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  1. So I finally pulled a useable Nino -- +Atk/-HP. It's not +Spd, but I'm happy. Now my only question is: What A skill should I give her? I'm debating between Fury, Life and Death, Darting Blow, and Swift Sparrow (I have a spare Spring!Lucina to burn). If I did go for Fury or Life and Death, it would be 2, not 3 (I actually don't have a Hinata somehow). With that -HP I'm not expecting her to take any hits anyway, but I could always give her Ardent Sacrifice to trigger the Desperation effect if I forego Fury. I know I really can't go wrong with any of these, but which would be the most optimal with her IVs?
  2. Fair enough, and I'll probably start adopting that philosophy for different move and weapon types (I regret not ever training any armored units besides Effie). But I've made the mistake of investing in units with crippling IVs only to pull a better one later on, so I'm not keen on repeating it. None of the units I listed above are super rare, nor do I really need them all that badly, so I'm fine with waiting for a stronger variant if their bane is particularly counterproductive. That said, you won't see me ditching my -Spd Ephraim anytime soon. I have the same Cecilia, and I can vouch for her -- she'll do great, especially on a cavalry team. (Feed her a Gronnblade and she'll be absolutely busted.)
  3. Yeah, that's about what I figured for most of those. I was hoping Palla wasn't completely useless though, haha. Oh well. Good to know that Sully and Fae at least can still be utilized if I need them. I already have several decent healers, so I don't really need Maria; I was just curious about her viability. Also, I've noticed that this game really loves throwing shitty Berukas at me; I didn't even mention the -Atk/+Spd one lol. Good thing I pulled a +Def Cherche recently. Thanks for the help! Of course it's possible, but I'm not going to waste time and resources on units that have been RNG-crippled when there are plenty of alternatives available. I'm not trying to just come here and bitch; I'm looking for some advice on how they can be used and whether or not it's worth it. I appreciate the input on Lilina; I know for some of the slower units a Speed bane can still really hurt them, and I couldn't tell if Lilina was one of those. Looks like Sully and Fae are still perfectly viable as well, which I'm happy about.
  4. Sup guys -- got some more boon/bane questions for y'all. Sully: +Atk/-Spd Palla: +Res/-Atk Fae: +Res/-HP Maria: +HP/-Atk Lilina: +Res/-Spd Beruka: +Spd/-Def (I already have a lv 40 Beruka with +HP/-Def, trying to decide how much better the +Spd is for her) Should I bother training any of these? The only one I have an immediate use for is Palla for a flying team I'm trying to throw together, but her IVs are so awful I'm not sure it's worth it.
  5. Whoops, my bad, sorry! Eh, the Nino I'm using right now is very meh IV-wise (and the extra one is garbage). I'll keep training her for the time being but I won't promote her until after her focus is over, to see if I can pull a better one. Ugh, we can only hope. I agree, the promotion cost to 5* is far too steep considering their availability. (And don't even get me started on orbs...) Makes sense. Alright, I'll plan on going with that setup for now. Thanks for all your help, guys!
  6. Ooh, that's a good point; I forgot about the upcoming Nino focus. ...Come to think of it, it would really suck if I dumped 22k feathers into my current Nino only to pull a 5* one with better stats.
  7. Well, I do have Draug... He could certainly deal with Camilla, but I'm less sure about the blue fliers. And he'd probably be too slow to keep up with a heavily offensive team. I'll probably do some combination of Eirika, Ephraim, Nino, Olivia, and Lilina. I'll see if the dance utility on Olivia is good enough to be worth keeping (man, I wish I had Azura lol). Thanks for the help!
  8. That's fair. I think I'm definitely leaning towards promoting either Eirika or Nino at this point. Eirika has a much better boon/bane (actually got lucky with her for once), but Nino would probably benefit from the rank boost overall... I'll probably just end up bumping her to 4* first and comparing the two to see who needs it more.
