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  1. Thanks for all the input. So everyone seems to agree that I should go throigh the other choices first. Since I keep seeing it mentioned that I should play through all three choices seperately I do have a question: Do I get to continue with the already trained characters (with developed relationships etc.), or do I have to restart as if I hadn't played the game yet (so retrain and rebuild relationships with all of my characters etc.)?
  2. Thx a lot for your input, really appreciate it. I just ordered the special edition as soon as I saw that I could, and wasn't aware that there were two different games released earlier in Japan and later a third which now represent the three different choices in the version of the game I own (did I understand you correctly?). I did feel strongly about my decision, but the suggestion that the game gave me confused me, and I don't want to ruin the game for myself by making a wrong choice. That being said I would like to refuse picking a side and watch the story unfold without alligning with either side as long as the game doesn't assume that I've already played the other choices, and makes conversations/ story/ backgrounds confusing.
  3. Very strange... Why even allow the choice if it's really not supposed to be played until after you've finished another route. This is very confusing to me.
  4. Interesting, but wouldn't the reverse be true also? (If I choose another route it would spoil this one and the other one too)
  5. I picked up my limited edition fire emblem fates yesterday (release day), and in chapter 6 I was asked to make a choice. The choice I want to make is to 'refuse to pick a side'. The game then suggest that I first play through the other two options first. Now I still went with the choice to refuse to pick a side, and I was wondering why the game was suggesting me to first finish the game while playing through the other 2 options before picking this option? Does this option make it harder because now I'm facing both armies on my own instead of joining one side, and only fighting one? (just finished the chapter where I had to beat both commanders within 5 turns) Thought this was a bit weird, and it made me curious enough to ask about that here. So should I continue playing with the choice I want to make or follow the games suggestion?
  6. Your new patch didn't work, and I couldn't pick Thief(F) in the custom promotion editor #8. But I could change pirate in #7 to Thief(F) so I did that, and that should work. Just out of curiosity what is a 'mountain thief'? (Can't remember ever hearing about that class) Thank you for all your effort! I'll let you know once I've recruited Cath, and am able to promote her, if it worked. :)
  7. Hey Phobia, Yes I really would like it if you could do the same for cath/ female thieves too. (I don't have her yet but I do want to use her once I get her) Thank you, and I really appreciate it that you take the time and effort to help me! :D P.S. I spent all afternoon figuring out how to use other promotion items as Hero's crest, and I've actually solved that problem using nightmare. (first time) I have to admit it felt really cool having altered the game myself, but at this moment I still would be clueless on how to make it possible for female thieves to promote.
  8. I do have a slight new problem though. Will I be able to get enough Hero's crests to promote all the units I want to? (Chad/ Ashtohl/ Cath/ Rutger/ Fir/ Dieck... + perhaps others) This means that at the very least I need 5 more Hero's crests! (Chad already used one)
  9. Phobia!!! Thank you!!! This is amazing wow I can't believe that you did this for me. :D It worked!!! (I must learn how to do this myself... this is incredible...)
  10. So I am playing FE6 for the first time and Chad is lvl. 20 in chapter 9... He's my most used character, and I really want to continue training him. Now I know that there is no promotion for thieves in this game..., but I was wondering if there might be a patch or something that would allow me to promote chad or to bring him back to a lvl. 1 thief (+ max stats changed to that of an assassin) This is my first FE that I am playing on a pc, and Assassins are my favorite class. Please help me!
  11. Duck I just started playing FE6 a couple of days ago, and I couldn't agree more. (I actually came up with this idea on my own without knowing anything about FE4, and am very happy to see that others are thinking about the same thing) Here's an idea: After beating the FE7 portion of the game you unlock epilogues that you have to beat to move on to the FE6 portion of the game. Example epilogue: Jaffar has to leave Nino and his children behind to protect them. In this chapter Jaffar has to escape from the map. (If he escapes he will be recruitable by a family member in FE6's portion of the game) I also like the idea of using a MU. I really love this idea, and hope to see it available for the 3DS soon! :D
  12. This will be my last update for this thread: Henry and Lissa got married, and My MU aka OnYx hooked up with... Severa
  13. Thanks for the help eggs4king. Things are moving along smoothly now. :) I've wed Donnel and Cherche. (Sorry Tuvarkz, but I love they're support conversations) (*You should really check them out, perhaps that might change your mind...) I've also gotten to know Noire and I actually really like her so she's added as a possible candidate. That leaves: Severa, Tiki, Lissa + Noire... (Let me know how Noire (Tharja + Gaius) would work with my MU stats wise. So I can take that into consideration)
  14. So then that would mean that you would have to max out all the parents before picking up the child for the best results...
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