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  1. Over the last couple of days I've been learning how to romhack in Awakening in order to contribute some edits of my own to this rebalance, including the custom Villager promotion I suggested previously. After much trial and error, I managed to make it happen! https://imgur.com/a/SI5pyl2 The Halberdier class is roughly similar to the Hero class in terms of growths and max stats, and it learns the skills Veteran and Limit Break. It doesn't overwrite any DLC classes, though the separate enemy-only Soldier class ended up changing its name and class description to match the Halberdier's. This is strictly cosmetic, however, and doesn't affect the strength of enemy Soldiers, nor the EXP you gain from defeating them. One thing which I had attempted to change but couldn't succeed in doing so was changing Olivia's recruitment so she joins at the end of Chapter 10 rather than the start of Chapter 11. Attempting the same techniques with Olivia that work for other end-of-chapter joining characters didn't quite pan out, so I shelved that idea for now. I've also made a number of other edits to class skills, legendary/eponymous weapons, bugfixes on a handful of weapons, as well as further balancing out the different tome categories. Here's a full changelog going into detail on all the things that have been changed: Feel free to incorporate my edits into this project if you'd like! If there's anything else you want me to contribute, let me know and I'd be glad to help to the best of my ability. Rebalanced FE13 v4.0.1 (StairFacts Edit).zip
  2. I'm assuming you're emulating on Citra here, but from what I gather the process is relatively the same on Luma. You'll need a few things to get started, first you'll need your rom of Fates. (obviously) You also need to decrypt your rom as well if it hasn't already been decrypted, which you can do by using the Batch CIA 3DS Decryptor found here: https://gbatemp.net/threads/batch-cia-3ds-decryptor-a-simple-batch-file-to-decrypt-cia-3ds.512385/ The instructions to using it are listed in the post, and once your game has been decrypted, you can extract the files from the rom and begin modding using the DotNet3DSToolkit found here: https://github.com/evandixon/DotNet3dsToolkit/releases (scroll down to the bottom of this github for the actual download, you don't need the source code files) To use DotNet3DSToolkit, extract the files into a folder of your choice and open ToolkitForm.exe. Then, select your Fates rom to extract, and make a new folder containing your rom dump. Click Extract, and it should dump your files correctly. If an error appears, you likely didn't decrypt your rom. From here, I'd recommend making a copy of this folder just in case you mess up in the modding process. From there, go into your newly dumped folder, click on the "RomFS" folder, and move the files from the Meyneth Project folder into this folder. When you're done, open DotNet3DSToolkit back up, and click on the Build tab. Select your dump folder as the Source Directory, and then save a new output rom, which will become your modded game. (Name it whatever you like and click Save.) Hit the Build button, wait for it to finish, and congrats! You've now installed a mod for Fates! There's a lot more mods out there for Fates on sites such as Gamebanana, and most of them follow similar modding instructions. When installing a new mod, be sure to rebuild your game files into a rom with DotNet3DSToolkit. Be wary of any conflicting files breaking other mods, particularly the GameData files as they are commonly shared between large projects and could break certain features of these mods. One mod I would recommend off the bat that doesn't break your game is the Fates Ghosting Shader Fix by Moonling (https://gamebanana.com/mods/51424), which removes the weird shader effect that makes the game look awful when upscaled to higher resolutions. It's really just a cheat code you can plug into the Cheats section of Citra with no issues and no need to rebuild your rom.
  3. I've been playing this rebalance lately and I like it so far, though I have been running into some issues here and there on Lunatic difficulty. For one, Chapter 5 in the prologue of the game is impossible because of the changes made to Kaze's base stats. He lost upwards of 5 points of resistance and enough speed to the point where he can no longer double the enemy mages in that chapter while paired with Rinkah. I even got some good RNG on leveling him up where I could, but it still wasn't enough to make it past the onslaught of mages near the boss without getting Corrin or someone else killed. This is strictly a problem of base stats being reduced, as even 0% Growth runs on Lunatic don't encounter this issue. I'd recommend taking another look at the base stats on characters and making sure there are no issues that can prevent progression, or that make a character unhelpful in the chapter they join in. Looking forward to future updates!
