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  1. Please excuse the necroposting, but I've been enjoying this hack so far until I've run into some issues with the supports. It doesn't seem like they're programmed correctly in some cases, specifically I've had this happen with Ellen's supports, where they'll be bugged or show different characters entirely. For instance: I go to support Ellen with Lugh and then I get this: I've had this happen before with Chad's support with her, and all of the other support options have worked just fine so far, but this makes me worry if a portion of the characters just do not have any supports, which worries me considering the biggest godsend about this hack is the drastically increased support growth rates compared to other GBA titles.
  2. They briefly showed the My Castle for the Nohr path, and I can only assume that there will be one for the third path as well.
  3. I will rub ALL of the faces. If I can't touch Rinka's glorious abs I will cry.
  4. My allegiance belongs to Nohr... But Rinka's abs tho
  5. It would be great to see characters from other games get added in...
  6. The only thing that I'll spoil for myself is avatar customization and game mechanics... Although I might accidentally spoil myself on characters and classes while I look for other info on the game.
  7. That has not been confirmed yet, and it is highly unlikely. Tsubaki is male.
  8. This looks fantastic! I really like the way you colored the hair-tentacles. I can't wait for Splatoon to come out...
  9. I really hope that the NPC bosses are not your generic "evil, because reasons" commanders. I'm wanting to see more Mustafas/Camuses on both sides, although in all honesty we will likely not see them evenly distributed. (Going back to the "glory-seeking" Nohr versus the "peace-loving" Hoshido argument.) I would also love it if the playable characters from the opposing side played a role that acts similarly to how members of the Dawn Brigade fought against you in the midgame of Radiant Dawn.
  10. I was wondering this too. If your units can only die once before permadeath, then Phoenix mode will actually be more of a compromise between Classic and Casual instead of a super babby mode.
  11. I really, REALLY hope that infinite weapon durability is a toggleable option rather than a feature of all modes. On another note, this article confirms that the blonde loli's name is Elise.
  12. A song from Radiant Dawn would be nice. Although, I would also be fine with an original song for this game's arena as well.
  13. I'm glad that I wasn't the only one thinking this. FF2 rocks.
  14. I'm preeetty sure that regardless of sibling bonds, it'd still be incest to marry your Hoshidan siblings.Marrying your Nohr siblings, on the other hand, would not technically be incest... But it would still be weird.
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