  9. Yeah, I'm pretty heartbroken about Robin since I already dumped 2k feathers into him from 3* to 4*, and spent all that time leveling him, and he can barely hold his own against the units he's supposed to counter. Ah well. You're definitely right about fliers; I have a lot of trouble dealing with them. And my current archer options suck. My only real solution for that right now is to have Ephraim face-tank them (which actually works a lot of the time, provided Lissa is in a safe spot to heal him). But if I'm ditching my healer then I definitely need a better option.
  10. ....Whoooa. How did I not figure this out earlier. Alright then, in that case: Nino: +Def/-Res Lilina: +Res/-Spd M!Corrin: +Atk/-Res Other F!Corrin: +Def/-HP Tiki: +Def/-Res You're right; Eirika has +Spd/-Res. That's weird, I could've sworn she had two boons/banes when I checked her at lv 1 as a 4*.
  11. Alright, that helps, thanks. Do you think I should prioritize getting Eirika to 5* first, or Nino? Whoever doesn't get promoted first is going to have to wait a while, and I don't know how big a difference it makes for either of them.
  12. Hana: +HP/-Atk Chrom: +Atk/-Def Virion: +Atk/-Spd Gunter: Neutral I don't know the boon/bane of my lv 29 Nino, but I do have another one that's.... +HP/-Atk. Sigh. Similarly, I have a duplicate F!Corrin at lv 1 with +Res/-Spd. Couldn't say about the lv 22 one. As for the others, I'd have to get them to lv 40 or promote them to find out.
  13. Marth is +Res/-Atk, Ephraim is +Def/-Spd, Eirika is +HP & Spd/-Def & Res...and I'm not sure about anyone else I'm training, unfortunately, as I didn't check them beforehand. Only Eliwood stands out as a lv 1 unit I'm considering using, but his stats are very neutral (+HP/-Def). I tend to prefer more offensive teams, but honestly? At this point I just want a team that synergizes nicely and has as few holes as possible. If you can think of multiple ways to do that with what I've got, I'd be happy to hear them. Part of my problem is that I'm having a hard time deciding who it's worth training up to 40 (or spending the feathers on) before I even find out whether their boon/bane hurts them or not.
  14. Alright, I need some serious help here guys. Here's what I've got: Main Team: 5*Ephraim, 5*Marth, 4*M!Robin, 4*Lissa (all lv 40 except Lissa, who's lv 34) Backup / In Training: 5*: Seliph (lv 14) 4*: Beruka (lv 37), Eirika (lv 33), Lilina (lv 29), M!Corrin (lv 22), Hawkeye (lv 20), Olivia (lv 19), Chrom (lv 12) 3*: Older!Tiki (lv 29), Nino (lv 29), Saizo (lv 24), F!Corrin (lv 22) Everything Else (minus starter units): 4*: Subaki (lv 24), Jakob (lv 23), Donnel (lv 7), Eliwood (lv 1), Lon'qu (lv 1), Sophia (lv 1), Matthew (lv 1) 3*: Clarine (lv 22), Draug (lv 22), Barst (lv 22), Selena (lv 20), Niles (lv 20+), Frederick (lv 19), Fir (lv 19+), Oboro (lv 11), Odin (lv 8), Hana (lv 1), Henry (lv 1), Gunter (lv 1), Virion (lv 1), Setsuna (lv 1), Serra (lv 1), 2*: F!Robin (lv 13), Cecilia (lv 1) a bunch of duplicates I'm not going to bother listing Here's my situation. I started this game about a week late and didn't know rerolling was a thing until a few days in; I'd pulled a 5* Marth and a few decent 4* units by then so I just decided to keep them. I saw that it was most orb-efficient to summon heroes in batches of five, so I did that every time, as soon as I had 20 orbs to spend. I never waited, figuring that the focus banners always had something really good I could use (except for the Mystery Tactician banner, that one sucked). I've gotten lucky on occasion, but overall my pulls have ranged from lackluster to downright garbage. My main team doesn't have much synergy together; they just happen to be among the only truly decent units I have. To add to that, I only recently found out that boons and banes were a thing, realizing too late that both my M!Robin and my Marth have a crippling -Atk stat. My Ephraim didn't suffer as much, but even he has -Spd. My question to you all is: What would be the best way of salvaging this? I was saving up to promote Robin to a 5*, but with the -Atk I feel like that would be a huge waste of feathers (he's also got +HP or something similarly useless). Even at level 40, he's been failing to make a big dent in most tanky units and even struggling against Takumi, making me wonder for a while what all the fuss was about. So I feel like I should focus on training up a new magic user to replace him with, at least until I get a new M!Robin. I do have a 3* Nino, though I have no idea what her +/- are as I started training her before I knew to check. Then there's the matter of Marth's replacement...I did pull a 4* Eirika the other day, and she's already pretty amazing, but is bringing her to 5* worth it? How much of a difference does it make? Ephraim I'm probably keeping no matter what; even with the -Spd, he ends up basically carrying me in every arena fight I have. Lissa