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  1. the only FE amiibo I have is Roy so not getting any content is nothing new to me 😪 honestly FE getting little to none or no Amiibo content isn't really new either, except Fates ig
  2. I know opinions are a thing but honestly what do you see in EBB over Mom 3 I know hating on Farts is the cool thing to do but what about it gave it the honor of being worst game you finished beyond being edgy? Even if the story is Hot Garbo in all 3 routes, there's other stuff there, namely decent gameplay and great music. I went and finished Sonic 06 at least 4 times because I had no standards when I was younger, otherwise sometimes I find it hard to finish games I actually enjoy, much less actively hate.
  3. I just killed Reptor in Chapter 5 and have effectively completed the chapter. I wanted to prepare my units' inventories to prepare for Gen 2 inheritance but I thought I would get the chance at the end of the chapter (the page for Ch5 on the wiki made it sound like I would), yet Sigurd can't seize the castle and can only talk to Aida. Do I have to cross the desert again to be able to use the Phinora castle town or is there another option I'm missing? As you can see, this is a bit of a predicament if Phinora is my only option... I'll let you take a wild guess at the identity of the dumbass still crossing the desert lmao
  4. Awesome, thanks for the help guys. Getting Bridget paired might be harder than I thought though, I saved and savestated into a point where she's been archertrapped with low health, so it looks like I need to use the Valk staff on her. Hopefully that doesn't jeopardize anything.
  5. I'm playing FE4 for the first time and liking it a lot but there's some stuff that's confusing me with its mechanics, mostly the pairing up. I already decided my pairings, so what I'm doing is having Arden (shit pairing, I know) wait adjacent to Sylvia for the +5 love points, then having her dance for another +5 because they're adjacent, then having the refreshed Arden wait next to her for one last +5. Do I have this right? Will the third Wait still give love points or is it a 1 or 2 time thing and I'm just wasting my time? I'm in the middle of chapter 3 as of posting this. Bonus question that hopefully isn't obvious, I'm gonna have to pair up Tiltyu (x Lewyn) and Bridget (x Lex) whenever I get them, is there an easy and headache free way to get them a lover quickly or am I just gonna have to haul ass to get it before my time is up?
  6. Are you saying level 20 promoted in PoR to be eligible for transfer? Because the only unit I got to level 20 promote in PoR was Astrid, since I played on Maniac mode not a lot of exp went around. If you meant RD, I wonder if it's 20/20, get transfer bonuses, and then another 20, or get bonuses at the end of 20/20/20. Pretty useless either way, since a lot of stats are gonna be capped by then.
  7. Done. Easy mode is pretty pathetic if it only took me 8 minutes to do it. Anyways, Ilyana's stats are again exactly the same as listed on the feWiki and sf.net. No bond listed but I'm sure that's because the player wouldn't know about Mia yet. I'm really confused by this. I 100% did the transfer, and picked a different difficulty than I did on my main file. Does this just happen with PoR hard mode saves? (Hard as in hardest possible, or Maniac I guess??)
  8. I did a save transfer for the first time after I beat PoR on Hard Mode about a week ago. My understanding was that units who capped stats in PoR would see a +2 bonus to those stats in RD, but I didn't notice that with Ilyana when I got her (I capped Mag/Skl/Res I'm pretty sure). I got pissed about it when I noticed but was too far along to restart. I forgot about it until I got to 3-P. Mia also had no transfer bonuses (I remember capping her Str/Skl/Spd but her bases are the same as they're listed on FEWiki), yet she does have a bond with Ilyana. I know this is the result of a transfer because I got an A support with Mia x Ilyana, and I checked the RD sf.net resource which said that the base game doesn't give them a bond, same with Rolf having a bond with Marcia. So what gives? Are the stat bonuses supposed to be on the character at the start or do I have to do something to get them? I'm thinking this is either a bug or I forgot to reselect the content transfer option when I restarted 1-P a few times. TL;DR transfer bonus isn't giving me stat transfer bonuses but is giving bond transfers.
  9. I finished this hack yesterday after some LPer (Ghast I'm pretty sure) brought its attention to me and holy fuck it's good. Best experience I've had with any GBA FE, official or not, and it was what made me excited to come home every day. Everyone's gotten here before me so I just want to say that I was struck by how good I found the writing to be, more humorous, entertaining, and engaging than anything I've seen in any other title. I'm sure the more modern language used was helpful for that. Also, I was surprised at the Mug quality, these guys look so good. I haven't seen a lot of GBA hacks but this is the highest quality I've seen so far. Final party included Vance, Ava, Aaron, Callista, Lanora, Sylvia, Samuel, Buck, Torie, Hugo, and Geraldt. I used Melusine/Corvan/Marris pretty strongly too but had to drop them when I ran out of master seals. Top 3 under the cut + thoughts on the rest of my units. These are my stats upon starting the final chapter, because I didn't take pictures during. I'm not super proud of this, but if I ever got 0-2 stat levels then I would rig it until it's more, unless the level included Str and Spd because those are my favorite stats. Which you'll see when you look at these images: Edit: I was also impressed with the music. I like that there seemed to be some remixed tracks from Fe6? Will of One was one of my favorite tracks from that game and now it sounds better somehow. Also, is there a link to the music created for this hack? One of the ones I was really impressed with was one of the last map themes. Incredible hack, thank you for working hard on it. <3
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    im a very big fan of the first one and the really dark black/white one tbh
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