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  1. Chapter 4 it's right out of the furnace: Le Locle Forced Battle Doppel Anelance Saint Crox Forest Forced Rescue Doppel Scherazard Doppel Agate Astarte
  2. Chapter 3 is done, and ohh boy the game is not joking around with the hate against me: Golden & Silver Road Forced Battles Doppel Ries Doppel Kevin:
  3. Hey there everyone!!! A long time ago I said I would eventually cover all the games of The Legend of Heroes VI and dammit I'm not quitting on this one so here we go: I'm done all the way up to chapter 2 and I'm upload Ch3's bosses and stuff, get ready because this one I'm pretty sure will break my knees at some point.
  4. Hey, a game I'm quite familiar with. You're still taking names? I call dibs on the leper, since Gawain was my best damage dealer back when I didn't know deep the rabbit hole goes. BTW, you're doing this on Darkest difficulty I assume?
  5. To put it quite bluntly: SUPER THRACIA LOVING HATES YOU AND EVERYTHING YOU STAND FOR. If you made past CH7 I'm amazed you haven't get it yet XD
  6. I wanna be on it (especially since I got a whole LP which I left just before the final chapter, but I don't have the strength to suffer through the whole deal since I lost my save).
  7. *A patch with a menu translation from the hellish game I decided to LP long ago* OHH SH*T, HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!!
  8. OK EVERYONE, VERSION 2.0 IS OUT Do take note however, that this is just Part I of the whole package since in order to fully ensure the whole game doesn't become a slugfest I need to balance CH4 and CH5 apart in order to upgrade exp gains and enemy bases
  9. My fault there: I didn't exactly put it quite clearly in the initial post (will do now) Speaking of this: I'm didnt put it on "complete" because I tried to learn how to edit portraits in order to improve them but other than that, it's playable. Although, If you're willing to wait I'm actually playing once again and tweaking everything to balance stuff around (for example, since everyone just default to easy mode, I decided to just bump the exp gains to a middle ground and also completely change the bases of all classes so things like Luka destroying CH1 with an early promotion while being arguably better than Force since that 16 base strength as armor is just ludicrous )
  10. Oh, sorry for the long wait, of course you can play it. In fact, any feedback would be received to enhance it Go for it
  11. Chapter 2, Part 4 - Agustria And we're finally done with Chapter 2. Next time, we're gonna do an actually fun chapter for a change
  12. Can someone please delete these empty posts? don't know why but I cannot edit stuff with links at all (-_-)lll
  13. OK guys, you may be wondering by now what the hell is going on here and the quick answer is: I had to redo the whole chapter 1 since I didn't test that much past chapter 1 and let's just say the whole gang is a tiny bit TOO OP (By the time I hit Shagaal on CH2 Sigurd hit his caps on most of his stats and all foes were lvl 7-8 at most) The changes are these: - Those without holy blood or minor blood in the vanilla game received 320% total growths including their blood bonuses, while the four mayor ones (Sigurd,Quan,Briggid,Claude) got 350% Units from the prologue: - Since my seed is based on enemy growths to enhance the difficulty, I decided to tamper the enemy levels per chapter so everyone is at minimum: - CH1 ----> lvl 5 - CH2 ----> lvl 10 - CH3 ----> lvl 15 - CH4 ----> lvl 20 - CH5 ----> lvl 25 - CH6 ----> lvl 5 - CH7 ----> lvl 10 - CH8 ----> lvl 15 - CH9 ----> lvl 20 - CH10 ----> lvl 25 - Finale ----> lvl 30 With that out of the way....Ch1 will be posted in it's entirety tonight
  14. Prologue, Part 2 - Evans See you next time with some more shenanigans
  15. Hello Again everyone, since now my last LP/Challenge Run is over, I decided to take a break between games in order to not get frustrated and leave everything on the floor (Especially since the 3rd can be rage inducing if not careful). So instead I decided to do an side-series, which is.... Yeah, I'm going to start playing these babies randomized to see if things get too hectic (spoiler: they got really stupid as soon as the prologue). Since I'm using one of the best utility programs out there (Yune is a fantastic thing), here are the settings I choose: Growths & Bases: Going here full random since I want units really different from the original cast (especially when it comes to parenting). Assign Holy Blood: I like this mechanics, so I went full yolo and gave everyone holy blood to see if wild things happen later down the line while also messing up the bonuses for more options later down the line Skills: This is really important because I want actual options when it comes to choose pairings, so everyone has the same chances to get really wacky stuff (outside of pursuit with a really nice 50% chance per skill roll). I turn off Charge, Renewal, Paragon and Bargain because those are either too useful, powerful or an actual nuisance to deal with (I'm looking at you charge). Classes: Everyone's outside of dancers is in the blender so of course there's a good chance I need to deal with Julius without Narga. Children Options: Since the 2nd Generation will have it easy with all the inheritance I decided to have them randomized too in order to reduce my advantage (this option just only check if the kid have a weapon that share his parent, so people with a parent in the master knight class can be whatever). Holy Blood: I went shuffle because getting the same holy weapons is a bummer (Also, the legendary weapons have random bonuses so that's a thing to watch out too). Shops/Conversation Gifts: I went ahead and tailor that depending of the party since I want to actually beat this game. Enemies Table: Everything is randomized, so I can be ambushed by the whole church or assault a kingdom of princesses at the drop of a hat, so be prepared for some weird stuff. Promotions: Everyone can be anything, so expect shit like Noish tossing his horse in order to ride a dragon or Fury chopping her ride's wing since she has nausea. Buff Enemies: 50% growths for every enemies and a 25% chance for each enemy to spawn something outright painful....I'm feeling good about this one (Famous Last Words - 2019). Forced Holy Weapon: I hope I don't get something as dumb as Thorhammer frying my team as soon as CH2 pops in. I went against randomized the rings just because I don't want something as dumb as having two bargain/pursuit rings to abuse. With these out of the way, let's start our journey into the alternate Jugdral: Prologue, Part 1 - Jungby
  16. I would suggest you first play the vanilla game: This mod assumes you know the recruitment, how unlock all the gaiden chapters and alternative chapters (yes, this one has the same mechanic as Ilia/Sacae routes on FE6) and finally knowing the game at heart would reduce your rage once the mid-late game comes in (believe me, you really wanna play the vanilla game unless you like self imposed challenges while going in blind).
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