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  1. That makes me think Osian, but also Annette, dreamy and sweaty F!Corrin, Echidna, Sothis who I don't have, Velouria, and I guess Norne, but for pure ranged tanking, stacking Distant Def might work better for her. Perhaps Gerik and Hilda as well. Astram's Mercurius works well with Bonus Doubler and as noted legendary Marth can stack Bonus Doubler from his Exalted Falchion. Problem is they're both red which might not be the best for tanking. As I was typing the post, I had a statement of not wanting to invest in him, but deleting and rewording things... Welp, I didn't notice I never kept it in when I posted. Sagittae is finicky where for him given his average base neutral attack, +Atk doesn't seem that great unless you want him to run a different weapon. With Blarblade, though, Tailtiu comes with it by default and can choose between it or Tome of Thoron, Odin's attack is low, but he makes up by having decent bulk and having a personal -blade tome, and there are other, lower rarity or grail shop blue mages with higher attack than Kliff for Blarblade nuking let alone the wacky blue ranged nukes like Alfonse & Sharena, legendary Chrom, legendary Julia, Ophelia, or the ever enduring Reinhardt. Resplendent would lower that to losing 6 points of damage. That's still a lot. Had +Atk not been superassets for them, then it would be 6 points prior to resplendent and 4 points after. That would be an ever worse situation when they would only hit 28 base attack with +Atk instead of 29.
  2. So, my second copies of Kliff (+Atk, -Res) and Nah (neutral) showed up instead of any of the focus units for Familial Festivities banner. Getting the easy one out of the way: Nah became a combat manual since my first one is +Atk, -Res and if I were to merge her, +Atk being her base seems like a good deal. So, convince me to give Bonus Doubler to someone. I don't have legendary Marth, so I can't run Bonus Doubler 6 on him as amusing as that would be. Nor do I have Gray who could stack a lot of stats with Laid-Back Blade's effects and Bonus Doubler as his A passive. Otherwise, Astram, Rebecca, Saizo for Bonus/Penalty Doubler shenanigans, or any infantry unit with a Distant Counter or -blade weapon. I remember seeing Osian as a suggestion. As for Kliff, my first one is +Spd, -HP which works for me. He has 40 base speed, so more doubles or avoids more doubles. Since I don't really want to give him a different tome or invest in him much, +Atk is a weird case for him since his base neutral attack of 30 is average unlike with Henry, Selena, and Subaki who have low base neutral attack and their low attack check is more lenient at foe's Atk >= their Atk+3 to Kliff's foe's Atk >= his Atk+5. Although, for Selena and Subaki, their in-combat stat boosts is weaker in return. Point is Kliff goes from 44 Atk with his tome to 47 with +Atk, thus, the requirement for his foe's Atk goes from 49 Atk to 52 Atk. For +Atk Henry, he hits 40 Atk and his foe has to have at least 43 Atk while for +Atk Selena and Subaki, they hit 43 Atk and their foe needs to have at least 46 Atk. In all three cases, easier to meet than for Kliff. This also brings up a question that I might have asked somewhere before. Considering resplendent adds +2 to all stats, that wouldn't affect Selena and Subaki that much they would prefer a +Spd, +Def, or +Res over +Atk, right? They would both go from 29/35 to 31/37 which is essentially Kliff's neutral offenses and they already have a more lenient attack check compared to Kliff. In Subaki's case where he has easy Atk/Spd buffs through Goad Fliers along with Def/Res buffs through Ward Fliers for that matter and his Golden Naginata has a Killer effect and deals 7 damage when he's at >= 70% HP, I could see +Def or +Res being useful to mitigate damage while he continues to deal damage.
  3. I only looked at the word and forgot to check the effects... Cancel in PoR is Pavise? Guard in RD from my understanding is like the -sweep and Impact skills in Heroes. Nihil seems like the closest thing to Guard in Heroes?
