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Serenes Forest Code of Conduct

  1. General
    1. If you see someone misbehaving, utilize our report system, and it will be handled by our moderators.
      1. Do not abuse this system, however, by reporting every little thing that bothers you. We handle these reports objectively, and what you find offensive may not apply to the majority. Abusing the report system is grounds for punishment.
      2. Do not publicly tell people that you've reported someone or threaten to report someone. This too, will result in punishment.
    2. If you have a suggestion, or a question for the staff, please send a private message to an administrator until our ticket system is back online, as posting these on the forum is not allowed. Report bugs in the Tracker.
      1. Do not abuse this privilege to make frivolous complaints. If you continually abuse the ticket and/or report functions, any warns you receive for such acts will not be removed as customary. In the case of tickets, you may be banned from using the function.
    3. Offensive Display Names are forbidden.
    4. Multiple accounts are forbidden and grounds for a ban.
      1. If you have a friend, relative, or acquaintance on the same network as you, you must notify the staff. Otherwise you risk being mistakenly banned.
      2. If you lose access to your account, do not make a new one. Simply email the staff. We will gladly help you get access again.
    5. Avoid unreasonable impersonations of other people. A joke is one thing, but when it goes too far, it can be a nuisance.
  2. Post Quality
    The rules in this section do not apply to Far from the Forest (FftF).
    1. Please use proper grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation when posting. The only exception is if English is not your first language, in which case we understand, and encourage you to ask others if you are having difficulties communicating something.
    2. Do not make one-line posts, unless it adds something new or interesting to a discussion. In other words, do not spam.
      1. Likewise, do not just quote another member and simply write "I agree", "quoted for truth", "no", etc. In these cases, make sure to at least explain why you agree or disagree. 
    3. In the Creative board, posts are required to expound on the reasons for why something is good, or not good in your opinion. For example, if you want to say someone did a good job, let them know why you feel that way.
    4. Do not derail threads. Our definition of derailing a thread consists of going off-topic for 3 or more posts.
      1. An example of going off-topic is discussing why Volke is better than Sothe (two FE9 characters) in a topic about Thieves in Fire Emblem DS.
      2. Another may be discussing why Fire Emblem DS's Wi-Fi battles are bad, when the topic was about making a Wi-Fi battle team.
      In these cases, it is wise to make a new topic.
    5. Necroposting (post in a very old topic) is forbidden.
      1. If a topic has not been posted in for 1 month AND has fallen outside the first page of a board, any posts made in that topic will be considered necroposting.
      2. Instead, if necessary, simply make another topic. This rule does not apply to the creators of art topics, fan projects, and other threads of similar nature that need to be updated. Examples of acceptable use of necroposting are:
        1. You have asked a staff member and they have permitted you to post in an old thread.
        2. You have a project thread, and you must bump it to alert people to an update you just did.
        3. You have some well thought out criticism to post in someone's art thread.
          1. This is acceptable as long as the thread hasn't been devoid of activity by the artist for more than 3 months.
        4. You have a bug report or constructive advice for a fangame.
          1. This is acceptable as long as the thread hasn't been devoid of activity by the creator for more than 3 months.
      When in doubt, ask a mod.
    6. Do not make posts that are only images or an embedded video.
      1. This includes emoticons.
    7. Do not double-post. If somebody hasn't posted after your post and you need to add something, simply edit your existing post. Some exceptions/notes:
      1. If for some reason you accidentally double post, report it noting this. You will not be punished.
      2. If you have a project thread, and you must bump it to alert people of an update you just made.
      3. If you have an art thread, and you must bump it to alert people of an update you just made.
      When in doubt, ask a mod.
  3. Forum Attitudes
    1. Show respect towards all members, no matter who they are.
    2. Avoid publicly questioning us on policies. We will listen to a well reasoned opinion on why policies should be different, but this needs to be done through PM or the ticket system, preferably the latter if available.
    3. Do not flame people, or bait them into flaming you.
    4. Prejudicial comments will not be tolerated under any circumstances. This includes but is not limited to throwing around stereotypes or judging people based on, or making comments offensive to people due to their:
      1. Race
      2. Religion
      3. Sex
      4. Sexual Orientation
      5. Origin
      This list only provides common examples, but the rule may be applied in other scenarios.
    5. Don't be a troll. Nobody likes them.
    6. Take what is said on the internet with a grain of salt. Try to look at things objectively if it offends you: will it offend a good number of people, or is it just a pet peeve of yours? If it's the latter, don't get upset or report it.
    7. Minimodding is forbidden. This entails reminding others in-thread of the rules or guidelines, or telling them they've broken them.
    8. Unless the topic explicitly specifies it will contain spoilers, mark any and all spoilers using spoiler tags. Spoiler tags are located in the "Insert Special Item" menu. This applies to all forms of media.
  4. Avatar and Signature
    1. If a moderator has edited your post or changed your signature, do not revert it back. We did it for a reason.
    2. Your signature may contain one embedded video, so long as it is within spoiler tags.
    3. The maximum file size for avatars (uploaded or linked) is 300 Kb.
    4. Signature images can be no longer than 550 pixels and no higher than 300 pixels. The maximum size is 300 Kb per image.
      1. Signature images larger than the specified size, may be included within spoiler tags.
    5. Your whole signature (including text/image etc) must be no taller than 300 pixels. Spoiler tags can help reduce your signature.
    6. The total of all images in your signatures may not be greater than 600kb.
  5. Forbidden Content
    1. Requesting or giving links to ROMs and other illegal warez is strictly forbidden. The punishment for doing this is banishment.
      1. This includes PMs, as well as threads.
    2. Do not make topics about inappropriate content such as nude images, pornography, gore, etc. This will most definitely result in a ban. Also, please try to keep discussions PG-13.
    3. Cursing is allowed, sparingly. However, please take care not to curse in topic titles, do it excessively or otherwise abuse the privilege.
    4. Threads created for the purpose of trolling or harassing someone or a group of people (members of these forums or otherwise) by calling them out in a public thread are disallowed.
    5. Threads created for the purpose of discussing banned members or lobbying for their return are disallowed.
    6. Absolutely no plagiarism allowed.
    7. No unauthorized hotlinking.
  6. Advertising
    1. Posting advertising threads is not allowed, unless permission is given by a staff member.
    2. Advertising links in signatures are allowed.
  7. Warnings and Banishment
    1. Any act found by the staff to infringe upon the rules set forth in these Codes of Conduct is ground for punishment.
      1. In general, the standard punishment is an increase to your warn bar.
      2. If an offense is bad enough, the administration reserves the right to place an immediate ban on the infringing member.
    2. In general, a member is eligible to be considered for banishment once their warn bar is 60% full.
      1. This decision is ultimately left to the staff, based on circumstances.
    3. Warns will expire automatically with good behavior, with the length of time taken to expire depending on the severity of the warn.
  8. Other Notes
    1. As of this writing, all other rules previously set are now null and void.
    2. This Code of Conduct is designed to be all inclusive. However, if there is a behavior that the staff agrees is antithetical to the purpose or direction of the forum, the staff reserves the right to reprimand the behavior.
    3. Offenses in the IP Chat will receive harsher punishment, and will be accompanied by the appropriate suspension of chat privileges.
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