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  1. Avatar source, now! (...please)

    1. Naughx


      GoG.com - Trails in the sky SC.

      It was in the download bonus as an illustration but I cropped it.

    2. Florete


      Thank you kindly.

  2. What's on my mind? Nothing important.

  3. I'm not sure how interested in competitive Smash you are, but if you are at all, I figured you might enjoy this:

    1. Anacybele


      Oh, that's cool! Thanks! I didn't watch all of it though, that's a long video and I got stuff I wanna do today. :P But I watched like half of it (some of the beginning and then the end). Gave me some ideas on how to improve my Luigi!

    2. Florete


      Make sure you at least watch the third match. The way it ends is amazing.

  4. I have a question that I've been dying to know the answer to: How do you pronounce "Anacybele"?

    1. Anacybele


      Ah, that would be "Ah-NA-sih-bell" The stressed "NA" has a short A sound and the "sih" has a short I sound.

    2. Florete


      I would have never guessed that. Now whenever I'm saying your name in my head I don't have to make strange guesses, so thanks!

    3. Randoman


      I always mentally pronounced it as "uh-NAH-kee-bell."

  5. I don't know what to say to you. I'll just leave a message so you know I acknowledged your (apparent) birthday.

  6. Get ready for another year, boss.

  7. Hey, can you add me on 3DS? FC is 4613 - 6721 - 5187.

    1. arvilino


      Sure, just added you.

  8. Live long and prosper. Have a good day.

  9. Whoa whoa, Lunatic, not Lunatic+. Lunatic is hard and can be punishing, but it isn't *that* bad.

  10. Clearly I'll just have to hack the game and prevent Chrom from marrying anyone.

    Naw, I typically have him marry Sumia or Sully since they both produce good Lucinas. Sumia is probably the better choice since Cynthia > Kjelle.

  11. Haha, then why did you ask!?

  12. I think they just did it to make it extra obvious how much they're shipping Chrom x Sumia.

  13. Not appropriate for the topic, but I wanted to mention that "depthful" is not a word.

  14. I wouldn't say it's much different from before. The one-track mindedness of them seems pretty similar to me.

  15. This is SF tiering. Only the strong survive.

  16. I have a bad feeling SDS will turn out to be an unreliable editor.

  17. Nope. I generally just give them the best of what is available.

  18. I've only actually done Lunatic once, but I think I know the game well enough at this point that it wouldn't be too much of a headache to try again.

  19. It depends on the unit. It works well on a Nos-tank like Tharja because she can take damage, then activate Vengeance with Nosferatu to heal back more health. A tanky unit that can run around at half health safely also uses it well.

  20. Well, Tharja kinda wants to stay in her class anyway for Nosferatu. Cherche got trolled, though. I brought that up in the tier list discussion. Wtf @ getting the two healing classes from Wyvern.

  21. Oh, it's worked. Worked long and hard.

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