  4. You can look these things up. So, the B passive in Japanese is called キャンセル (romaji: kyanseru) which means cancel. The Japanese and German names are the only consistent ones; Japanese uses "Cancel" and German uses Wache or Wacht where the former was only used in Path of Radiance while the later was used in Radiant Dawn onward. Both mean "guard", but I do not know the what the difference exactly since I do not know German. English, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish (European and Latin) flip flop around. English used Cancel in RD and Guard in PoR and Heroes, French used Garde (Guard) in PoR and Négation (Negation) in RD and Heroes, Italian used Guardia (Guard) in PoR, Neutralizza (Neutralize) in RD and Heroes, and for the Guard weapons, arginante, and so on and so forth if you are inclined to look into this more. Guard Bow is probably a character limitation. In Japanese, it's 遠距離防御の弓 (romaji: enkyori bōgyo no yumi) which is the equivalent to Distant Def Bow. All the other languages use defensive, guard, or protective. Tomes use animals for names and Guard Bow doesn't look serpentine really, so they could not have called it Serpent Bow. That said, English and German could have used a different word instead of "guard" when they both call Guard "guard" -- I hope that sentence follows.
  5. Oh joy, Ferdinand is talking to a wall for his support. Why not Fjorm? She's a princess of Nifl and who can't be nobler than that for Ferdinand? The best and worst part is he asks about the nobles of Fire Emblem... If only Fjorm could have stumbled her way into another support. Or Eir. Remember when Eir existed? Now that I thought about it, another good option would be Laevatein if not Hrid or Ylgr. Laevatein's kind of there, but Ferdinand could instill in her some beliefs she could take to heart. Maybe she could be reminded of her sister with Ferdinand's views of what it means to be noble.
  6. I never realized how the colors of the Giant Spoon match Libra's color scheme. So, should he be called a Spoony Monk now?
  7. Moulder because boulder. Where and when did that start?
  8. Now we await for the tier 4 version of those passives. HP/Atk 5 Tobin. Dumping tier 4 stat boosts into the 4* pool might not be that bad. They're not that crazy. And cue the fourth level of HP+ being HP+10.
  9. Not sure why they didn't let green Olwen's unique refinement work on both phases. Oh, but she's a ranged cavalry with a personal -blade tome. Meanwhile, all the other monsters in the game and the possibility of a future colorless mage with a personal -blade tome or the gremlin nuke whose offenses apparently exceed triple Brazen Atk/Spd Celica. And Tobin is Tobin. It would have been nice if he had another effect, but whatever, I guess. Spectrum Boost like Virion, but with HP+3 as well since he's a melee unit. Gray being able to stack a ton of stats is nice. Now, if only he, Luke, and Saber were actually summonable.
  10. Apparently the English localization fucked up three things: Bernadetta's bow Desperation effect being tied to the health and penalty condition, green Olwen's unique refinement, and a 32th Squad Assault.
  11. Me not paying attention to things or bothering to watch any of the FEH channel videos probably led to me learning about this late: apparently, each path of the Compile Combat Manuals will cost 6000 Divine Codes. Eventually, like with feathers, we might get a lot of Divine Codes, but still, that's a lot considering there are multiple paths and not everyone wants every manual in each path. 2000 or how many it is cumulative and per path is still a lot, but more reasonable. Found out on the FEH subreddit. Unrelated, but with new units sometimes coming with personal weapons that were made up for them in Heroes, I wonder if people would like it if they also came with the + version of whatever their generic weapon is. For example, had Karla come with Wo Dao+ just learned and there as part of her default kit. The idea came to mind when I thought about Three Houses and with crests and relics, I figure a lot of the units would likely come with a personal weapon. That's not a bad thing nor is it a major inconvenience, but it would be nice, for example using the idea of Karla having Wo Dao+ as part of her default kit, that if you wanted to inherit her skills to a sword user, you could if you wanted to grab Wo Dao+ and Draconic Aura, Wrath 3, or Even Spd Wave 3 by inheriting Wo Dao from someone a 3* Athena. That said, there is the issue of a lot units having a Silver weapon as their weapon before their personal weapon. Some of it is inconsistent, though, like Igrene, Larcei, Mareeta, Osian, and Shannan all having a Silver weapon before their personal Killer weapon whereas Ares and Eldigan have a Slaying Edge or a Killing Edge prior to their Dark Mystletainn and Mystletainn, respectively. Or not all versions of lance-wielding Ephraim having Heavy/Slaying Spear; only regular Ephraim and Ephraim & Lyon have Heavy/Slaying Spear while legendary and winter Ephraim have Silver Lance instead.
