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  1. Hi everybody, I don't know if i'm in a good section to ask this, but I stay in the theme of fan project. Is there anybody that can advise me about a good fire emblem fan project(rom hack in fact) ? I have some criteria: - gba / nds format - playable beast or shifting characther(like manakete or laguz) (or playable monster directly, for example handle a wolf(Gwyllgi) or Bonewalker, cyclops...). But I don't want an entire army of monsters or shifter just some character - weapon triangle for magic weapon (white magic, anima magic, black magic) - Some chapter in the game with monster as opponents - New weapons(not a lot but a minimum) - New character / new story, but if it's a remake or a prequel/sequel or a possible timeline if an event happen(for example if leila wasn't dead in FE7) it's cool too I hope I found this rare gem, thanks in advance !
  2. Anyone have one of these skill on scarlet ? scarlet: Death Blow / Gamble / Awakening / Life and Death / Vantage
  3. Hello ! I'm looking for some skill: Mozu : Wary fighter / Aegis / countermagic / quicksalve / renewal Azama: counter / countermagic / Renewal / live to serve / replicate
  4. Mori motonari can be a tactician on the first and the second part of the game, but in the third part(the part of the movie) mori motanari become a cyclic myrmidon...
  5. Actually I'm looking for a spriter :) ! I find finally a sprite of Nohime and Sanada, but a wait the answer of the autor :D ! I can leaked it by Private Message.
  6. Indeed, we haven't cavalier, it's a problem... I propose a new classe for motochika for the problem of cavalier here is the solution: In the anime we can see, in different episode, the army of sanada and date with horse. So they can have horse. I propose that we begin by soldier(normal unit) and in some chapter transform all soldier in cavalier ! Or stay with cavalier from the begining :) ! remark: As we can see, a lot of classe are not used, I propose we remplace some classe by the new classe we will, for example the classes: wyvern rider, wyvern lord, wyvern knight, pegasus knight, falcon knight can be remplaced by other new classes ! List of new classes: Darkness lord(Oda) Pirate King(Motoshika) GunMaster(Nohime) Halberdier(Toshi, Matsu, Hojo) Cyclic myrmidon(Mori Motonari) And maybe we can make a list of new weapons: Ring Blade(mori motonari) Riffle(nohime) Turret(nohime) ShootGun(Oda) Sawed-Off(Oda) DarkBlade(Oda) Trident Anchor spear(Chosokabe) Naginata(hojo) Halberd Jumonji Yari(trident of Sanada) Broad Sword(Yoshihiro) Giant Nodashi(Keiji) Dark Hand(Oichi)
  7. Euhm, the rifle is so important because Oda isn't the only who use this, nohime only use rifle....
  8. Unfortunately, Oda use gun and sword, he not use the dark magic... So, we notice a new "triangle weapons", with new weapons: gun, scythe, Knife or shuriken for ninja We can discuss on this of course... :) ! Or we can arrange that differently: create these weapon and not make "triangle weapons". For hideyoshi, he can fight with his fist... We can make a weapon like a "glove"... or left "Hideyoshi Fist" like the claws of zombie in FE8
  9. Okok EXCELLENT ! I had forgotten the "King" in FE6 :D !!!! Euhm keiji... OK ! Yoshihiro, perfect... and Hojo, halberdier ! Ok, halberdier it's a good change and I think many character can have this classe: - matsu - toshi And for Oda, a new classe: Darkness lord
  10. Ok, for me, the classes of the character of SB: We can discuss of course, I'm open to everything! :D !!!!
  11. Ok, very good question. at the moment I work on character classes. I do not think I'll use nightmare, so it's your choice, but if I want to change something I only use nightmare for FE8 because on FE7 my software freeze :-( ! Little problem: - missing two image: that of Nobunaga and Azai Nagamasa than. If you want to see their head look on google. Sorry there was a problem loading the forum. - The granson of Shimazu Yoshihiro has no name ! We can talk about that in the future...
  12. With image: part2: part3: part4: ModEdit: You didn't need to make four posts for this.
  13. Yes, we must see SB en english DUB, but it is not I who will manage the dialogue. But, SB 2 and SB last party exist in English dub ? For start simply, we can list all the personnage interesting: For more image: http://sengoku-basara.forum-actif.net/t10-liste-des-personnages
  14. what's cool is that the dialogue is already in the anime (mostly). So the problem of translate is solve because Sengoku basara exist in English version ! However, before work on this rom, all hacker must have saw the anime and the movie.
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