has saved my team many times with Rehabilitate, but I'm open to other suggestions if that fourth slot could be better utilized. I also have no idea if I've been doing the right thing regarding summoning; now that I'm doing a little more research I'm seeing that a lot of people are prioritizing certain colors or even saving their orbs for future banners, especially if they're f2p (which I am). I haven't been doing that at all. Should I start? How do I know when I should invest in a focus and when I should hang onto my orbs for later? Is it better to pick a color or two and ignore the others rather than go for the discount? Should I actively try to go for a new M!Robin or just focus on the other magic users I already have? And should I avoid summoning greens altogether even if my best axe-user right now is Beruka? (Apologies for the info dump. It's possible I'm overthinking much of this, but regardless, any help is appreciated!)
  15. ...Oh. Well then. Okay, I take back most of what I said and now blame the localization team. Honestly, what were they thinking...? I still prefer Chrom x FeMU but at least Chrom x Sumia is a lot better than I initially thought. That was actually really sweet. I'm a bit frustrated with myself now for not checking that much sooner...especially after reading the disaster that is Henry x Olivia's translated supports...I really should have known better. Damn localization. But they did such a good job with almost everything else...so why? ;n; I don't get it OTL
  16. Heh, I was going to get to my honorable mentions (i.e., my preferred pairings, even if not my headcanon ones) later, but I may as well do it now. Since you asked, Virion x Cherche - A lot of people pair these two together, and there's a very good reason why. Cherche has been serving House Virion for years, and she knows him better than just about anyone else. There's a lot more to Virion than meets the eye. To quote the wiki: "While he acts friendly, his words and actions leave his grace and refinement somewhat unclear. He is a shameless flirt - but one who becomes offended if someone suggests he has more lecherous intentions." It's easy to see Virion as a quite vain and shallow person, but his supports with various characters hint at something much more complex beneath the surface. And I feel like Cherche is the only person who has ever really seen those sides of him and can understand him. She can see right through all the dramatics and flamboyance he tries to project and know when something is really bothering him, and whether or not he's being sincere. She also knows exactly how to deal with him when he's being over the top. From her very first introduction I could tell that this was a woman who knew how to handle the guy. She has just the right balance of sternness, bluntness, kindness, and perceptivity to keep things on track. I could quote line after line of their various interactions, but I'll settle for the conclusion of their S support - "Stray from me but once, and I'll feed you to Minerva as a snack." "Er, can we please save the threats? This is meant to be a happy moment!" "Just doing my due diligence, love!" Come on. How is she not the perfect match for him? ...Well, unfortunately, she isn't, because Gregor x Cherche and Virion x Tharja overrule them. As much as I love this pairing, there are far more hints supporting the other two, between connections with their children and smooth continuations into Future Past scripts. ......But I still like Virion x Cherche better. ............So there. Henry x Panne - I owe this one to a certain tumblr blogger who drew an amazing fancomic of these two (it's called "A Farewell Gift", go read it if you haven't!). Again, something I never would have thought of on my own but by the end it was surprisingly heartwarming and made a lot of sense. The author wrote out an explanation for the pairing at the end of the comic, and I'm not even going to bother paraphrasing because why bother when it's perfectly understandable already and I'd probably just mess it up: "I think Henry is very difficult to pair, because more often than not his supports feel a bit sudden and random. I get the feeling he isn't being sincere at all when confessing! I can't tell when his smile is an honest one, for we know that his constant happy face is a mechanism to deal with the pain he's been through. But his confession with Panne felt really 'true' to me. I think Henry sees a lot of his 'mommy wolf' in Panne, and can't help clinging to her like a child. Also, her being a taguel makes her more of a beast than a human, and from Henry's experience beasts are far more caring and honest beings than men. That's why I think he can be true to his feelings with Panne." To add onto this, I can even see some slight parallels between Henry and Yarne, as Henry can be cowardly, and it's also incredibly difficult to tell where his true