  12. I forgot to give context for why I was having trouble with figuring out what to give her for a B passive. I don't have spare copies for skills like Lull Atk/Spd, Close Call, or Repel. If I had two copies of Sirius, it would have been likely that one of them mysteriously disappeared and Echidna suddenly gained a fancy new skill. Perceval's stat spread and him having three passives makes me inclined to keep him or even merge him while Alm & Celica seem like a stupid unit to keep around let alone they would have been my second duo hero. The only unit I have with a Lull passive and not a Lull effect on their weapon is Claude and you can't have enough bow cavalry or ranged cavalry. I doubt they would immediately have a Lull passive available when compiling combat manuals becomes live. It could happen and if it was either Lull Atk/Spd or Lull Spd/Def was available, then that would be fantastic. Anyway, the stuff I have for her is the same stuff everyone has had available to them from 4* and below units since the game launched. They help, they work, but it would be nice to have had more interesting things and not have to depend on hoping for a spare copy of a 5* when it comes to building units. Stuff like Wrath is available through using grails, but the arbitrary 20 copies cap and how long it takes to build up a stockpile of grails makes it not worth it to spend grails to sack a limited unit like that. Dull Close and Dull Ranged being specific is their weak point, but if you want the unit to specifically focus on them, then they do their job well. Would be good seals so that people can run them with another B passive. At the very least, Luke could run Dull Close and Dull Ranged together so he can finally... still not be a legend.
  13. So, like Cancel Affinity for the developers to prevent people from cheesing colorless units with -raven, T-Adept mages or to have specific enemies they have in mind not get hard countered by T-Adept unit. Regarding ranged infantry units with Desperation or Desperation-like effects on their weapons, that's only Lewyn or an infantry who is an archer with Fishie Bow, a blue mage with Juicy Wave, or a dagger unit with Starfish. Except for Lewyn, I never summoned anyone with those weapons. Lewyn has Special Spiral by default -- he introduced it -- and special spamming would reduce the need to make a follow-up attack if he's doing enough damage to one-shot someone or cherry tap them after an AoE. Doesn't mean he can't run or would not want to swap out Special Spiral for Null Follow-Up at times. There's also legendary Celica and Thrasir, where both have Desperation and Null Follow-Up in some form. For Celica, Soul of Zofia simply has Desperation 3 and Null Follow-Up 3 for its effects. For Thrasir, her tome's Null Follow-Up is ally and position-based and her Desperation-like effect through Killing Intent depends on her foe's HP not being full or if they have a penalty. Going to follow up on melee infantry units with Desperation-like effects or something related with this as well. Athena is a special case for this with how she can stack true damage. Unique refined Concealed Blade's Wo Dao and Desperation effects combined with Flashing Blade 4 which should be fine for most armors means she will deal 5 damage per hit if she is faster than her foe and she will deal 10 damage when she activates a special. She would be guaranteed 20 damage if she meets both conditions and that's about 40% to 50%, give or take, of most units' HP. With Null Follow-Up, she would be able to negate Wary Fighter or prevent guaranteed follow-up attacks which could save her provided she doesn't die from the first counterattack. That said, while she can be guaranteed to deal up to 20 damage, if somehow that's all she deals, then she might not be doing enough damage compared to someone with effective damage or being able to damage normally. The other thing is she is melee infantry unit where she can do well, but a ranged infantry might be easier to work with or safer. Incidentally, a source of Flashing Blade 4 Athena could get from is Shadow Sword Mareeta who has a Killer effect and reverse Desperation on her Shadow Sword and who also