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  1. I don't see much point in giving Ena Paragon in the first place unless her bases are severely buffed. She gets ORKO'd by almost every enemy in 4-E even when transformed, so even getting her the EXP to make use of Paragon is a chore. She has a role in being a free Blood Tide, and she's more than good enough for that. Not saying she couldn't do with something to make her handy outside of a Blood Tide bot, but I don't think Paragon's the answer. Having Slayer on Kieran's an interesting choice, but I can respect it. Gives him a niche which Titania can't cover and makes him useful by default for 4-5 (iirc), assuming you keep the default deployment. Making Paragon and Wrath impossible to unassign feels like a move in the right direction, though it'll probably just turn into a game of picking the best units with those skills and transferring the desirable skills which can be unassigned to them instead. That kind of thing will happen in optimal play so long as skills can be removed and traded around on the whole.
  2. I'm using HXD now, the fix doesn't mention the offset, though it's listing the address in Hexadecimal: Like before, the addresses don't go as high as 05E63C, they stop at 4001F0. ... Oh dear god I'm retarded. Okay, this should be resolved, turns out I can't even count properly. Yeah, it's fixed now.
  3. Cygnus. I tried to look around for one specifically built for SNES roms, but basically all of them were windows XP / DOS era and incompatible with my OS. The last Hex address it goes to is 00400200.
  4. I've been trying to do an edited playthrough of FE4 for fun, and everything's gone well so far except for the fact I've changed both Sigurd and Seliph into alternative classes (Sage and Mage), and as a result they can't sieze castles unless I do something. None of the Nightmare modules I use allow me to mess with it, and though I've seen the solution through Hex editing in Lamia's FE4 hacking thread, the Hex editor I'm using doesn't go far enough to reach that address, so I feel like I'm missing something. If somebody could direct me to the necessary tool or even just a patch to make it tied to their character ID instead of class then I'd appreciate it.
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