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  1. They don't have any special interaction. Chaos Ragnell doesn't technically make penalties into bonuses, it (and Unity skills) gives a combat bonus equal to the visible debuff amount x2. So if fallen Ike has -7 visible atk, Chaos Ragnell gives him +14 atk in combat (net +7), but the -7 visible atk still exists, and since that debuff still exists, the plegian weapons will double that in combat. Another way of looking at it: both of them work off the visible debuff, but don't actually change the visible debuff at all. -7 atk = Chaos Ragnell gives +14 atk. Additionally, -7 atk = Plegian weapon inflicts -12 (7 from doubling the debuff, 5 from the weapon normally). Net result: -5. In the end they basically cancel each other out and all that's left is the -5 the Plegian weapon gives by itself.
  2. Damn it why is Dorothea on this banner? I was trying to save for 1,000 orbs. Male Kris being here rubs me the wrong way, not because he got an alt before female, but because he's here with Katarina; F Kris was already treated as non-canon in their Forging Bonds and this feels like it's just adding insult to injury. Meh, not like I'm not used to it.
  3. I doubt this is the harmonic. They're too far apart and they each seem to be wielding their own weapon.
  4. If you were to rank them, yeah, I guess Genealogy would be third, but I think it's closer in ease to the rest of the series than it is to Gaiden/RD.
  5. Those games were made from the ground up as they are. Especially notable for Fates and Three Houses, these games were designed from the beginning to have a central avatar character with route options, as opposed to inserting a new avatar character into an existing split story. The routes in these also don't happen simultaneously, so you're not playing any maps without your avatar available. This is essentially the same for Sacred Stones; the story is technically split, but the player doesn't move between Eirika and Ephraim, you just stick to the one you chose. The split only lasts for like 5 chapters anyway, not the whole game like Gaiden/Echoes. The problem with Gaiden would be that choosing where your avatar goes and having them involved in the story means you need separate versions of the story for if an avatar is there or not. If the avatar follows Celica, the story has to involve an avatar on Celica's side but not on Alm's, and vice versa if the player goes with Alm. So you need Alm w/out avatar, Alm w/avatar, Celica w/out avatar, Celica w/avatar, and they must all be consistent with each other because this is all still one ultimate story path, not unique campaigns like Fates and Three Houses. SS just has Eirika's variation of a chunk of chapters and Ephraim's variation of a chunk of chapters, with the rest of the game being virtually the same and no major characters randomly existing or not existing. All of the avatars have been poorly-received by some, but positive reception has always won out. The reception to Kris is probably the least reliable because of the low exposure of their game. There's been exactly two remakes since avatars started getting implemented and only one of them doesn't have one. To say we "haven't seen it in a remake since" is disingenuous, there's been literally one more chance since the first time and as I explained before, it's objectively one of the hardest to put an avatar into at all (the only one on a similar level is Radiant Dawn). I'm not 100% confident a Genealogy remake will have a player avatar. I just think it's a strong possibility that a remake of the first game in the series to have marriage and child units will take advantage of the popular feature from popular titles Awakening and Fates by allowing the player to take part as well. From a business perspective, it honestly just feels like it would be a missed opportunity not to include it.
  6. The logistics of getting an avatar into Gaiden are a lot tougher than almost any other FE game. You either: Force an avatar to one side (likely Alm's), preventing an avatar in a full half of the game but allowing them to participate in the story. Let the player choose a side, most likely preventing them from participating in the story. Have the avatar magically be on both teams or have two avatars. I know some fans here would be totally fine with 2, but from a developer's perspective of wanting to please the most amount of people, none of these work well. Genealogy doesn't have any of these issues since it doesn't have parallel stories. For the record, they've said in interviews that they actually did consider putting an avatar into Echoes, citing wanting to focus on Celica on Alm for the reason why it didn't happen, though I believe there was more to it. I mentioned Robin, Corrin, and Byleth because it's clear that their avatar characters have become wildly popular since Kris, so remake or not, it should be expected that they'll continue to do it. New Mystery also had its own plethora of issues unrelated to the avatar that resulted in lower popularity for the whole thing, but both Kris's were still ranking relatively well in CYL, suggesting enough people wanted to see them in FEH for one reason or another. Yes, that's correct. They'll prioritize allowing any potential same-sex marriage, regardless of if it can produce a playable child.
