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  1. Flying units are often very useful in any Fire Emblem game due to their terrain-defying mounted movement. Wouldn't it make "sense" to hinder their movement on mountains though? Unless you are talking about some pathetically low hills, the fliers would have to fly vertically as well as horizontally. Of course, nothing in Fire Emblem has to make "sense" with thrones that let people dodge more and arrows that penetrate walls. However, this change also makes sense balance-wise, since flying is stupidly good in FE. Would be interesting to see someone implement this in a patch.
  2. How do Fire Emblem thrones work? It's a mystery. Ch 16.2: Narcian on a Wyvern on a Throne
  3. Oh shush, despite his obsession with girls, Roy does respect some men like Marcus the War God and Perceval! LOOOONG chapter of Lalum's father, Milady's brother, fishy man-mage-prostitute-beggar, 10 chests, and many many dialogues including 3 supports Ch 16: Narcian, the Enemy of Women, Finally Cornered! An example of what a man could do for the brigade: PR management "Ensure he receives every bit of my asslicking!" lol... Either Murdock's a ninja general or Narcian must be blind to not see someone with 5 move walking up to him. Welp, generic pegasus knights with piss poor strength stood no chance against this guy's defense. The brigade shall save Ilia next. For Shanna and Tate's sakes! And hopefully MORE GIRLS! Strike 1! Strike 2! Strike 3! Lies. You are still alive because you never faced us yourself. OUT! Finally! Time for sweet revenge! The Enemy of All Girls will die today! That plan has a hole huge enough to fit Merlinus. It doesn't change the fact that you will still DIE soon. Douglas is not amused by this dangerously intimate pair of old men. That sounded disturbingly a lot like a married couple arguing. "Because they'd NEVER send scrubs like us to hopeless defense missions!" As if Zephiel the psycho dragon cultist would give any damn about that. Perceval's senpai and Lalum's dad also pretty respectable. "Roartz-kuuun~ Wait for me~~~~" Oh you bet. Old gay men give me the creeps. Their gross intimacy is inappropriate for the brigade's innocent eyes. You now owe me a bunch of exp and house/village items though. Really? Nah, Nowi I am gonna do that to Fae. Unfortunately, most of them are mindless goons with generic faces who wouldn't understand a word. [Turn 1] It did look good as a piece of modern art... but I couldn't dare eat it. I have an army to lead. I can confirm that. She somehow IS a hero, you know. For example, how is she a female hero? Was she the only female mercenary or fighter in whole Elibe before promotion? Did she somehow promote from myrmidon to hero? Mystery thickens! (B support) pfft bolting With this, Sophia can DOUBLE (GASP) for the first time in her life! vs. thwomps... Gale is having none of Narcian's bullsh*t as he's one of few sane people in Bern's army. I have no idea why he likes to cover half of his eyes though. Doesn't look that practical for combat. So these guys will follow Milady. Pity both of them are men. More wyvern HAX is never bad. [Turn 2] You make your comrades proud. Dem bishops and their shady drugs. Dammit. A RED GEM for the glory of communism! Fae's true form...! She's still cute, especially the way she puffs her feathers before breathing her holy gas(?). Oh here we go again. Now bishops are hurling urine bombs at Cath. [Turn 3] Sophia, I know I once pleaded you to get some skill, but you are kiiinda going overboard now... [Turn 5] Suddenly a male prostitute. WTF? Oh he's just a beggar, phew. Wait no, that's not what I meant to do! This guy is super fishy. Why did I do this?! Shanna's guide to how to reconcile with sisters: yell "I love you" in her face I think I am onto Shanna's plan. Yuri Sisters are the best! Come on Tate. Play along and just say what you truly feel! HNNNG THIS SISTERLY LOVE Oh Shanna, you clever little brat. I like her even more now! (A support) [Turn 7] Cath packing some serious muscles these days. This kind of level is nothing special for Fae. Lalum is on the other side, so Douglas is tranquilized. Oh please, not the LUCKIEST level again!
  4. Grammar Nazi reporting in! [Fae-Sophia C support] Sophia says "you... grow even slower than I..." It should be "even more slowly." It was more noticeable than usual because she says "I grow more slowly" right before. *runs away*
  5. All hail tabachanker the hack lord! A minor bug report: In Chapter 16, there's a line in Douglas-Lalum conversation (triggered with Talk option) that has no pause afterward: (Douglas) "I just wish there had been another way."
  6. secretly gay for Perceval Elen y u do dis to me?! I take my words back! Making bad promises sure is dangerous...
  7. Yeah... Eclipse has ~0% hitrate on any unit its special property MIGHT be useful on, and when it has barely manageable hitrate on someone, it's still useless because you could probably get 1~2RKO reliably through other means. IS confirmed for terribad playtesting, unless they actually wanted to troll the players by "rewarding" Eclipse for all the effort put into saving that village. I think the latter is more likely
  8. After an interview with Wendy, we decide to give the most 1337 female knight a well-deserved retirement. Ch 15.2: Fae officially joins! Perhaps I should reward with a speedwing for being incredibly skill-blessed.
  9. A laughably easy chapter after desert SANDSTORMS and swimming pool of BOLTINGS. So easy that I gave Wendy her last chance to prove herself. Ch 15: We lost Fae!
