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  1. I assume you were looking at this list of codes? I'll explain, I just figured out how to do this myself the other day Have the game on the battle prep screen (not mandatory, but makes it easier). Get the code for the map deployment slot of whichever unit you're editing (since you're changing Roy, he's always slot 1). So the codes given for "supports 1-10" modify character support levels. The Roy/Marcus support is Roy's "support 2". (The options are in the same order as the list of supports on serenes, I think, but you can just do it by trial and error if you don't know which is which) So the code to change it is: 3202ABA9 00## but replace the ## with the hex value of the support level you want. 3C=ready for C support, just need to make them talk; 3D=C support, 78=ready for B, 79=B, C8=ready for A, C9=A. You only have to do this on one character's end (i.e. you don't have to also put in codes to change Marcus's supports, they will update accordingly). TLDR the codes for what you specifically want to do (Roy/Lilina ready for their A support, Roy/Marcus at C) are: 3202ABA8 00C8 3202ABA9 003D Also these are codebreaker codes so you probably have to click that "add codebreaker" button I see in your screenshot, not sure about the exact process since I use a different emulator. You shouldn't have to use the "enabler code" from the guide, I think that's only needed on an actual gba cartridge or something.
  2. I have two, so in case you were wondering, it works as you would expect: if I use a different 3DS, it will show the saves that are on that system's SD card.
  3. Me too. In a game like this where your “avatar” has their own personality and story role I always use the default name anyways.
  4. Yes because if they weren't then everyone wouldn't call you "Professor", which is how the game gets around being fully voiced but also letting you change your character's name. 😛
  5. I think it's supposed to work that way. Otherwise how would you ever get to Lilina before the archer kills her? I don't think it'd be possible without some crazy RNG luck, she dies to that archer in 2 hits and it takes like 10 turns to get over there. If it was supposed to be a "get to Lilina before she dies" timer to motivate you to finish the level quickly, the archer would be weaker or she'd have healing items or something. Whether the dialogue supports the enemy AI behavior is up for debate (the boss specifically says she should be executed discreetly in a way where they can pin it on Roy's soldiers, so I suppose that's why the archer doesn't go after her when there's no one else around?) but it's not a design mistake.
  6. I agree that Binding Blade felt like the least balanced of the GBA games, or at least the one where unit imbalance was the most *annoying* for me, playing blind. Lilina being on the box art, hinted as Roy’s canon love interest, and fairly important in the plot of the early chapters made me feel like the game was telling me to use her, but she’s pretty mediocre and I didn’t end up taking her to endgame - why do that with a character? Similar situation with Sophia (it’s telegraphed like they’re giving me an Est type, but she’s just bad even if trained) and Cath (you have to have all these conversations and go out of your way to recruit her but you really only need one thief and she’s not as good as the others). At least the worse units in FE7 are people like Rebecca that don’t get built up in the story so much. And yeah, I think the looong winding maps make it more hampering to armor knights than the other GBA FE games. They’ll be hurt in any of them due to low movement if you’re trying to play efficiently, but in FE7 and 8 it’s less noticeable; you can still usually take a General along and they’ll be useful if not the Most optimal, but I think even more casual players will be frustrated by armors lagging behind in FE6.
  7. well, there’s that one desert FoW map in FE7 where you can see the entire map during the battle prep screen but then when you actually start playing the fog begins I probably wouldn’t want every FoW map to be like that but it IS one way to make it more fair, because instead of “literally anything could be over here” you’re thinking like “I remember there was a sniper over here but maybe it moved, and I’m not sure exactly which tile it was on” (Also, count me in as one of the people who doesn’t think that making it so the enemy couldn’t see you would actually be particularly fun or effective, but I would probably have to experience it to find out. I’m having trouble imagining how that would actually play out) Another possible way to tweak the mechanics but keep the basic concept that you don’t have information about areas you can’t see: What if you could see that an enemy was present under the fog, but not what it actually was or its stats? There could be a generic shadowy sprite that just indicated like “a unit is here” and you’d have to proceed without knowing how much of a threat it is. I’m not sure how much this would actually make a difference, just a possible variant that popped into my head as a different way to do FoW.
  8. Thanks, sounds good to me. I'll go with the FE9 hard and probably FE10 normal when I get to it. Might come back with some follow up questions or a thread on my thoughts once I'm able to get the game up and running.
