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  1. hmm... this'll be my first forum mafia game so i don't know if this is a good one to start with... but /in i guess. /out
  2. First blood! Hey everyone's gotta start somewhere. Nha ha ha ha!
  3. Happy Birthday, sorry for being a little late!!!

  4. I'm curious to see how the Nabbit gimmick will work. Will he just appear on screen randomly and nab someone? Or will he be a boss type creature on a stage like the Yellow Devil?
  5. I wasn't a big old school gamer, so based on my current experiences with him- all the sonic wii games and such- definitely NOT a fan. I've heard good things about his old school appearances
  6. Why not let the guy do what he wants in his hack
  7. I don't think all characters will be getting amiibo figures. I can't imagine the third party characters will get them (sonic, pac man, mega man), from my perspective that would be strange since they are specifically for smash, and nintendo mentioned that the amiibos would be used in multiple games. I guess it is possible that only certain amiibos would be usable for certain games...
  8. Ok, that works. Thanks!
  9. Can I just move up to the next round? At this rate i don't think that the match is ever going to happen
  10. what am I going to do? In the loser's bracket I'm kind of stuck. The people who I'm waiting for have not battled.
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