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  1. Well, there is one that I'm aware of "Lai of Melion" in which one of King Arthurs knights gets turned into a wolf and betrayed. That one at least came to mind
  2. from Heroes of Light and Shadow epiologe Gotoh: https://serenesforest.net/wiki/index.php/Heroes_of_Light_and_Shadow_Epilogue Marth, brave prince of Altea. Thanks to your valiant efforts, Shadow Dragon Medeus has been completely obliterated. Medeus's servants--the earth dragons-- have once again returned to darkness. As long as the Binding Shield exists, they will never see the light again. Marth, the chosen Prince of Light, descendant of the hero Anri. You have not only saved mankind, but us dragonkin as well... Mystery of the Emblem Gotoh: https://serenesforest.net/mystery-of-the-emblem/scripts/book-2-war-of-heroes/final-chapter-2-3-dragons-altar/ Marth, courageous prince of Aritia. Because of your efforts, the Dark Earth Dragon, Mediuth, has finally been completely destroyed. Mediuth’s servants, the Earth Dragons, have also vanished into the darkness. As long as the Shield of Seals exists, they won’t awaken anymore. Marth, descendant of Anri, and the chosen Prince of Light. You have saved mankind, and you have saved our dragon tribe… It leaves quite a bit for interpritation, but I took it as the dragons stoped degenerating. So while how there aren't that many dragons it would seem that they went with that it only works as a seal, however, Awakeing itself disproves this, since dragons before Marths intervention where infertile, Nowi and Tiki in Awakeing both confirm that whatever it was that affected the dragons during Marths era, has indeed been lifted when he returned the shield of seals.
  3. There are a couple of inconsistances I can think of, like manaketes beeing nowhere to be seen even though supposedly saved by Marth, or that all manaketes share the same dragon model even though several tribes exist, or that dragonstones on Awakening are apparently mined. Though I think Awakening has a larger problem with missed opportunities, like didn't Merric and Elice ever have kids? And how they would have interracted since they would most likely have the brand as well. Or if they could be high ranking mages in what was Khadein in the past, like if the ciy is still there but it has become isolated and the brand would have a completely different meaning there. But thats whising for what could have been.
  4. About the gender change for Nuibaba, while I don't speak japanese, I do have a theory why they gave her that design. Got it from a trip to the wiki where it states: " When translated from Japanese, "baba," or "婆" can translate as "old woman" or more crudely, "hag." " so maybe they made it a tad more littereal, in making her a woman I mean, don't really know abut the "old" or "hag" part. http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/Nuibaba Can anyone who acctually speaks japanese confirm or disprove since I have to take it on face value due to not speaking the language.
  5. While not playable, Marths father: http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/Cornelius While not exactly the same, there is Bryce who is one of the four riders of Daein in PoR: http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/Bryce
  6. This honestly seems like a really good idea, it would add flexibility and with a bit of thinking ahead and strategizing you could maybe play without having those units revert and become defensless. There was the demi band in fe9 also as you mentioned items, which had the effect of lowerd stats for constant dragon/beast form (though U don't think you got a dragon in time to acctually use it that much, though it might have been possible for one or two chapters, can't remeber it's been a while since I played PoR), so they might be able to do something with equipable items that alow certain actions, like you can just have your unit rest for a turn (not take an action) to slightly replenish their tramsformation gauge for example (like olivi grass but without needing a consumable), and that is just one example I can think of that could be done not to mention what they could do with attacks like you mentioned. I'm then again one who wouldn't mind if they went a bit further than they did in fe9, 10, 13, 14. The problem why it wouldn't probably work on the other hand, why would they just go from two legged to four? So while I wouldn't be against it, I think it could potentially look a tad silly
  7. Could be interesting so I think I could take and read it if you don't mind, though your probably right about the derailing, so it might be better if you pm it to me, or send a link to it if you happen to have it online somewhere.
  8. Could you elaborate more on this? I mostly curious because I have little experince with their work on localization outside of FE, since I think shadow dragon was well localized and the main story of awakening I thought they did well enough, not necessarily disagreeing with what you criticise about the support conversations since I think there are those in awakeing that could have been done better. Again I draw a lot of assumptions about them due to my limited experince with their work, I have seen a lot of people elsewhere complaining about them, and am slightly curious where it comes from.
  9. I really don't see how they would do it, especially with Alm and Celica being separated for nearly the whole game save the last map since they have nearly entirely different maps (with the exception of chapter 2 where Celica can visit Alms path from chapter 1). It would require them to have some sort of calculation that the only way they would end up is if they lack supports with other characters (like awakeing with Chrom & Olivia), or thats the only way I see it could be pulled off, and I don't think people wan't to feel like they need to have Celica and Alm huddled somewhere in a corner in their respective maps just so that they can get the canon endings for the characters.
  10. This may actually bode well for Echoes, as I think that both of the games localized by them have been made fairly well. I don't know why, but the battle animations and camera movement in combat for some reason reminds me of a blend of Radiant Dawn and Awakening, in my opininon for the better.