loyalties lie, so Yarne's anxiety over him possibly leaving Panne is well-founded. But Gaius overrules him due to his own parallels and Future Past continuations. Still a cute pairing though. Henry x Olivia - I'm pretty sure this pairing was largely popular at one point or another, but because I was introduced to this series late I missed out. I like these two together for roughly the same reasons everyone else does. Unfortunately, this is also the only pairing I can think of whose supports were so drastically changed during translation, and not for the better. I have to give major props to the localization team for the majority of their work on Awakening, but this is one of the few instances where they did more harm than good. "Wizard school"...honestly. And Olivia comes off as reeeeally patronizing in the English version too - reminds me of all the irritating misconceptions of therapy - whereas in the original script she actually does end up helping him. But when reading a proper translation of the Japanese script, I can see why people put them together. Unfortunately, it doesn't carry over well at all to Inigo's supports - Henry is even less suited to the "chastising father" role than Ricken is - and there aren't any parallels or Future Past connections. So there really isn't any way for it to work. Which is too bad. Because their original supports are rich in character development, and I love that. ...I'm just gonna drop this here: http://kakuseis.dreamwidth.org/6024.html Rather than go off on a tangent about each and every alternate pairing I like, I'm just going to list the rest and maybe add a sentence or two to each one: Chrom x FeMU (I don't think I really have to explain this one), Frederick x Sumia (brilliant foils of each other and probably the most romantic S support I've ever seen), Henry x Tharja (two semi-insane dark mages just seem to go well together; also explains Noire's shifting personality), Gaius x Maribelle (elaborate backstory and sweet supports), Ricken x Nowi (already talked about them), Panne x Gregor (cute supports and ending; personalities seem to blend together nicely), Kellam x Miriel (poor guy finally gets paid attention to for once; Miriel actually seems to becoming rather attached to him by Support A), and...probably a bunch more, but that's all I've got off the top of my head. They're not my headcanons anyway, so it doesn't matter too much. But I consider them nice alternative options. On my first two runs I married Chrom. My pairings were all screwed up at the time, haha. On my latest run I'm playing as a male MU and pairing everyone up to match my headcanons, which I hadn't properly sorted out until recently. I'm planning on marrying Emmeryn once I get her to avoid disrupting the other pairings. DLC characters are great for that. And I really like Emmeryn. She was designed to be well-loved, and I grew rather attached to her before her "death". I also like the idea of helping her through her amnesia, waiting for her to fully recover. And it goes well with the rest of the family, that's for sure... I have indeed read the supports, and you have to admit, the pies are the primary topic of conversation. They can't even drop it in their S support. Chrom pretty much outright says that the reason he's marrying her is because she was kind enough to cook for him. I just wish there were a bit more depth than that. I'm not a hater, though. I happen to like Sumia; she's sweet, if a bit one-dimensional. I agree that the irrational Chrom x Sumia (and, well, just Sumia) bashing is uncalled for. I certainly wasn't trying to be one of those people. I even think their confession scene is adorable, and I wish their actual supports were more like that, because I'd probably like the pairing a lot better if they were. But compared to what the story can become if you pair Chrom and FeMU together, Chrom x Sumia just kind of falls flat for me. It may be canon, but that doesn't mean I can't prefer a different option. Eheh, sorry. Couldn't resist. ...Truthfully, I was late in joining this particular fandom and wanted a chance to throw my two cents in. Even if everyone else has already done it :P
  17. Headcanons yay! My turn, my turn XD I don't know why, but I'm somewhat obsessed with finding pairings that are not only cute or work well, but also make a certain degree of sense within the canon. As such, while these are my headcanon pairings, they are not all necessarily my preferred ones. I spoke with another person at great length on another site about this and he helped convince me of the legitimacy of certain pairings I had never even thought of before. I managed to sway his opinion in favor of some of my favorites that he had initially rejected - well, okay, just one - but for the most part these pairings are either ones he changed my mind about or ones that we'd both supported to begin with. (I may or may not quote