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  1. Ah. Sorry if I broke any rules. I did read through them before posting again, but I'm not sure which one I would have broken other than maybe advertising? And yes it's an old account, I usually just browse and read as anon since by browser logs me out automatically and I never bother to log back in. As for the stream plug I only did that as that's the only notable things I really do with fire emblem other than having played all of them and I didn't mean it just to advertise myself, but more as a means of introduction. Sorry if I gave any offense!
  2. Hello I am Salt Atlas. I've played every entry in the Fire Emblem series, most to completion. I absolutely adore almost everything about the series and have now started on creating content centered around it. I'm currently in the middle of a randomized Blazing Sword run over at twitch.tv/saltatlas and whenever I get tired of that I begin work on my own personal hack of Fire Emblem Sacred Stones which was my introduction to the series.
  3. So I'm starting my first lunatic run and these are my planned pairings: MUxTharja SullyxDonnel FredrickxCherche ChromxOlivia GaiusxNowi StahlxCordelia GregorxPanne RickenxLissa Lon'quxMiriel LibraxMaribelle HenryxSumia So I'm looking for suggestions and criticisms before I get too far in.
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