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  1. Ill try out this balance hack bro and give you some opinions about it I was gonna play FE6 soon again anyways haha
  2. Nonomus friend id: 0864798268 Im on team Camilla right now Eliwood with seal def 2 and ward cavalry I might put Reinhardt with vantage 3 and spur atk 2 on later
  3. How do i add people from here on FE heroes? Is there a friend code somewhere?
  4. I still need a few stuff to complete my cavalry team but mainly: Gunter needs a B skill and I was wondering if I should give him a brave axe since he doesnt double anyways And also Reinhardt and Eliwood need an A skill I also have a 5* Peri and a 4* Cecillia with no other skills than her initial ones Any suggestions?
  5. You down for a cagelocke or nah?

  6. Hey bro are you down to do a Cagelocke maybe a 4 player one? It's a nuzlocke but after every gym you wifi battle another player loser releases or boxes their Pokemon. Let me know bro your the first person I thought of who'd be interested in a challenge like this lol after the elite 4 the players battle tournament style with their surviving Pokemon winner takes all

  7. Soo update from last night: My linoone beat his ralts in a cage match and I picked the ability to use tms for my linoone my team right now is: Lv15 voltorb Lv14 fennekin Lv20 linoone (can use tms) Lv12 eevee Lv11 psyduck The next route has a catch for us so let's see how that turns out , hopefully I get a strong Pokemon I'm wishing for a gible lol
  8. Yea forever for both whatever you want no items are banned Both are unlimited use for the Pokemon that wins the cage match Edit: do you got a Skype? We can chat there quicker I think bro
  9. We're not gonna do the revives anymore The only rewards for a Pokemon winning a cage match are Ability to learn tms And Held item usage which includes mega stones
  10. Oh well I guess it's all good then haha I'm grinding on wild pokes right now before the gym and you ?
  11. Update : I defeated the trainers and caught a modest bidoof in route 22 and traded it for a Fennekin Lv 1 Timid Blaze ability though meh it's still ok I guess
  12. I meant to but bidoof my iPhone just keeps messing up lol
  13. I traded in a lv 3 adamant bidoof for a lv6 psyduck Careful nature normal moves I really got to grind up now lol I'm gonna post my next catch soon Yea wow I just noticed that your geodude is a beast haha
  14. Alright we get another catch here and the route after the city in gonna update when I do this catch though bro
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