a few of his explanations in this post because trying to rephrase them myself is somewhat tedious and unnecessary.) So without further ado, based on personality, supports, shared traits and themes, and Future Past scripts - and excluding the Avatar (as well as both Morgans) - here are all my FE:A headcanon pairings: Chrom x Sumia - Much as I hate to admit it, the game does kind of shove them in your face. The game's opening, the "lovebirds" cutscene, Sumia being Chrom's first default marriage option, the hug scene, and their dialogue in general really...though it's a shame that the one clear "canon" pairing's support conversations don't have a bit more depth to them. (Pies...really? Sigh.) That's unfortunately the main thing keeping from really liking this couple, even though I consider it my headcanon. But oh well. Lissa x Lon'qu - This is quite possibly my OTP for this series. I absolutely adore these two. Aside from the fact that they're just plain adorable together, the character development throughout their supports is fantastic. In the beginning Lon'qu sees Lissa as nothing more than an annoyance, and protecting her as just part of his job. I imagine his bodyguard assignment must have gone on for several weeks, and he slowly began to grow attached, but was scared of what would happen to her if he did. Flashbacks of Ke'ri and all that. I like to think that his C-A supports with Cherche did still happen, except that he used them as a way to justify his love for Lissa instead of falling for Cherche herself. Cherche was acting more like a therapist to Lon'qu than a possible lover, in my opinion. In the end he is genuinely concerned for Lissa's safety and wants to be the one to protect her as her husband, not just a bodyguard. The situation of failing to protect the girl he cared about tried to repeat itself, but this time he succeeded and even found new love. It just makes sense. And it has the added effect of turning me into an emotional pile of mush. Also, the parallel between these supports and Owain's supports with his father is not exactly subtle. So Lon'qu protected his son from an arrow too, huh? Well then...how about that. As for Lissa's side of things...well, the warm, energetic girl getting the distant, brooding guy to open up is not an uncommon theme. I admit I'm a sucker for this trope because it makes a lot of sense and feels the most genuine, when done the right way. Frederick x Cordelia - Oddly enough, I paired these two up initially and ended up regretting it. The S support in particular felt rather forced on Cordelia's side - "I love Chrom, I love Chrom, I love Chrom, I love - Frederick, you love me? Alright, forget Chrom! Unrequited love sucks anyway!" It wasn't until later that I learned to appreciate the pairing for what it is. To begin with, their supports are unique in that apart from them sharing a common ground of being diligent and hardworking to the point of perfectionism, Frederick is the first person to understand how hard it is for Cordelia to be considered a genius by everyone around her. Others may sympathize, but only Frederick can really and truly get it - and Cordelia appreciates that a lot. Their S support shows that Frederick already had feelings for Cordelia for a relatively long time just like she had feelings for Chrom but was too embarrassed to express them, and she remained oblivious just like Chrom. In the end, unlike Cordelia, Frederick mustered the courage to confess his love and was rewarded. Cordelia, at that point having grown tired of her unrequited love (which is proven by at least three other supports that I can think of) and knowing full well what kind of man Frederick really is, decides she would be an idiot to pass up such sincere devotion and accepts the proposal, and with it, is finally able to start moving on. It's not an "instant recovery", as I initially thought. Perhaps her love for Chrom had already begun to fade and it just took her until this moment to recognize that. Maybe getting all of her pent-up emotions out during the picnic with Frederick - a scene that is mostly viewed as comedic but may actually hold some weight - helped her to realize that the pain wasn't worth it. Whatever the reason, I'm now able to justify Cordelia's acceptance of Frederick's proposal a lot better than before and view this pairing in a new and much more positive light. Not to mention the heavy implications of Frederick being Severa's father. Who else would make her do chores? Even the shopping trip fits into the picture, considering that Frederick calls his child "daddy's pride and joy". Another thing I noticed is when Severa offers to spend time with Lucina, with the line "We can unload all of our pent-up complaints about our perfect parents!" Parents, plural, implying that Severa has more than one of those. Yes, she could have simply been referring to her own mother and Lucina's father, but