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  1. I'm unsure as well, I'm just going on the fact that 1. Nils and Ninian are at least 1000, albeit, their aging was slowed by the Dragon's Gate. 2. Sophia is a half dragon who hasn't age and we know is at least 1000, 4. Morgan can be half dragon and still ages at a decent rate, same for Nah. But I'm assuming at that point the aging slows. The same aging however occurs for Morgan if she is mothered by Nah, as a quarter dragon. At Which point I say she ages about the same as Roy would if mothered by Ninian, is where I'm trying to go with this. 5. The oldest dragon we have seen recently confirmed alive that I can think of is Tiki and she's about 3000? and yet is only a young adult in appearance. Whether the hibernation state slows aging or not has not been confirmed though. We don't know how old Bantu is but he's clearly older than Tiki and also may still be alive. And yeah Demon Dragons are cool, but it's whether or not that's hereditary is the thing I'm unsure of.
  2. I'm still kickin' and still working on this hack. I, however, still am working on the story and as such require further research. In the meantime, I thought some community input on a few other mechanics would be nice.
  3. Even though it started in like...2014? lol I think that or 2015 was the last post
  4. Coming back to restart up my project from before, Bonds of Time, which was a sequel to FE6 and also worked as a crossover between several other FEs including FE1, FE8, FE9-10, and FE13. It's from here that I'm having a few issues deciding exactly where to go from here. editing-wise, nothing I've planned so far should be too far out of my skillset to do, but the story writing here is major since I have to keep everyone in character and can't have them stray too far from what is expected of them. Currently, there are four main faction leaders. As far as what's there left to do before I feel comfortable showing anything? - Finish redux mugs of a couple FE characters, though any touchups to any GBAFE Character is welcome if you always pictured them a certain way and would like that shown. - Need some opinions on a few mugs and plotpoints between characters - mapping (T___T) - continue script writing - hunt down that str/mag split patch again since my workshop of patches and stuff has disappeared from my computer
  5. I've been inactive for a few years, but I'm coming back and resuming work on my previous project. It's still in the concept phase, but I was wondering should I start a new post to avoid necroposting or can I resume where I left off in my previous one as to not make it seem like a new project than what was there before? Thanks in advance
  6. Just throwing this out there, because this lore actually ties in heavily with my own hack (but it's not a prequel) but just to focus on gameplay....if you made the stry centered around them all getting their weapons, maybe one massive fight against dragons...and then abruptly changing sides and seeing things through the eyes of escaping dragonkin and the eight legends all coming to terms with what they've done in their own ways....could make for a good game. Definitely a nice story. But the difficulty would be the thing. Going from the underdogs to champions, and then immediately switching to the new underdogs could be a nice twist. Sorry if this is necroposting.
  7. It just dawned on me I've been here for years and never introduced myself. Didn't help that I stopped being active a few years ago too... I've been sooooo busy with life but some recent passions I've taken up reminded me of the stories and scripts I had written here and I've made a return to Serenes (that will hopefully last longer than the amount of time we get between Hunter x Hunter hiatuses XD)
  8. *UPDATE* I took out the longer polls in place of two last questions at the end
  9. That would be interesting and would make the outrealm gate interesting relating it to a fictional world (within a fictional world) but seeing how events in Awakening directly prove that Ike is definitely the ancestor of Priam, it's hard to call it a myth within the universe.
  10. Makes plenty of sense honestly, thank you! Like I've had these thoughts but you almost perfectly explained it. I've never heard of that theory O__O that's odd...so like Mist and Boyd being canon too? Odder...
  11. Doing some research across fire emblem titles in general I found myself wrapping my mind around the concept of Priam. He's clearly a descendant of Ike, from a distant land. However, due to the natural of the taguel being definitely related (or just interchangeable) to laguz and Chrom and the Avatar clearly knowing about Ike, I'm sure we all come to the same conclusion they exist in the same universe without considering the outrealm gate and Chrom mentioning that Ike came from another world? (though that may have been a translation error idk.) But that then poses this question: Do the events of Radiant Dawn predate the events of Shadow Dragon? Both have different....great otherworldly beings (Naga vs. Ashera) however they share many similarities as well. I'm curious if anyone knows for sure based on anything I could have definitely overlooked or just have theories of their own. I'm just very curious and kind of wanting to work with a concept using this idea in some way.
  12. I'm unsure what you mean. Do you mean just Fire Emblem OC's? Or new classes or what? Because..there's always deviantart...though they are lacking in fire emblem compared to pokemon of course.
  13. I personally find more interesting and unique story out of Eirika x Saleh (The most unique and deep of her relationships imo, how it describes what their daughter would be like, and includes the story of Nada Kuya.) Though yeah I do really love Cormag and Tana's supports especially how they're both people in their older brother's shadows so to speak and always concerned about them. Also doesn't it clearly just say they were at Carcino before arriving to help Ephraim with Selena?
  14. this is actually in the wrong place...I need a move T__T I need to work on that...
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