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  1. So I finally pulled a useable Nino -- +Atk/-HP. It's not +Spd, but I'm happy. Now my only question is: What A skill should I give her? I'm debating between Fury, Life and Death, Darting Blow, and Swift Sparrow (I have a spare Spring!Lucina to burn). If I did go for Fury or Life and Death, it would be 2, not 3 (I actually don't have a Hinata somehow). With that -HP I'm not expecting her to take any hits anyway, but I could always give her Ardent Sacrifice to trigger the Desperation effect if I forego Fury. I know I really can't go wrong with any of these, but which would be the most optimal with her IVs?
  2. Fair enough, and I'll probably start adopting that philosophy for different move and weapon types (I regret not ever training any armored units besides Effie). But I've made the mistake of investing in units with crippling IVs only to pull a better one later on, so I'm not keen on repeating it. None of the units I listed above are super rare, nor do I really need them all that badly, so I'm fine with waiting for a stronger variant if their bane is particularly counterproductive. That said, you won't see me ditching my -Spd Ephraim anytime soon. I have the same Cecilia, and I can vouch for her -- she'll do great, especially on a cavalry team. (Feed her a Gronnblade and she'll be absolutely busted.)
  3. Yeah, that's about what I figured for most of those. I was hoping Palla wasn't completely useless though, haha. Oh well. Good to know that Sully and Fae at least can still be utilized if I need them. I already have several decent healers, so I don't really need Maria; I was just curious about her viability. Also, I've noticed that this game really loves throwing shitty Berukas at me; I didn't even mention the -Atk/+Spd one lol. Good thing I pulled a +Def Cherche recently. Thanks for the help! Of course it's possible, but I'm not going to waste time and resources on units that have been RNG-crippled when there are plenty of alternatives available. I'm not trying to just come here and bitch; I'm looking for some advice on how they can be used and whether or not it's worth it. I appreciate the input on Lilina; I know for some of the slower units a Speed bane can still really hurt them, and I couldn't tell if Lilina was one of those. Looks like Sully and Fae are still perfectly viable as well, which I'm happy about.
  4. Sup guys -- got some more boon/bane questions for y'all. Sully: +Atk/-Spd Palla: +Res/-Atk Fae: +Res/-HP Maria: +HP/-Atk Lilina: +Res/-Spd Beruka: +Spd/-Def (I already have a lv 40 Beruka with +HP/-Def, trying to decide how much better the +Spd is for her) Should I bother training any of these? The only one I have an immediate use for is Palla for a flying team I'm trying to throw together, but her IVs are so awful I'm not sure it's worth it.
  5. Whoops, my bad, sorry! Eh, the Nino I'm using right now is very meh IV-wise (and the extra one is garbage). I'll keep training her for the time being but I won't promote her until after her focus is over, to see if I can pull a better one. Ugh, we can only hope. I agree, the promotion cost to 5* is far too steep considering their availability. (And don't even get me started on orbs...) Makes sense. Alright, I'll plan on going with that setup for now. Thanks for all your help, guys!
  6. Ooh, that's a good point; I forgot about the upcoming Nino focus. ...Come to think of it, it would really suck if I dumped 22k feathers into my current Nino only to pull a 5* one with better stats.
  7. Well, I do have Draug... He could certainly deal with Camilla, but I'm less sure about the blue fliers. And he'd probably be too slow to keep up with a heavily offensive team. I'll probably do some combination of Eirika, Ephraim, Nino, Olivia, and Lilina. I'll see if the dance utility on Olivia is good enough to be worth keeping (man, I wish I had Azura lol). Thanks for the help!
  8. That's fair. I think I'm definitely leaning towards promoting either Eirika or Nino at this point. Eirika has a much better boon/bane (actually got lucky with her for once), but Nino would probably benefit from the rank boost overall... I'll probably just end up bumping her to 4* first and comparing the two to see who needs it more.
  9. Yeah, I'm pretty heartbroken about Robin since I already dumped 2k feathers into him from 3* to 4*, and spent all that time leveling him, and he can barely hold his own against the units he's supposed to counter. Ah well. You're definitely right about fliers; I have a lot of trouble dealing with them. And my current archer options suck. My only real solution for that right now is to have Ephraim face-tank them (which actually works a lot of the time, provided Lissa is in a safe spot to heal him). But if I'm ditching my healer then I definitely need a better option.
  10. ....Whoooa. How did I not figure this out earlier. Alright then, in that case: Nino: +Def/-Res Lilina: +Res/-Spd M!Corrin: +Atk/-Res Other F!Corrin: +Def/-HP Tiki: +Def/-Res You're right; Eirika has +Spd/-Res. That's weird, I could've sworn she had two boons/banes when I checked her at lv 1 as a 4*.