  7. Though it's minor, they have already made avatar marriage options that don't produce children in a game with a second generation: Rhajat and Niles when married by the same sex. I think they wouldn't mind the lack of an avatar child if it needed to be that way, especially when it allows for straight marriage.
  8. I'm not sure many people actually think that (at least out of people who have played enough games in the series to judge), but it also depends on how you're judging it. Do you mean easiest of anything, or easiest of the hardest available options? If the former, 3H is probably only harder than Fates in Phoenix mode, because normal/casual has almost no fail state whatsoever and you have more options than other games to make your life easier. But if the latter, 3H maddening is definitely more difficult than some of the oft-cited easier FEs, like PoR and SS.
  9. I disagree with myself, too. I thought this was in FftF when it was posted so I just memed but apparently it was not. No, I was responding to the topic title/OP.
  10. This confused me because I remembered Sara as an early recruit, and it turns out I was actually thinking of Safy. Turns out I don't remember Sara at all,
  11. Happy for Thracia fans, and happy for myself because I wanted to save orbs after pulling on the last two banners. From what little I played of Thracia, I do vaguely remember Asbel, Ronan, and Sara, but not Miranda. I could totally see both the demote and GHB being infantry red tomes.
  12. Having the lowest difficulty is perfectly fine. The problem is the lack of proper harder difficulties. Even though it was my first run of the game, hard mode in 3H was way too easy, easier than the oft-cited Sacred Stones in hard mode. Maddening mode is then a huge jump in other direction. There's just no proper...I guess I would call it "casually difficult" mode in the game.
  13. The only actual issue will be that your avatar is (presumably) leveled while everyone else on the team starts low, but I'm sure they can work around that somehow. Maybe they'll temporarily be an NPC or something. I just don't see them leaving an avatar completely unplayable until the end of the game. They'd probably also pull a Byleth and keep them frozen in time during the generation skip so that the avatar can look the same for the whole game. And, if they want to go all the way...that would make it so the avatar can marry 2nd gen units. For the record, I'm not saying any of this because I want it to happen. Just saying what I would think would happen. But consider what happened with Robin, Corrin, and Byleth.
  14. But let's be real: if a Genealogy remake gets an avatar, they're not gonna die.
  15. Envisioned or not, with how you have it set up that's definitely how it would come off. The original avatar dies and is replaced by their child, a nameable character who presumably has similar perks and story involvement as the original. If the original avatar doesn't die then it's easier to get away with having more aspects of the child set in stone, but having an avatar for only half the game is pretty weird and is probably a lot of why SoV doesn't have an avatar character.
  16. If you get to decide their name, why can't you decide their gender? And why does it always end up being opposite gender, anyway? Especially in this case considering the child is more-or-less going to become the new avatar character, and most people will probably want to continue playing as their preferred chosen gender.
  17. I'm not super confident we're getting Freyr this month considering March has two blue slots open. I wouldn't be surprised, though. Duma was before Yune. After Azura it was Duma -> Roy -> Yune.
  18. The mythic doesn't have to be blue, all colors are open. People are just assuming Freyr, who's blue. I'm not 100% certain it will be Freyr myself, but I won't be surprised if it is.
  19. Was that pun intentional? Regardless, I wonder if they'll fix this. I can't recall them ever changing the name of a weapon but I also don't recall any translation errors this egregious.
  20. Protagonists, yes, but there are certainly more female "lord" characters who can still be added.
  21. Yeah I don't know why so many were predicting Byleth, the only thing I was sure of was that we wouldn't be seeing more Three Houses. Lilina looks strong, but boring. I pretty much have the units on this banner I care about so my 650 orbs look safe for now.
  22. And who in Smash would be better to use? Sephiroth resembles Aerith more than Aerith resembles herself? What?
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