has Null Follow-Up. She won't be able to stack as much true damage as Athena, but she can activate higher cooldown specials more frequently. The remaining unit with a Desperation effect on their weapon is Lyn who has Desperation 3 and Brash Assault 4 with unique refined Sol Katti. I guess Null Follow-Up could work, but I'm not sure how useful that would be for her over Wrath, Vantage, or a different B passive instead. I'm beginning to feel like Null Follow-Up is like Flashing/Heavy Blade where it would be a great seal. Its effects are good, but pairing it up with something else would make it even better. Alternatively, a Desperation seal would complement Null Follow-Up as a passive. The other units who can run Null Follow-Up with something else are Byleth and regular Mareeta who I mentioned before. Byleth's Creator Sword has a Killer effect, Null Follow-Up, and negates skills that increase the user's special cooldown charge or decrease their special charge. Slapping Desperation would be fine on Byleth, but they're also able to run Watersweep or Windsweep and not have their follow-up attack prevented which I'm at a point where I could see a Fortress Def/Res version of Water-Windsweep happening and that would be nutty on Byleth. Merging legendary Alm seems like a better idea now considering Adrift M!Corrin was shown to be part of the divine codes thingie unless I'm remembering wrong. That still leaves the question for what B passive to give Echidna unanswered.
  14. So, two legendary Alms showed up, one +Def, -Spd and the other +Res, -Def. I figure if I were to make one into combat manual, then I would use the one who isn't -Spd. For merges, either way, but +Res seems like a good idea to even out his defenses. That would probably mainly help with fighting dragons since he probably could one shot most of the squishier mages. More defense, however, would help against the bulkier physical damage units. Or it doesn't matter with slapping Desperation on him and having him blitz everyone when he's in Desperation range. Anyway, who would really want Null Follow-Up? Additionally, Darting Blow 4 and Null Follow-Up 3? I don't have anyone to get Odd Attack Wave 2 from. Other than anti-armor units like Bartre, Hana, Micaiah, Nephenee, Oboro, Selena, Tobin, or any infantry using an anti-armor weapon considering armors usually have some kind of follow-up attack related ability, the only unit that comes to mind for me is Athena given she can run Desperation and Null Follow-Up through her personal sword's unique refinement being Desperation. She would also benefit from having more speed through Darting Blow 4 to ensure she can make a follow-up attack on as many people as possible, therefore, ensuring she can Desperation blitz as many people as possible. That said, Atk/Spd Push 4, Fury, L&D, Swift Sparrow, and other passives that boost attack and speed or Flashing Blade 3/4 might be more worthwhile on her. Main point is being able to combine Desperation + Null Follow-Up. At the moment, Athena's not a high priority unit I want to build. She would probably perform well, but I feel like I have a lot of reds and fast sword infantry. Another thing is that I already do have a Null Follow-Up sword unit through regular Mareeta. Her Null Follow-Up is position-based and she isn't running a Wo Dao, Desperation, Null Follow-Up build like Athena would, but with her, a random Adrift M!Corrin, Hilda, and legendary Alm now, all the colors are covered, but they're mainly melee units. Legendary Alm is the exception and by default is the only ranged unit with Null Follow-Up. More Null Follow-Up units can't hurt and that said, if a ranged unit can somehow ignore Distant Counter melee units with a follow-up attack related ability, then having Null Follow-Up might not be as helpful as another B passive. Merging him definitely seems less troublesome. If I were to dump Null Follow-Up on someone who isn't Athena, then maybe I should dump it on Echidna. I don't really know what to do for her B passive. Right now she has Axebreaker and Lancebreaker. The thing I have been seeing given her mixed defenses and similarly with Hawkeye, F!Kana, Libra, and summer Ylgr and CYL