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  1. I feel like I agree with MessengerIris. I like how they've done her - she's not a straightforward characters, but after reading all the spoilers about her... I just can't see myself ever liking or agreeing with her. I don't even want to play her route... although that is also Dimitri bias, since he's my favourite and I hate what happens to him. So all in all, I think she's a great character, but I don't like her at all.
  2. Thank you 😄 That final bit of information has made my day. I have a week off coming up and plan just to play Fire Emblem so will hopefully get there soon 😄
  3. I'm hoping to go Ferdinand. There's no way I'm passing up the opportunity to have a male dancer and I feel like he'll fit nicely, plus Sylvain already takes the paladin role I was going to put him in. Although there is a small temptation to go Dimitri. Maybe another time xD
  4. I think I can guess the routes he's on. I'm BL so guessing I'll have to wait until new game plus lol Thanks for letting me know 😄
  5. Woot! That makes me much happier! For some reason, he's really grown on me as a character 😄
  6. Does Seteth ever become recruitable? As far as I've found, he doesn't, but I'm hoping I'm wrong xD I'm only on chapter 6 but don't mind spoilers if it counts. Stupid life keeps getting in the way of playing ><
  7. Oh perfect. He's already at 14 😄 I have overlevelled my characters, to be fair... Although Ferdinand has not long joined so he's still getting up to speed.
  8. Darn it. Thanks for the response. Might just give up on a Ferdinand dancer and make Dimitri it for my first go around, unless the charm required turns out to be middling xD
  9. My favourite so far has been Felix and Annette. All of Sylvain's have been good too, especially his with Dimitri. I'm annoyed he has so many that stop at B - I want to see more of most of his conversations.
  10. I'm so annoyed. I spent ages getting the perfect tea party with Ferdinand as I wanted to increase his and Byleth's charm and read that was how to do it, but neither increased their charm. Am I missing something or is it random even if you get a perfect? ><
  11. I don't imagine I'll stop enjoying it, since I have liked every Fire Emblem so far to varying degrees, but I already know it's not near top spot for me. FE7 remains my favourite to this day. I'm open to another FE changing it, but it has nostalgia as well as many of my favourite characters going for it 😄 I'm a bit overwhelmed by this game, currently. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but I sort of miss getting straight into battles like other FEs. At the same time, I'm also enjoying exploring and customising so I am glad they did something different ^.^
  12. I pretty much agree with Humanoid. I really don't like Sothis as a character or plot device so far, and I don't like the onesided nature of the interactions. I really hope it gets better - I haven't reached the timeskip yet.
  13. Definitely Dimitri. He caught my eye the moment I first saw him. Tempted by Ferdinand, Sylvain and Seteth, too, but not until other playthroughs. Like with marrying Corrin to her adopted siblings, I'm just ignoring the student/teacher aspects -.-
  14. The problem is that it's a video game so I cannot do that. The game is basically leading her on for me, and it's solely done with the interest of the male audience, and even then just those that like that sort of thing. It doesn't make me feel happy and it just gets irritating after a while. This is why I prefer things are left to ingame characters. If I was in the game, I would have the option of saying no. If it was another character, they would have their own defined personalties and interactions. If Lyn is interested in Florina or Rath, it doesn't bother me which one. I only got vibes of trust and respect with Mark, I didn't take it as romantic, but that was just me, personally. You could take that a different way. A level 40 convo is still something you have to unlock and only endure once if you hate it (and honestly, I wish those focussed on the characters, too, whether male or female. I don't mind the ones that talk about respect, but anything more than that again just comes across as stupid pandering). Fjorm's crush has been mentioned on both paralogues in which she's been involved, and then there was that crappy Forging Bonds that had both Aversa and Loki competing over me in focus (despite Aversa having no female romantic supports in Awakening). Have there been any male ones involved outside of Level 40 conversations? I don't recall any of those, either. But I don't want them to happen either. Alfonse, Sharena and Anna all were involved with saving her life so any of them could have been picked. Honestly, they should have been. Also, Tharja has a crush on Robin, who has their own defined personality, even if they are meant to be the Avatar. Same with any crushes on Corrin. Mark and Kiran are literally just you on a screen. Or they could have kept the story focussed on the other Fire Emblem characters, since I don't feel this added any more to Fjorm's personality, since she's already been shown to be crushing on you at New Year's. The Forging Bonds was much better for her in that respect. I'm just going to leave this here though. This is my own opinion about something I don't like in the game, personally. If anyone else feels another way, that's fine. I'm not going to respond any more to it.
  15. I'm a sucker for the rescue pairing, as well, even if he was just involved in the group that helped. Plus they look cute together, which is always my main reasoning for pairings xD I don't like hints towards it being Kiran for similar reasons to yourself, but also because it just emphasises to me that they only care about their straight male audience when they think of these things. It bugs me a lot. Sure, she could be bisexual, but why not show that towards Sharena or Alfonse, or someone who has a defined personality, instead of the unknown Summoner who is meant to be a player stand in ¬¬
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