  11. Alright, that helps, thanks. Do you think I should prioritize getting Eirika to 5* first, or Nino? Whoever doesn't get promoted first is going to have to wait a while, and I don't know how big a difference it makes for either of them.
  12. Hana: +HP/-Atk Chrom: +Atk/-Def Virion: +Atk/-Spd Gunter: Neutral I don't know the boon/bane of my lv 29 Nino, but I do have another one that's.... +HP/-Atk. Sigh. Similarly, I have a duplicate F!Corrin at lv 1 with +Res/-Spd. Couldn't say about the lv 22 one. As for the others, I'd have to get them to lv 40 or promote them to find out.
  13. Marth is +Res/-Atk, Ephraim is +Def/-Spd, Eirika is +HP & Spd/-Def & Res...and I'm not sure about anyone else I'm training, unfortunately, as I didn't check them beforehand. Only Eliwood stands out as a lv 1 unit I'm considering using, but his stats are very neutral (+HP/-Def). I tend to prefer more offensive teams, but honestly? At this point I just want a team that synergizes nicely and has as few holes as possible. If you can think of multiple ways to do that with what I've got, I'd be happy to hear them. Part of my problem is that I'm having a hard time deciding who it's worth training up to 40 (or spending the feathers on) before I even find out whether their boon/bane hurts them or not.
  14. Alright, I need some serious help here guys. Here's what I've got: Main Team: 5*Ephraim, 5*Marth, 4*M!Robin, 4*Lissa (all lv 40 except Lissa, who's lv 34) Backup / In Training: 5*: Seliph (lv 14) 4*: Beruka (lv 37), Eirika (lv 33), Lilina (lv 29), M!Corrin (lv 22), Hawkeye (lv 20), Olivia (lv 19), Chrom (lv 12) 3*: Older!Tiki (lv 29), Nino (lv 29), Saizo (lv 24), F!Corrin (lv 22) Everything Else (minus starter units): 4*: Subaki (lv 24), Jakob (lv 23), Donnel (lv 7), Eliwood (lv 1), Lon'qu (lv 1), Sophia (lv 1), Matthew (lv 1) 3*: Clarine (lv 22), Draug (lv 22), Barst (lv 22), Selena (lv 20), Niles (lv 20+), Frederick (lv 19), Fir (lv 19+), Oboro (lv 11), Odin (lv 8), Hana (lv 1), Henry (lv 1), Gunter (lv 1), Virion (lv 1), Setsuna (lv 1), Serra (lv 1), 2*: F!Robin (lv 13), Cecilia (lv 1) a bunch of duplicates I'm not going to bother listing Here's my situation. I started this game about a week late and didn't know rerolling was a thing until a few days in; I'd pulled a 5* Marth and a few decent 4* units by then so I just decided to keep them. I saw that it was most orb-efficient to summon heroes in batches of five, so I did that every time, as soon as I had 20 orbs to spend. I never waited, figuring that the focus banners always had something really good I could use (except for the Mystery Tactician banner, that one sucked). I've gotten lucky on occasion, but overall my pulls have ranged from lackluster to downright garbage. My main team doesn't have much synergy together; they just happen to be among the only truly decent units I have. To add to that, I only recently found out that boons and banes were a thing, realizing too late that both my M!Robin and my Marth have a crippling -Atk stat. My Ephraim didn't suffer as much, but even he has -Spd. My question to you all is: What would be the best way of salvaging this? I was saving up to promote Robin to a 5*, but with the -Atk I feel like that would be a huge waste of feathers (he's also got +HP or something similarly useless). Even at level 40, he's been failing to make a big dent in most tanky units and even struggling against Takumi, making me wonder for a while what all the fuss was about. So I feel like I should focus on training up a new magic user to replace him with, at least until I get a new M!Robin. I do have a 3* Nino, though I have no idea what her +/- are as I started training her before I knew to check. Then there's the matter of Marth's replacement...I did pull a 4* Eirika the other day, and she's already pretty amazing, but is bringing her to 5* worth it? How much of a difference does it make? Ephraim I'm probably keeping no matter what; even with the -Spd, he ends up basically carrying me in every arena fight I have. Lissa has saved my team many times with Rehabilitate, but I'm open to other suggestions if that fourth slot could be better utilized. I also have no idea if I've been doing the right thing regarding summoning; now that I'm doing a little more research I'm seeing that a lot of people are prioritizing certain colors or even saving their orbs for future banners, especially if they're f2p (which I am). I haven't been doing that at all. Should I start? How do I know when I should invest in a focus and when I should hang onto my orbs for later? Is it better to pick a color or two and ignore the others rather than go for the discount? Should I actively try to go for a new M!Robin or just focus on the other magic users I already have? And should I avoid summoning greens altogether even if my best axe-user right now is Beruka? (Apologies for the info dump. It's possible I'm overthinking much of this, but regardless, any help is appreciated!)
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