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  1. Why do people... betray each other?
  2. About classes : I think that if there is a MC you can customize, he will be from the class you choose, and Marth would be the only LordGreat Lord (other lords would be of the class they were in FE13), and the SMT1 MC would be from some ´´Summoner that promotes to Hunter`` kind of class.
  3. Based on my behavior, i am weak (like a thief, a priest and a mage), i try everything to not be in trouble (like a mage, a archer and a thief) and i always try to use the most coward way to solve problems ( A LOT LIKE A THIEF!), so, i would be that LVL.4 thief that appear as an Green unit on CHP.6 that always hide in the bush for an avoid buff, you would have to talk to me with either the lord or the unit which personality is ´´hey, what are you doing there?``, i would come with a iron sword and an elixir and my growth would be focused on speed and resistance, but my defense and attack would be poor.
  4. Dick =/= Dickhead, YHVH is A HEAD AND NOT A PENIS! EDIT : I'm sorry, i just... i'm sorry.
  5. No, YHVH is just a giant floating head that turns out to be GOD, created the universe and everything, and destroy humanity for not worshipping him enough for breakfast.
  6. Having not read the topic except the 1st page, i got to say that Gameplay wise : while miriel ( because of luck) was able to get positive stats in level ups, with Laurent i was lucky if he got four. Personality wise : Never thought about it.
  7. Cherche but only because she was the only unit that could give Morgan a sibling that was still avaible.
  8. Which one i FE7? Sacred Stones? Oh, and, Village King, if you liked SMT go to this fan board the fans made now that the Atlus USA one was shut down: http://dds-net.proboards.com/
  9. I am a Megaten (Mega-mi Ten-sei) fan that is here thanks to the crossover between FE and SMT, the crossover mad me play Awakening, i liked that game because of the good reasons to start new playtrough, now which one would you recommend me to play?
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