it fits much better if you apply the word to both of Severa's parental units. And Frederick is pretty much the only one who perfectly fits into that description, further adding onto Severa's inferiority complex. On a related note, the fact that Severa's starting class is a mercenary makes sense if one takes into account who Frederick and Cordelia are at their core - perfect loyal knights bound by their duty. So Severa, due to her personality and out of protest, decided to become someone totally opposite - a mercenary, who is free to choose her own loyalties and whom to work for. Sully x Stahl - I don't think this one needs much explanation, since so many people seem to ship these two. Putting the green and red knights together at last is a fair enough justification, though one should also be able to appreciate just how well their personalities balance each other out. Stahl needs someone with enough motivation and drive to get him to work a little harder, and Sully needs someone who will challenge her but also respect her as an individual. Their A support took me by surprise because I didn't think Sully was one to worry about how people thought of her. Her character does seem rather one-dimensional at times, but that scene gave her some much-needed depth. And Stahl was the one she was willing to share her worries with, as well as the one who managed to pick her back up again, and in just the way she needed. Even the line Stahl sometimes says after a dual-strike once the enemy is defeated - "That was all you!" - is perfect for Sully, who I think needs that sort of encouragement from her husband every once in a while to alleviate any remaining fears she may have of a man downplaying or surpassing her achievements. It's worth mentioning that Sully x Stahl is also the only pairing with their own unique ending at the end of the game. So there's that. Ricken x Miriel - This pairing, for me, is up for debate. I don't even see a whole ton of chemistry between Ricken and Miriel, personally. The argument my friend gave me to tie them together was solely centered around Laurent's dialogue from Future Past 3: "Father, do you know why I became a mage? I never had a gist for magic like you or mother. In fact, she told me I was not suited for it. I lacked the substance. Nonetheless, I persisted. Why do you suppose that is?...It's because you were always looking over my shoulder while I practiced. You were there to encourage me after every failure, to ensure I never gave up." Considering the dialogue in all the Future Pasts varies depending on who your pairings are, and there's nothing else I can think of that backs up this speech in particular (aside from the fact that Laurent is, indeed, a mage), the reasoning for this pairing really isn't all that solid. There's just not a whole lot to argue against Ricken and Miriel being together. They're both mages, sure, and the backstory Laurent gives us here fits perfectly well with their respective personalities. And all the units I'd prefer to pair up with either of them are already tied to someone else. Well, except for Kellam (whose supports with Miriel are surprisingly cute), but I just can't manage to justify leaving Ricken single. So as far as this pairing goes...I'm just kind of rolling with it for lack of a better option. Vaike x Maribelle - I'll admit I was skeptical at first glance, but these two really do go great together. This is a prime example of "opposites attract", and I loved seeing each of them try to adapt to the others' culture (even if Maribelle was somewhat more successful at it than Vaike was). Their interactions are rather hilarious as well. So there you go. ...What, you wanted a better reason? Okay, fine. Many people have already pointed this out, but...Brady. I mean, come on. Who else could he have gotten his looks and speech patterns from? It's even acknowledged in Future Past 2 - "You inherited the best parts of Maribelle and yours truly. Like the way you talk." "I definitely didn't get that part from Ma..." Not to mention the fact that Maribelle continues her teaching of shared culture experiences with her son, who clearly wants nothing to do with chess or teatimes or any of that other junk but had it all beaten into him by his mother. Also, if Vaike is in fact Brady's father, that makes Brady's hair blonde - which is apparently one of the multiple stereotypical traits of Japanese delinquents, most (if not all) of which Brady embodies. Vaike even mentions during support conversations with Sully that he was a delinquent himself prior to joining the Shepherds. Nowi x Donnel - My first pairing with Nowi was Ricken. Their supports are adorable, and I thought the two of them were perfect together - good friends right from the start, either one willing to take the blame to cover for the other, and they had the added bonus of both looking younger than they really were. I added