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  1. I might be wrong, but it looks to me like you're viewing Eirika's growth rates, not her stats.
  2. I don't know if this is something you already addressed, but on CH 18 (The Dread Isle) the game freezes and crashes the moment Fiora spawns.
  3. Thanks to your instructions from last year, I was able to switch to the alternate F-Tact info correctly. Don't know if someone has already asked this, but do you have HxD data for the promoted fem tact (I mean, the data for the alternate portrait example you provide on page 1). Looking forward to playing the completed version of this!
  4. I'm playing FE5 Blume for the first time. Does anyone know how many special events in game were changed? I'm currently on Ch 15 waiting for Shanam (for the astra convo), but he hasn't appeared yet and it's a few turns after he was supposed to a appear.
  5. In regards to Raven's tale, I heard that there was a plan to implement a secret (obviously non-canon) ending if you managed to kill Arcard, but I never heard if this was confirmed or not.
  6. Hate to keep asking questions, but are there any side chapters in the current demo?
  7. Who recruits Seliah? I can't seem to find anyone capable of recruiting her.
  8. So does the current patch go up to ch. 2, or did I read that wrong? Regardless, i'm gonna have to give this a try later.
  9. It is FE7. Haven't had time to try it out, but it looks good.
  10. What is the base game for this? I tried patching FE7 (USA), FE8 (USA), and FE7 (Europe), but the ups didn't match any of the roms.
  11. Currently on Ch 15, and loving it. Quick question, do you have pallets for the alternate mugs of the tact in their promoted class?
  12. Hate to keep sounding like a scrub, but does anyone have a skill list for the patch? There's a lot of new skills, weapons, and items that I am unfamiliar with. Are they skills that I could identify by looking up info about the actual Berwick Saga game?
  13. Does anyone have the exact name of the Berwick Saga FE4 patch? My Japanese isn't very good, so I can't understand most of the titles on the uploader. EDIT: I want to clarify that I'm not asking for the ROM, just the name of the patch (I don't want to get banned.) Thanks for the info about headered Roms, by the way. I have the correct FE4 and FE5 roms now.
  14. How do you know if a Rom is headered or not?
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