Ike who can greatly reduce damage through unique refined Urvan, is to have her run DC and Null C-Disrupt. I don't have a spare Nailah to do that. In terms of favoritism, Echidna's at the top, but in terms of performance, it's probably CYL Ike, Hawkeye, and F!Kana. Problem is CYL Ike and F!Kana are 5*-only summons where with F!Kana, running Lull Def/Res in the future so she can have Lull All would be amusing. I have enough copies to +10 Hawkeye or Libra -- I could even +10 Hawkeye twice if I wanted. Although with Libra, I'd have to sacrifice two reserve copies with assets I was considering for switching, so at most without using those copies, he could hit +8. She's recent, but I've also been not so lucky with getting her or other recent units like Thea. Two copies, base being +Spd, -HP and the second one was neutral and became a merge, and five Dragonflowers because why not. So, at +10, Hawkeye who I went with +Def, -Spd to even out his defenses is going to have higher bulk, slightly higher base attack, and his wicked Guardian's Axe. Speed doesn't matter to him, so whatever on that. For Libra, +8 and being +Atk gives him the advantage in higher base attack and higher base resistance. Otherwise, he will match her in defense and have lower speed and slightly lower HP. I could switch to +Spd to lower the difference or go with +Res. In the long run with +10 merges, all the Dragonflowers they can have, whatever else to boost their stats, though, the main differences will be what weapon they have and between her and Libra, a few points here and there. Anyway, DC and Null C-Disrupt is a different build. Returning to Null Follow-Up on Echidna, not sure if I should. She can probably run it well. There's also the concern of another Boey incident where she somehow ends up with a Null Follow-Up effect for her personal axe. That is to say, she ends up with an effect on her weapon that could have been inherited on her and was or is kind of rare or expensive to get. Granted, weapon updates are monthly, we have a ton of gen 2 and gen 3 units to go through before we get to gen 4, and her hypothetically having Null Follow-Up as a passive and on her weapon means she can run something else for a different build. For example Boey with his unique refined personal tome would have -raven and almost all Close Counter and since his previous default tome is an -owl tome, then he can run -owl and Close Counter. So, more flexibility, but still with a little feeling of maybe that passive could have gone to someone else for more varied, built units.
  15. Hope: Bartre and Dorcas. Expected: I guess Abel and Est? Maybe Abel and Cain while bunny Est is her own, lonely unit.
  16. My second ever Echidna showed up today. Nine more to go. Speaking of green things, I wonder if Darting Breath will ever become a thing. I wonder if stronger versions of the Breath passives will become a thing too. Also, because I'm lazy and don't want to bother figuring out how to do the two chapter chain challenges, I just use guides for them. The one for paralogue chapters 39 and 40 by さるGames was basically use CYL Micaiah as the spotlight heroes are mainly armors or cavalry.
  17. Def Smoke in the 4* summoning pool regardless if he has Def Smoke 3 as a 4* is awesome as well. I don't have to burn a spring Alfonse, Claude, or Panne for Def Smoke 3 on Ares or anyone else now. Now, if only we could get Close Def in the 4* summoning pool or even Armor March because I'd like to be able to inherit Special Fighter 3 and either Close Def 3 or Armor March 3 from CYL Ephraim to someone. I thought Rath had Spd/Def Form instead of Spd/Res Form and thought that I could give something neat to Clair to replace her Darting Blow 3. It'd be dependent on positioning and on how many allies are near her, but she would be able to get the speed boost on either phase and the defense boost would be appreciated as well. I figured on a fliers team or during Rival Domains or Grand Conquests where there are a lot of units on the field that she could easily meet the requirements. Spd/Res Form would be fine, though. It's not like she doesn't have a crapton of SP... Just to suffer. Cue Quiet's Theme (Instrumental).