  4. I've been using Donnel a lot and I have to say, while it is nice that he has options as far as lance-wielding classes go, I REALLY miss having Mercenary on him, if only for the Armsthrift skill. Donnel's Luck stat made that skill a must-have for Donnel and any of his kids so they can take advantage of Donnel's high Luck cap, which is his most defining feature. Seeing as you've experimented with adding classes before, perhaps it could be possible for Donnel's Villager class to promote into Soldier as an alternate lance class option? (or a custom Halberdier class, if that messes with the enemy Soldier class) You could even tie in some further growth-related skills here, such as Veteran for the level 5 skill and Limit Breaker for level 15. If you do go such a route, I'd like Donnel's class tree to be something like this: Villager > Soldier (Halberdier) > Hero Mercenary > Bow Knight > Paladin Cavalier > Great Knight
  5. I've been playing a little ways into the game (Chapter 9 atm) and have noticed wind tomes being really strong on enemies, yeah. One wind mage in the very first chapter actually doubles everyone thanks to the speed boost. (Unless you pick a Speed boon Robin I assume) Weirdly enough though, they seem really underwhelming when used by the player for the most part. Maybe you can just lower the Speed stat of those enemies so they don't cause problems? I feel like it also might be worth looking at rebalancing the types of magic to make them more distinct, cuz I don't really see a reason not to use Thunder magic for everything given it has crit and high might. Giving Wind and Fire magic an extra point in might could help to make them more useful as well and fill specific niches. (Wind has accuracy and speed, Fire has damage, and Thunder has crit) I've also tried dipping my toes into the early low level DLC chapters and have noticed that the enemies are really stat inflated, so idk for sure if they've been balanced to adjust for the reduced stat bloat overall. Another thing I noticed is one of the Renown rewards displaying as (Unarmed), so that might need to be fixed as well. One other thing I'd really love to see if you have the time is some kind of change log or spreadsheet showing the changes to characters growths, class sets, cap modifiers, and bases just so it's easier to know exactly how they've been changed. Looking forward to future updates!
  6. This hack looks really interesting so far! I think this has a lot of potential, I'm going to try to do a run of it myself and give more detailed feedback! One quick thing I'm interested in being changed which I feel could improve one particular story contrivance is that I would like to see if you can make Olivia join your army at the end of Chapter 10, rather than at the start of Chapter 11. I mainly say this because it means Chrom and Olivia would be able to build an actual support and reach an S Support together naturally through the game if you played some paralogues or grinded before the start of Chapter 11. From what I remember, Chrom and Olivia both already have their supports fully scripted and programmed into the game. (As seen in vanilla FE13 if you marry them in Chapter 11 and then use the Support Library after beating the game.) Chrom x Olivia is a giant meme at this point but making it more feasible to ship them without players being forced to gimp Chrom's other supports or marrying off all his other candidates would be a godsend to anyone going for that pairing. Plus it'd allow their relationship to naturally develop given proper attention. On a somewhat related note, I'm not sure about the Dance Fighter class, especially if it messes with Dread Fighter. I think Dancer is fine as-is in vanilla, though if you wanted to insert Galeforce into Olivia's skillset you could make Dancer's Special Dance its level 1 skill, and make Galeforce the level 15 skill. Looking forward to more updates!
  7. Please excuse the necroposting, but I've been enjoying this hack so far until I've run into some issues with the supports. It doesn't seem like they're programmed correctly in some cases, specifically I've had this happen with Ellen's supports, where they'll be bugged or show different characters entirely. For instance: I go to support Ellen with Lugh and then I get this: I've had this happen before with Chad's support with her, and all of the other support options have worked just fine so far, but this makes me worry if a portion of the characters just do not have any supports, which worries me considering the biggest godsend about this hack is the drastically increased support growth rates compared to other GBA titles.
  8. They briefly showed the My Castle for the Nohr path, and I can only assume that there will be one for the third path as well.
  9. I will rub ALL of the faces. If I can't touch Rinka's glorious abs I will cry.
  10. My allegiance belongs to Nohr... But Rinka's abs tho
  11. It would be great to see characters from other games get added in...
  12. The only thing that I'll spoil for myself is avatar customization and game mechanics... Although I might accidentally spoil myself on characters and classes while I look for other info on the game.
  13. That has not been confirmed yet, and it is highly unlikely. Tsubaki is male.
  14. This looks fantastic! I really like the way you colored the hair-tentacles. I can't wait for Splatoon to come out...
  15. I really hope that the NPC bosses are not your generic "evil, because reasons" commanders. I'm wanting to see more Mustafas/Camuses on both sides, although in all honesty we will likely not see them evenly distributed. (Going back to the "glory-seeking" Nohr versus the "peace-loving" Hoshido argument.) I would also love it if the playable characters from the opposing side played a role that acts similarly to how members of the Dawn Brigade fought against you in the midgame of Radiant Dawn.
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