather have the ones in the game rebalanced (bow knight getting range+1 and sniper range+2, making Lysithea's advanced class useful for her, since reason shouldn't give two magic types at the same time).
  25. "Hah, well, don't look now, Agni, but it appears Marina and Nessraya are ignoring your opinions anyway~" Lavinia chuckled heavily as the two got much closer in the distance, reaching an arm around Agni to keep him still should he feel it appropriate to interrupt their merry time. "Provided we find a library, by all means. Give me any manner of book you think would fit my interests--" A sudden yelp from Lavinia ended her inquiry, arm slipping away from Agni and something dragged her off towards another set of trees. "What-- Agh-- Let, go, of me!" A tail? What manner of beast could... Lavinia tried her best to glance up at whatever was dragging her, but before she could figure things out, she was let go-- only to be grabbed again, and tight. "Ack!" A same tail has slithered its way around her body, hoisting her up off the ground... Lavinia did her best to follow it towards its owner... Human arms, a cloak, face hidden, but undoubtedly... "A naga, are we...? Or a, lamia... Quite the tail you have, he--Rgh!?" Squeezed tighter, Lavinia let out a gasp, the air squeezed out of her. She didn't need it, but it was still an uncomfortable feeling, and it was hard to talk without it... On the ground next to them, trying to crawl past, was Asami, battered and bruised. A sack was quickly dropped onto her back, stopping any squirming. "I call for the hero to make herself known!" the hooded voice, definitely female, barked out towards the rest of the group. "Show yourself, or the vampire and the fox die!" "Y-You like my tail? No, it, it's really not that great. Maybe if I could keep it from doing stupid things, but... As it stands..." She didn't really know what to do when people told her it was nice. It was definitely useful, but too annoying to be nice... "Sh-She did? Really? I... Wow... I guess, she doesn't wanna be here just as much as the rest of it... I wonder what made her wanna be hero?" The talk of Agni was true, though Taliyah did feel a little bad saying all that behind his back... "Well, I--" "Agh!" A cry from the other groups made Taliyah glance over, watching their vampire get dragged away. "Wh-What!? Uh, w, we should, we gotta help...!" Taliyah was almost up, pushed off the ground by her tail, which snagged her axe as she ran after the unfortunate knight.
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