  18. I summoned a +Spd, -Def Myrrh from Tana & Amelia's BHB revival and was wondering if +Spd Myrrh was still a thing. The idea of it was that since Myrrh can negate follow-ups by having higher defense that if she's also fast enough, she also use that to naturally prevent follow-ups or even double slower units. Problem is that we now have Null Follow-Up and Daring Fighter for armors and both the speed ceiling and the amount of units with high speed has grown. With the latter, Myrrh being a flier means she can still take advantage of Goad Fliers stacking. That said, for a +0 Myrrh, she's going to have to work with 25 base neutral speed which can become 29 base if she's +Spd. In my case, I had summoned two of her prior and merged them both, so she's +1 with the base being +Def. Also, +Spd CYL Ephraim is probably not that great over +Atk or +Def, right? 30 base speed doesn't seem appealing over 41 base attack or 40 base defense and considering he has Garm which grants him a follow-up if he has a buff or was buffed by Armor March/Armored Boots.
  19. Sturdy Stance 3? They could have made an excuse to keep Altena in the 5* summoning pool by having her be the one to introduce that.
  20. Echidna somehow showed up as a 4* freebie from one of the new banners today. I don't remember if it was the 3rd Anniversary Chrom & Lissa BHB revival banner or the New Power banner. Regardless, I finally have Echidna and she was one of the fastest instant promotes. Helped that she showed up as +Spd, -HP. I just need ten more copies of her. With how long it took for one Echidna to show up, part of me feels like this won't be happening anytime soon. Or a M!Morgan incident will occur where a floodgate suddenly opens. After his banner was over where he did show up as a summon for me, it was like M!Morgan, M!Morgan, M!Morgan, and M!Morgan. Initially, 4* copies since that was the lowest rarity he was, but then 3* M!Morgans showed up. I think he was was the fastest accumulation of a 4* unit and the first 4* unit to reach ten copies as a manual. The others, particularly older units, took time to get to ten copies as manuals, but I remember checking one day and seeing him at ten copies while others were below that.
  21. Armor, cavalry, and healers can't inherit Impact passives. 2 or 3? If 2, then Altena, Halloween Dorcas, and legendary Ephraim where Altena and Hallowen Dorcas have it as 4* units. Otherwise, then yes, Sturdy Stance 3 has not been introduced yet.
  22. Another reason for +Spd is even though Eliwood's base neutral attack isn't that high at 31 base, +Atk along with Blazing Durandal's Atk+3 and whatever else to stack his attack could end up allowing him to one shot when you meant for him to double to charge Galeforce. It's mostly the speed thing, though, considering he has a 30 base neutral speed. +Spd and +10 merges bumps him up to 37 base and unique refined Blazing Durandal's Steady Impact gives him Spd+7 and Def+10 for 44 Spd and 37 Def on initiation. You listed most of the A passives for him. The more expensive or harder to get stuff would be a Solo and tier 4 passives like Atk/Spd Push 4, Darting Blow 4, or Swift Sparrow 3. For B passive, aside from what was already said, you could keep his default Axebreaker or give him whatever -breaker that you feel like. Drag Back, Hit and Run, maybe Knockback, or Lunge to troll people. Cavalry having three movement is a reason why I consider Pass for them since they can make use of it more easily than fliers and infantry who have two movement. My Eliwood ended up being on my anima defense team. Reason being because his affinity in his home games is anima and I try to give units blessings based on their affinities, holy blood, or whatever that makes sense for them. First +10 unit a long time ago, +Spd, -Res, and with Reposition, Galeforce, Darting Blow 3, Lunge, Ward Cavalry or whatever C passive, and a Quickened Pulse seal to make sure if he attacks a ranged unit or someone who cannot counter back that he will activate Galeforce. On cavalry rival domains week, I have him run Pass and a different seal. No idea how anyone feels about using him. I figured since the AI units probably won't be that fast for him to need Axebreaker or Swordbreaker and I don't want people to have to deal with Lunge when they don't have to that having him run Pass would be fine. For Rokkr Sieges, Death Blow to make sure he does as much damage as possible.
  23. I like the Snuggle Beast, but I like Nailah more.
  24. Don't go unsealing an unholy tower and unleashing demons upon a city causing countless deaths in your quest for power.
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