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  1. The problem is that it's a video game so I cannot do that. The game is basically leading her on for me, and it's solely done with the interest of the male audience, and even then just those that like that sort of thing. It doesn't make me feel happy and it just gets irritating after a while. This is why I prefer things are left to ingame characters. If I was in the game, I would have the option of saying no. If it was another character, they would have their own defined personalties and interactions. If Lyn is interested in Florina or Rath, it doesn't bother me which one. I only got vibes of trust and respect with Mark, I didn't take it as romantic, but that was just me, personally. You could take that a different way. A level 40 convo is still something you have to unlock and only endure once if you hate it (and honestly, I wish those focussed on the characters, too, whether male or female. I don't mind the ones that talk about respect, but anything more than that again just comes across as stupid pandering). Fjorm's crush has been mentioned on both paralogues in which she's been involved, and then there was that crappy Forging Bonds that had both Aversa and Loki competing over me in focus (despite Aversa having no female romantic supports in Awakening). Have there been any male ones involved outside of Level 40 conversations? I don't recall any of those, either. But I don't want them to happen either. Alfonse, Sharena and Anna all were involved with saving her life so any of them could have been picked. Honestly, they should have been. Also, Tharja has a crush on Robin, who has their own defined personality, even if they are meant to be the Avatar. Same with any crushes on Corrin. Mark and Kiran are literally just you on a screen. Or they could have kept the story focussed on the other Fire Emblem characters, since I don't feel this added any more to Fjorm's personality, since she's already been shown to be crushing on you at New Year's. The Forging Bonds was much better for her in that respect. I'm just going to leave this here though. This is my own opinion about something I don't like in the game, personally. If anyone else feels another way, that's fine. I'm not going to respond any more to it.
  2. I'm a sucker for the rescue pairing, as well, even if he was just involved in the group that helped. Plus they look cute together, which is always my main reasoning for pairings xD I don't like hints towards it being Kiran for similar reasons to yourself, but also because it just emphasises to me that they only care about their straight male audience when they think of these things. It bugs me a lot. Sure, she could be bisexual, but why not show that towards Sharena or Alfonse, or someone who has a defined personality, instead of the unknown Summoner who is meant to be a player stand in ¬¬
  3. I got Pent so quickly :D Happy about that ^•^ Wish the paralogue had focussed a bit more on the others. I've just decided Fjorm's special other person is Alfonse because I do not want it to be me. I have no plans to get the bride version, so if she clarifies in that, I don't care xD
  4. Had 100 orbs. Wanted Pent. Have had very little luck of late... So pulled him in about 80. And he's +Atk. Good luck, finally!!! :D
  5. I'm so confused... I'm excited for a bridal banner? Tanith, Pent and Louise... I can't wait! I'm so happy Tanith isn't riding side saddle either. Wish she wasn't a lance flier... And someone mentioned Sephiran as a groom instead of Fjorm, which would have been so much better. Fjorm doesn't need two alts -.- Glad there's no children this time round and the artwork is looking better to me. I'm gonna try my hardest to get Pent. Don't mind one pitybreaking Tanith (one, Tanith!) but I better get Pent :)
  6. Out of all the -Spd and -Atk units I've had recently, the only +Spd unit I've received is Fallen Berkut. I mean... I got him quickly and I'm happy to have him, but I really feel the game is making fun of me at this point xD I got him with mostly tickets being used, so spent very few orbs.
  7. So far, Tiki's story has been a bit meh to me. Berkut has been amazingly crazy and I love it. Not had any of Corrin's or Mareeta's yet, but from the starting one, I'm expecting Mareeta's to be good. Still wish Corrin didn't look so... eh. I wish she looked properly beserked like Mareeta and Berkut -.-
  8. I hate this banner. 4:1 female : male ratio - despite it usually being males that are corrupted and villains - and no chance of drops. Why is this rubbish the only type of mixed banner we get outside of seasonal now? Mareeta looks cool, but I'd rather have a Thracia banner with all new characters. I would pull for her, but I'm not going to use another infantry sword. She'll be my secondary colour if blues aren't avl. Berkut looks amazing - not going to lie there. The addition of Rinea is a nice touch and the animation is fantastic. Tempted to go for him for that alone. Tiki and Corrin did not need to be on this banner. They both look bland as hell to me - just their legendary / normal art with maybe blank eyes and flames. I would say cool tail, but Corrin already has that and it looks better to me in her original special art. Not to mention she's just forced into this banner. There are way more deserving characters than these two, who have way less alts (as in none) and would be way more interesting. Not to mention they both look like they're going to be really annoying to deal with. Great these two already popular characters have skills to really help them be whalebait, so they can be pointed to as proof that people will always pull for them. I just plain don't like Delthea. Wish she wasn't the freebie. Never going to use her. That being said, happy for those that want her, and at least she doesn't have an alt already. Wow, this banner has soured any hopes I've had for future banners, given to me by the last few new heroes. Guessing the one after this will be a seasonal of 4:1. All the fun.
  9. I hope so :) He's the first legendary I've actively aimed to get that didn't take 600 orbs xD Marth was a nice bonus, since I wanted him but not enough to go for him (infantry sword...). Roy would've been nice, too, but I'm not gonna get greedy. Leanne was a great boon to me since she will replace Reyson, who capped so quickly -.- Looking forward to seeing what your Royboy gets up to :D
  10. I got Legendary Alm! ...At -spd, but I got the blighter! This legendary banner has been fairly good to me but in a backhanded manner. I got Leanne, L!Marth and Alm, all at -Spd… Although I pulled a second L!Marth with +Atk, so he has become the one true Marth for me xD I also finally got two Legaults… both also at -Atk. I'm not going to promote him just yet then xD From the other banners, I free pulled a +Atk Karla, because ofc the one I didn't care about is a good boon/bane, while the CYL!Lyn I managed to pull with tickets was +Res -Spd, exactly like my previous one. I've merged them in the hopes a merged one will help more with guides -.- Also, huge congrats @mampfoid :D
  11. Free pulled Karla from the newest banner. I already have one I don't use, so of course this is the unit I pull that's +Atk -Hp. Thanks, game! xD Oh well, she's better than my other Karla, who is +Atk -Spd, so I'll melt that one down for Wrath and train up this one in case I ever do suddenly decide to use her. Still no Alm on the legendary. At least colourlesses have been coming in. I still want another Legault since my current 3* one is -Atk
  12. I've spent so much more on this banner for stupid repeats >.< It's really putting me off the game 'cos the same thing happened when I tried for Sylas, too. I kept pulling the other person that didn't interest me at all - four times! I should've just saved for this banner but I'd probably just get more Fjorms -.- On the plus side, I did get Prometheus, who was a dragon that interested me. He seems pretty cool :) It managed to keep me trying, at least.
  13. Bleh. The only character I didn't want from this was Fjorm and I have pulled her four times with no sign of Marth or Veronica. I much prefer FEH's pulling system where you can at least choose a colour. You still might not get what you want, but at least you feel like you have more of a chance -.-
  14. I hope not. Squad Assault is my favourite mode and I honestly wish they brought out more of them. It's a chance to use a variety of units for me, which only Squad Assault and Arena Assault provide (especially now they're getting rid of Blessed Gardens). But yeah, I hope the redistributed rewards aren't just for the top scorers...
  15. Just got my copy pre-ordered now from the Nintendo store. Glad it was still around. Maybe it has more availability than the Fates one did... My friend has just said that he could order this months ago from the Nintendo UK store. He's triple checked the order and it's definitely there and correct. Is there a back way in for preordering or special benefits for any kind of membership that allow this?
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