  10. Notice how everyone except Merlinus has a person shown on the map sprite? The moving storage is actually remote controlled. A robot drives it. Ch 14x: Oasis Battle With Dragon Girls Dessert
  11. Dem promotion Con bonuses Especially memorable ones were 16 Con Spiderman and 12 (+6 !!) con Amelia.
  12. To meet the peanut gallery's expectations, we bench Wendy and recruit Sophia because Sophia is CLEARLY 1000x better. Ch 14: Desert Battle without Dragon Girls Dessert
  13. Perhaps this is okay in some dialect of English I am not aware of, but I've never heard of calling someone dear to you "my sweet" instead of "sweetie" or "my dear."
  14. Today we meet a girl ON A FLYING RAPTOR. (WARNING: a rather graphic scene ahead) Ch 13: Cecilia Hurt/Comfort D-DAY LANDING Finally, I have a full female army! Cecilia isn't an easy woman to get, fools. I knew it! Zephiel is a woman beater! I better hurry up. [Turn 1] Miracle-Bringing Flying Pony Girl 2.0 NSFW Uh oh, This can't be good at all. If we're too late, she would face a fate most certainly worth than death ... [Turn 5~7] at least Sue gained muscle baaah Sue's pony is now MUSTARD flavored! [Turn 8] Jimmies = Rustled. Glad we don't have to fight this guy. [Turn 9] Cath gains strength! Muscle everywhere today. What a conceited kid. Naming his sword with his own name? [Turn 11] This poor troubadour serving me well as a roadblock! [Turn 12] Was that a fluke or is this one? GG Ok, have a 99 DAMAGE DOROZI SMASH to the balls! 0*1000 is still 0. They're all nothing to us. or not... if this keeps up. PONY EXPRESS delivering EXP [Turn 14~21] Wendy rituals resume! Blood for the all-useless Wendy! They sell red lances of overkill! Looks like the miracle☆flying sisters will become even more ludicrous. Shanna showing that she's too awesome for a touching conversation. That strengthened their sisterly bonds. (B Support) Being so fabulous. It's in the family. pure skillz Dorothy tier strength That dragonshield investment paying off dividends Woah ok, why did I ever doubt Milady. I think the muscle festival may be going overboard now. lol Wendy still bad All the time spent stalking Sue is paying off! (C support) No, it's ok. Just glad to see you alive after Zephiel was done with you. A cute shaman! You must join the brigade! (Your speed certainly leaves much to be desired.) Suddenly, Merlinus FaceTM. Will he ever learn tact? Loli shaman joins the brigade!
  15. Miniskirt Brigade Post Western Isles Campaign Status Report Name Lv: HP | Pow, Skl, Spd, Lck, Def, Res (stats that are +/- 3 or more compared to avg) 0. Roy 18: 28(-4) | 14, 12, 12, 18, 9, 6 Screw the late late promotion. He can chip people... and that's about it. I guess that's useful for feeding the new girls? 1. Elen 19: 23 | 9, 13, 15(+4), 21, 0, 17 More durable/evasive than Clarine for whatever reason. Judging by her speed, probably worth promotion. :3 2. Shanna 16/6: 36(+4, +7 from robe) | 13, 21, 25(+3), 17, 10, 17(+5 !) She is more of a ferry than a combat unit now but still strong. Shanna the Miracle Bringer was the only girl who could face Scott without a good chance of dying, zzz. She did 4 damage per turn though... Helped her older sister grow like a good responsible younger sister. Flying OP. 3. Clarine 13: 20 | 7, 9, 12(-3), 17, 3, 11 Did Elen steal your speed? If she didn't have a horse, she would have been completely outclassed by Elen the bottom of harem hierarchy. She will still be used for Clarine x Dorothy the best straight pairing. 4. Dorothy 19/1: 33 | 19, 18, 15, 6(-3), 8, 6 DOROZI~ Fire arrows that pierce through everything. Gonna shoot down wyverns with short bow. Face tank everything like a boss. So MAAANRY~ 5. Sue 17: 26 | 9, 20(+4), 17, 16(+4), 5, 2 If Dorothy was a shotgun, Sue's a sniper rifle with that accuracy. Too bad the rifle fires acorns or something. Perhaps, she can be more useful with that silver bow we stole from Klein. 6. Lilina 20/2: 29 | 22, 14, 18(+4), 15, 4, 13(-3) Nuclear Weapon of Mass Moestruction 7. Wendy 10: 27 | 7, 8, 8, 10, 12, 2 8. Fir 14/1: 41 | 15, 21, 23, 15, 9, 6 Boss Slayer 9. Tate 16: 32 | 12, 16, 20, 11, 10, 12 Almost as strong as Shanna already. Ripe for promotion. Flying OP. 10. Lalum 5: 24 (+7, from robe) | 1, 3, 13, 12, 4, 7 Look at that strength! She can't hurt anything! 0/10 11. Echidna -/2: 36 | 13, 19, 18, 6, 8, 7 Can use axes. Expect stat booster favoritism. 12. Cath 9: 24 | 6, 13, 18, 13, 3, 5 The one and only thief.
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