it to my list of headcanon pairings and for a while no one could convince me otherwise. Then I got Nah and read her supports with her father...and my blind Nowi x Ricken devotion came to a screeching halt. I tried, I really did, but it just didn't make any sense. All of Ricken's interactions with Nowi were centered around them acting like children - mostly playing around or getting in trouble. Hell, their A support ended with him promising to take her on a tour of every festival they could find after the war was over. So when Nah started saying things to Ricken like "you're so serious and responsible" and "I have no idea what you see in her", it just didn't seem to add up. Ricken has his serious moments to be sure, but I could never really picture him in the "stern father" role. The part where he scolds Nah in particular made me feel like he had suddenly turned into a completely different character. So for a while I was at a bit of a loss. Luckily for me, there was another unit that went with Nowi even better than Ricken did! I hadn't picked Donnel up in my first run - I failed to level him up in that one paralogue so I basically shrugged and went "eh, screw it" - so I had no idea what he was like or that his own supports with Nowi were easily just as adorable. Donnel actually fits the "serious and responsible" tag too - you'd pretty much have to be after working on a farm your whole life. And he always takes his duties seriously, even if they're just remnants of what he remembers from his previous life - he grows and hunts food for the whole army, and helps Tharja find ingredients for her curses without a trace of hesitation, simply because that's how his village does things. At the same time, his interactions with Nowi didn't seem forced at all. Donnel is responsible, but quite friendly and easygoing too. Throughout their supports they bonded over each other's past history and vowed to help one another out. Donnel seems to be one of the few people who knows how to handle her well and even enjoys doing so. It's not a stretch whatsoever to consider that they'd end up together and still fit Nah's description (and skepticism). Also, I love the idea of Donnel's stone - the one he himself kept to remember his deceased father by - being given to his own daughter in turn, to keep Nah's memory of him alive when he died in the bad future. Olivia x Libra - Although this is a somewhat bland pairing, at least in my opinion, it's true that they both have gentle personalities, and were both brought together by dances. Though I wasn't really sold on this one until taking a closer look at Inigo's supports with his father, particularly this choice remark - "For being such a softy with everyone else he sure doesn't pull any punches with me..." Being soft with everyone describes Libra perfectly. As a priest, an advocate of proper behavior, this also explains his discontent about Inigo's womanizing habits. Many people like to use this particular trait of Inigo's to justify Virion as being his father, but that doesn't explain why Virion would be so disapproving of it now, and there's a separate explanation for how Inigo picked that habit up in the first place, so I don't consider the reasoning all that valid. That and I don't believe that just because two people have similar personalities it automatically means they're related. Libra is further tied to Olivia when Inigo expresses his desire to follow in his parents' footsteps and be a dancer. Libra and Olivia are both professionals (Libra has to perform ceremonial dances as a part of his occupation), so it makes sense that the son of such people would want to become a dancer as well. Gregor x Cherche - This is another pairing that took me a little while to warm up to, mostly because I was utterly convinced that Cherche and Virion were meant for each other. But she and Gregor go together remarkably well too. The two of them share a connection that stems from the past - by saving Minerva, an act that reflects on Gregor's own past as well as the type of person he is, he also saved a huge part of what would later become his own family. This continues into the future where it is now Gerome who thanks Gregor for saving their wyvern. Gregor's ending with Cherche is also the only one where he is able to recover fully from his financial problems. What's more, all of Cherche's other S supports, even with Virion, have this "I shall graciously accept your feelings" vibe on her part, whereas with Gregor she is completely charmed. And Gregor is even willing to face his fear of heights for her. It's sweet. Now even with all this, I can see why this pairing is overlooked more often than not (in terms of headcanons, anyway - I've seen loads of people pair them up for gameplay benefits). The thing is, Cherche has solid connections with three characters: Virion, Lon'qu, and Gregor. Lon'qu is tied to Lissa, but what's