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  1. Nvrmind found my answer... < ___>
  2. Does anyone know the offsets and values of Asset/Boon and Flaw/Bane for hex Editting your MU in FEFTwiddler.?
  3. It looks like I'm seeing alot of Asama!Shinonome votes so far.! :D
  4. Would only the JP voice, and some of the name restoration undub for ENG Special Edition would still work online, or is that still a risk to use.?
  5. Question: Which hair color do you like on Shinonome/Shiro.? Asama's hair color: Fuuga's hair color: EDIT: Poll added
  6. Both Kanna's are White Blood/Hoshido Noble, but what skill set should I go for when going as White Blood/Hoshido Noble when it either offense or support My Avatar is +Skill, and -Def Any Mother/Father is fine for either Kanna.!
  7. What kind of better options does Kagerou!Shinonome have as Holy Lancer + Swallow Strike|Darting Blow Skill.?
  8. Excoos me, but will Kagerou!Shinonome will be good with using the Skill called Swallow Strike|Darting Blow go cover up his Speed and Doubling.?
  9. Hey, I really liked this. Looks like I'll be doing the same thing for my F!MU starting class Priestess, and then let her Buddy Seal Felicia for Troubadour, and Setsuna for Archer, and her Final Class War Priestess.! xD
  10. So Like I can Buddy Seal Shinonome, and Cyrus|Silas by having two of their Buddy classes.?Still new to their Buddy class system for the Avatar.?
  11. So you can reclass to the primary class by A rank in any kind of class, or just one.?
  12. So I finally got the game already, and What kind of reclassing Paths should I go for with these classes if I'm in Valhalla(Valla) path for my M!Avatar.? Primary: Pegasus Warrior, Falcon Warrior, and Kinshi Warrior Secondary: Lance Fighter, Holy Lancer, and Basara Teritary: Cavalier, Paladin, and Great Knight Final Reclassing: Falcon Warrior .?
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