  11. Sorry Tiki, but I'm gonna go with group B in this. and definitely this: My favourite version of the unit transformation is in fe 3, 9 & 10, the only annoyance with the system those games have is that the transformation is temporary (and in 3 not displayed as far as I remember) which added a ticking clock to their usefulness, though in 3 you could extend the time by raising their luck, and tellius had the royals, as late as they came. In general about the aesthetics, as stated above, I think they could go for a less "human" look.
  12. Is it already known who does the localization? I'm just wondering because a lot of what is heard of the script in the videos I like (e.g Alms monologue when entering the dungeon), and some of it made me cringe (like Maes action and level up quotes), don't take me wrong, if you like it that's fine, but it's not quite for my tastes. And no I don't think it's going to be dreadful yet, due to the fact that far too little has been revealed so far. Most of my concerns comes from the fact that I didn't think that Fates had that great of a localization (in its script), I know why localization is necessary, due to the fact that some things can be lost in translation due to linguistic differences as a more obvious example, and am in no way against it, but I hope it still be agreed that there is a difference in good and bad localization. Otherwise, I can still say I'm exited about Echoes, I really enjoyed Gaiden with all it's flaws, and I think I will enjoy SoV, can't wait till it's released.
  13. Complete speculation, but this is what makes sense to me, what makes the weapons so special is indeed the dragonstones on the weapon, and they are otherwise made of a normal alloy, ornate but still quite ordinary weapons. Meaning that when the components of the weapon wear out, they only need to repair said part of the weapon, but the dragonstone will never run out of their dragon power. This would make it possible to the weapon to break, but the energy source doesen't run out. The exception to this is the Falchion, which is made from a fang of Naga, giving it it's unbreakable quality. But this is just specualtion This is again solely for the Akaneian universe, and the others might have some deviations depending on the universe and creation of the weapon
  14. My guess is that the protection on the weapon is in the dragonstone embedded into the weapon, since some tomes like aura has a dragonstone in them, stated in the second interview above. What otherwise happens if it's not the actual user who is wielding it, other that they can't tap into the dragonstone, no idea. Maybe, since Gotoh is a divine dragon, he added the dragonstones to excalibur and aura as guardians to make sure noone but the ones he appoints (and probably their bloodlines) are able to wield them, but thats just speculation. ... and I'm most likely giving to much credit to what those stones can actually do.
  15. In the Akaneian universe we get some things added from interviews with Kaga: Q3: What is magic in the world of Fire Emblem? Comment: Originally primitive deities existed at Akaneia and people believed these deities existed in all things. To lead mankind, Gotoh utilised the power of these deities. Magic (both offensive and recovery) is about as advanced as the dragon race’s technology, but it was difficult and dangerous for humans to use. Gotoh convinced humans to borrow the deities’ powers and warned them at the same time. So fire magic comes from the deity of fire, wind magic is borrowed from the deity of wind and etc. Magic is thus the technology where one harnesses energy that exists naturally. Spell books and staves can be thought of as vessels that store this energy. To release this energy requires a certain amount of skill, such as by chanting keywords or through mental control techniques. In order to acquire a sufficient skill level, one must undergo self-training. Prayers to the deities seems to reveal the keywords, while it also raises one’s mental capacity. Meanwhile, to protect the most powerful spells, like Aura or Excalibur, Gotoh attached a contract to them so that only the user could wield them. The same kind of protection was also placed on the Falchion. link: https://serenesforest.net/general/designers-notes/mystery-of-the-emblem/mysteries-of-fe-akaneias-story/ We can probably assume that without the conduits that Gotoh introduced, like books and staves, it would function like it does in gaiden, where the wielder sacrifices some of their vitality in order to cast a spell Q: How do the Holy Weapons work? A: The dragon tribe has the ability to transfer their power and will into dragon stones (what humans refer to as orbs). The Falchion from Mystery of the Emblem and powerful magic like Aura, as well as the orbs on the 13 Holy Weapons of Jugdral, are all dragon stones. Humans can obtain tremendous strength from these dragon stones, but they are also in danger of losing their own will. Usually, only those who have formed blood pacts with the dragon tribe can use the power of the dragon stones, but there are exceptions if the seal on the orb has been broken. from: https://serenesforest.net/general/designers-notes/holy-war/playing-guide/ I assume this is what you meant? I belive what they mean is that every legendary weapon (or holy weapon) has a dragonstone embedded into it, like the falchion for example, it might be the one on the guard or on the pommel: Similar gems can be found on nearly all holy weapons, the only I can't directly see are on the spell books, and we can assume the pact made by the heroes who first got the weapons also gave them the ability to harness aditionall strength from the stone or other effects that aided them in battle (most apparent with the falchion only in the first game, where it had the effect to seal all non-dragon direct attacks) and with the holy weapons they obviously made the wielder physically stronger, faster, hardier or other beneficial effects. The shield of seals also has a similar effect in boosting Marths stats when it's spheres, which are dragonstones, are returned to their sockets. Sorry for going a bit of topic, just wanted to throw that out there since it came up.
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