keeping me from pairing Cherche with Virion? Before I'd have said, well, nothing at all. In fact, they were part of my headcanon for a long time until another match for Virion I'd never seriously considered before was brought to my attention. Virion x Tharja - Alright, before I start explaining, let me just ask a simple question that always used to bother me. Why in the name of all the gods is Noire's starting class...an archer? Is it really just because she happened to pick up a bow off the ground? I seriously doubt it. Without prior training, she wouldn't have known how to use it properly, for one thing. Her stumbling across the exact weapon she knew how to use is rather convenient, admittedly, but it's much more plausible than the assumption that she magically figured out how to use a bow and arrow mere minutes after she picked one up. So alright then, Noire was trained as an archer. So I defer to my earlier question...why? Surely, with Tharja's influence, she would have learned to use magic - if not curses, then just anima magics at least. I could easily see her being raised as a mage. When I got Noire in my first run I immediately class changed her to dark mage and then upgraded her to sorcerer because it seemed to fit her character so much better (also her stats and growths in magic were off the charts thanks to my initial Henry x Tharja pairing). I ignored her default archer class because it didn't make any logical sense to me. What reason could there be for her to turn away from magic and pick up a bow, of all things? There's only one answer that really works - and that's if Virion is her father. He's the only first generation archer given to you in the game, after all. Some of Tharja's other potential husbands can change into some bow-wielding class, but nothing specifically focused on archery. This by itself isn't reason enough to justify Virion x Tharja as a possibly canon pairing, of course. Let's look at some other hints. Virion's Japanese name, Vi├Áru, sounds a lot like violet, and he can be a bit of a coward at times - Noire is a shrinking violet herself, and is very shy. Virion is resistant to hexes - Noire may have inherited this trait, which is why Tharja was willing to use her for hex-testing in order to perfect them (and she succeeded up to the point where even Virion was not immune anymore). In Future Past 1, if Virion is Noire's father, the bow that the Risen took from Noire was her memento of him. Tharja going berserk after her husband's death adds up a little bit more if one remembers how she asked Virion to swear to her that he would live. Tharja's supports with Virion are also the only ones in which she doesn't bring up the Avatar at all, and one of the very few in which both characters are shown to be truly caring and sincere. Oh, and if you compare Virion and Noire's love confession pictures, they have almost the exact same pose. Probably just a coincidence, but still... The main problem I still have with this pairing is the fact that there are so many things connecting Virion to Noire...but little connecting him to Tharja herself. The supports are nice, but overall their personalities just don't fit together as well as Virion and Cherche's, or Tharja and Henry's, to throw out a couple examples. If it weren't for Noire, I would wonder why Virion was even a marriage option for Tharja at all. But when you take do Noire into account...there are just too many hints to ignore. Gaius x Panne - Once again, this pairing took a little convincing before I could accept it. It just seemed a bit random at first. But sure enough, upon closer examination, the game itself practically ships them together all on its own. Panne mistakes Gaius for a taguel, and the latter eventually becomes genuinely interested in taguel culture, which pleases Panne a great deal. Then in supports with his father Yarne says that the former left him in safety, went to fight Risen and died. Gaius acts the same way in Future Past 2. Yarne even states: "I know what you're trying to do. You're pushing me away so the enemies will come after you instead!" There's an additional parallel between Gaius and Yarne - the former is a thief that must be hidden and stealthy so that he isn't caught; the latter tries to hide himself more out of fear than anything, but nonetheless attempts to remain hidden in order to not get himself killed. And finally, after the war Gaius returns to his "less savory enterprises", and his wife either is not pleased or does not care. Except for Panne, who actually joins him. So she is not only his partner in life, but in his line of work as well. ...And I believe that's all the first generation pairings. I'll get to the children later, but for now I'm going to just post what I've got because I've been typing this up for the last several hours and I think it's long enough.
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