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  1. You don't realize that the previous set-unit map (the beach one) doesn't disable Phoenix feature so all the units can auto-resurrect in next turn in Phoenix mode when they die.But this map disables that. The units NEVER REVIVE in Phoenix when they have been KOed.
  2. What the heck that this DLC disables resurrection even you're playing Phoenix mode.
  3. 1 turn is available I think. But of course capped Galeforces are required.
  4. FE:A Challenging Apotheosis without handicap - 5/10 - Need pairing optimization & skillset building <-- Which is what we mainly discussed in this thread Apotheosis with handicap - 7/10 (Disable LB or Rally) 9/10 (Disable both) - Need pairing optimization & skillset building but more specific than normal. Lunatic No-grind with Water Trick - 5/10 - Doesn't need pairing optimization. Lunatic No-grind without Water Trick - 7/10 - N/A Lunatic+ No-grind with Water Trick - 9/10 - MU x Chrom decreases the difficulty so much but other pairings don't. Lunatic+ No-grind without Water Trick - Impossible? - N/A Ref. FE Fates Hard Classic - 6/10
  5. EXP DLC Someone said the enemy strength was relied on scenario progress, which meant all the enemies were week in early-game, but strong in endgame. Paradise Scramble DLC Personally I'll rate it more difficult than Optimized Apotheosis. Even you can handle it, it still costs over 20 turns on each play. Awakening DLC It revealed everything related to Awakening. If somebody wants to grind EXP, I recommend this one more than the EXP DLC.
  6. I don't know whether the following things have been discussed or not. 1. Can't delete visited castle cards 2. Looped try-again-tomorrow on accessing visited castle with another 3DS The game officially doesn't give any method to solve these two problems. I have to use a Savedata Exporter to export the save files and check them manually. Unfortunately, visited castle cards are stored inside the "Global" file, which is encrypted. If we can't decrypt it, we'll never be able to delete them manually. The "Global" file also stores all the Support Conversations. If I deleted it, I would lose everything grinded. Fortunately, it's stored inside either the "Exchange" file or the "Rating" file. I deleted them both and then the problem was gone.
  7. Auto-battle can only finish The Golden Gaffe in 2-turn. 1-turn requires manual.
  8. Digital save -> Physical save, is available, but it requires doing the following steps: 1) System Transfer your console to a hacked console 2) Install SaveDataFiler (which only works on hacked console) to export the Digital Save and import it into the Physical Cart 3) System Transfer back to original console or 3rd console 7 days later
  9. If you don't know what is FBI, CIA, rxTools, Pasta, Gateway ..... etc., please don't see the following spoilers.
  10. Well, we don't have any emulator which can perform TAS.Generally speaking, ending up the turn to KO enemy in enemy phase is faster than controlling Double-Gales to KO enemies on player phase.
  11. Just to show that it exists.Sage x Sniper hasn't got enough total power to deal with NS/Zerker/etc. But 3 VV100%DS tanks can reduce the time on Wave 1 for time attack. For 100%DS Chrom!Cynthia, you can save Lucina pair for tanking, just to use Cynthia for Longbow shooting.
  12. Lucina: Her Dual Strike+ generates a VVDS+ tank strategy - 6-hit KO everything before enemy's counter-attack without any failure by her husband's Vantage + Vengeance & her 100% Dual Strike from Dual Strike+. This is Lucina & Chrom exclusive. Besides, Lucina has the most frontside power when equipping Aether + Luna, on both magic classes and Sniper. She needs a mother who has Galeforce. Owain: Usually to be a magical attacker. Needs a father who has Luna / Vengeance. Inigo: An attacker. His physical or magical type depends on father. Needs Luna / Vengeance too. Brady: A magical attacker. He doesn't need any skill from father but if giving a hi-Spd mod + Deliverer, his Dark Knight will be more practical than Sage. Kjelle: Usually to be a physical attacker. She requires either Donnel or Gaius for Galeforce. Gaius gives hi-Spd mod. Donnel gives more classes. Cynthia: Usually to be a magical attacker. If her father is Chrom, she can also be a Sniper. (If pairing with a Skl+7 Assassin (= 5 mod + Skl+2 skill), she can reach 100% Dual Strike without Dual Strike+ & Spd.75 & having Aether power) Severa: An attacker. Her final class depends on her father. Luna father is not an necessary because she has native Vengeance. Gerome: A dual striker. He has native Sage but tends to be a physical supporter. Recommending throwing a Berserker or Sniper father to him to maximize his firepower but to be aware his poor accuracy. Yarne: A physical dual striker. He doesn't need any skill but if giving him a Sniper + hi-Skl mod, he can be used for practical 100% DS usages without Dual Strike+. Laurent: He tends to be a tank (Vantage + Vengeance) rather than a magical dual striker. But Vantage + Vengeance tank requires Dual Strike+ to ensure zero failure from bad luck. Noire: An attacker. She requires either Gaius or Donnel for Galeforce. Donnel gives Armsthrift but slightly bad mod. Gaius gives no Armsthrift but good classes and mods. Only MaMU gives Tomefaire and up to +8 Mag but Tharja isn't the top tier for MaMU. Nah: A dual striker. She has native Sage but Vaike, Frederick, Kellam, Stahl gives her physical supporter access. Only MaMU gives her attacker access (Galeforce + proc) but Nowi is also not a top tier for MaMU.
  13. The following idea increases more VV100%DS tanks: MaMU (+Skl) x Sully / Sumia / Cordelia = 2 Skl+7 daughters @ Sage LB, Vantage, Vengeance, All+2, Skl+2 Skl = 43+7+10(LB)+10(Rallies)+2(Tonic)+2(All+2)+2(Skl+2)=76 Boys to pair-up (LB, Weaponfaire, All+2, Skl+2, anything) Assassin: 48+x+26+6(Pair-up bonus)=80+x, x=4 Sniper: 48+y+26+7=81+y, y=3 Hero: 46+z+26+7=79+z, z=5 (If no Skl+2, then x=x+2, z=z+2) But there is a problem to choose the boys suitable for this idea. Gerome can't achieve Skl+3 Sniper without Barracks. Virion/Stahl!Laurent is OK but Laurent is already set for Lucina. If Chrom!Cynthia exists then Virion!Yarne is also used.
  14. Has Chrom!Cynthia @ Sniper x hi-Skl Assassin being discussed? This gives 100% DS x Spd 75+ x Aether's firepower.
  15. All+2 = much more chance to double hit + 2 damage reducing It's super valuable in early game. People choose +Def on L+ water trick is just to make MU as tough as Frederick. But if All+2 unlocked, we wouldn't have to stick to +Def since Def asset is less valuable for any purpose except no-grind.
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