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  1. They ran out of budget to voice Byleth. Wow. At this point I prefer they keep it silence like the GBA era
  2. If only there's a way to remove the lock from the pre-loaded. HYPED up about the game!
  3. Eliwood and Lyn Ninian (Used to be Lyn but as you age... it didnt make sense) Hector and Lyn Hawkeye and Sonia (Oh it's true ... it's damn true!)
  4. Tried to find a loop hole to attack. But couldnt find any. Reinhardt is fucked because Green Mage. And if you bring Olivia. You open yourself to Xander + Blue Lance. You cant even bait Xander with Subaki because Green mage. Pretty sure there's a way around it. Havent thought of any. The closest guess I have is ... 1)Put a strong Red Sword user to block Xander & use Cherche to Pivot to go in front of Blue Lance Fighter. 2)Felicia might be able to hit the Red unit & Tank the Green Mage given her res. (I dont know bout the Red Sword guy. but Felicia do have high speed). someone need to buff her speed.Edit: Ruby Sword PALLA is all you need. Me-think. Then comes the WING OF MERCY healer. Pretty annoying. There's no green dancer )=
  5. FE6: Idoun/JahnGHB?, FE7: Nergal/Sonia/LimstellaGHB? FE8: LyonGHB? (Don't think Joshua is unique enough to stand in the 5* Sorry) FE9: Ashnard FE10: Zelgius FE13: Morgan, Walhart/ValidarGHB? FE14: Kana, Sumaragi/GaronGHB?
  6. I cant wait for them to show that 20 STAGES of HELL more!
  7. Lunatic playable Walhart stat 80 | 49 | 37 | 42 | 23 Your Stat 41/33/34/26/21 Since your cav do have alot of BST. you need to remove some stat. However.. he would definitely have more DEF than SPEED. Sorry man.
  8. Here's mine Similar to Itchy... except Flier Emblem & Free units.(10-5) Sort of stole his team color formation. Attempted to do the strategy myself ... wasted 90+ stamina. Oh well. Worth it! 10-4 is brutal. I love NStyler. But Donnel... I still dont have him at 4*.
  9. I have to agree. Roy really deserves DC. (Or Binding Blade at least) after seeing Ike have his.
  10. WADA SACHIKO (That glossy CHERCHE face) Titania is also damn good. Barst is okay. but better than some male art Kumiko, Cuboon (Palla), Lack (Saizo, Kagero) is also pretty good.
  11. Serious note. Why you want them? Training is alot easier though.
  12. no worry. I still do it on a regular basis anyway. Trying to crack at least 10-30K a week is enough.
  13. You're welcome ! I really want to attempt free unit battle. but having to carry a deadweight changes the story up. (Figured most people have Kagero by now.. or 3*/4* of just about everyone... but not everyone)
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