  9. Eirika should probably get the smaller roster for story reasons; it was always a little goofy that the whole army goes with her on what the characters think will be a straightforward mission with little danger, while Ephraim goes off to besiege Grado all on his lonesome (I mean, I know he has the Frelian army with him in story terms, but it's still like... really? You think Kyle & Forde are most needed to help Eirika instead of sticking with you? Oookay.) In terms of gameplay, it would be nice to add more options for some of the rarer classes so: a Knight, a Shaman, a Wyvern Rider, and a Pirate for sure, perhaps a Mercenary as well. How about these ideas in terms of story: Hayden as a late joining, prepromote on Ephraim's route as they are fighting alongside the Frelian army. He fits well into the cast, can have supports with his kids and other Frelian characters as well as a couple of unexpected conversations like maybe Duessel or L'Arachel (she might look up to him as an example of a ruler, and I'm sure he knows her uncle). He would also be the only character you get that starts off as a Ranger, although obviously you have several options that can promote into it. You know in Eirika's route when they get to Caer Pelyn and meet Saleh's grandma and she's the village matriarch? It could be neat if she joined you as a frail old lady magic user without much growth potential but lots of power, like Niime in FE6. She could be a Druid, filling that available dark mage role. This does mean you're getting 3 magical recruits thrown at you right after each other (Saleh, Ewan, and grandma) but maybe that could be rearranged so Ewan joins earlier or something (would also make him easier to use for people who don't like grinding). It would make sense for L'Arachel to hire a replacement retainer after Rennac ditches her, and have that person be recruited alongside her and Dozla. This could be the Pirate, if L'Arachel is recruited on Ephraim's route with the ghost ship chapter, or the Mercenary, if L'Arachel is put on Eirika's route with the fort in the woods. I'd like this character to be female, because a female pirate or merc is unusual. I imagine she could have a really funny dynamic with L'Arachel, who in their supports could be trying to make this tough no-nonsense sellsword girl behave like a ~proper lady~. I don't have a more detailed idea for this one, but I'd like to see a character from Carcino who was politically important there (like a member of a well-off merchant family with a lot of influence) just because I think Carcino has the potential to be really interesting although it's the least developed of the nations in Magvel. It's unusual to have a republic among all the kingdoms and monarchies that Fire Emblem is always full of, and whoever this person is could have some really interesting support conversations perhaps with royal or knightly characters where they debate the value of these forms of government, expressing their perspective as someone from a country where there's no established nobility. Additionally, one of the few changes I'd want to make to the class tree in an FE8 remake would be adding back in nomads/bow knights -- an unpromoted mounted bow user, whatever you want to call it -- which could promote to either Ranger or to... a new flying class which uses lances/bows, perhaps a griffon rider, and which is also a promotion option for Wyvern Riders. Just because I've honestly never been able to remember the difference between the two promoted wyvern classes, they always felt way too similar for my taste compared to the other branched promotions in this game. (Meaning the new flier promotions are pegasus knight --> falcoknight / wyvern lord, and wyvern knight --> wyvern lord / griffon rider.) Sooo, I'd obviously want a new character who was this Nomad class. I think a decent story niche for this person might be an additional member of Ephraim's knight squad alongside Forde & Kyle, but really anything might work.
  10. I might be playing these games for the first time soon and I'm wondering about what difficulty level I should start off with. (I know about the thing where Radiant Dawn's difficulty settings were weirdly translated so "easy" mode is actually normal.) How do the Tellius games compare to other Fire Emblems in terms of difficulty? I'm not super casual but not really a hardcore player. I just beat FE6 on normal and that was right about the sweet spot for me where I wasn't frustrated but it wasn't too easy either. Somewhere around that, or Conquest normal mode, or FE8 hard, would be great.
  11. Do Boots exist in this game? If not, any other ways to increase a unit’s movement (besides class changing obviously)? Also, a few questions about mechanical stuff I’m used to from older games: Is there a way to skip cutscenes, like you would by hitting Start? And is there a way to, when you have combat animations off, force the animation to play on a particular battle, like you could in the 3ds games by holding R as you start the battle?
  12. It really is funny how many tropes of the fantasy genre in video games originated in D&D. For example, the whole idea that priests/clerics are the people who cast healing spells. Even the term "hit points".
  13. I've played that patch! I was pretty pleased with the writing changes. The supports are largely the same, with the major differences showing up later, especially the A-supports & endings because most of what they change is to add in several same-sex romances. IIRC, the Neimi/Colm support chain is one that has changes right away.
  14. I want to link my Nintendo account to Heroes so I can get the rewards, but every time I press "Create/Link Nintendo Account" the app simply goes to a blank white screen and then freezes there forever. Has anyone else had similar problems? I am wondering if this is something worth sending in a bug report or complaint about. (I'm on an iPhone BTW.)
  15. Welcome back to Serenes! I hope you enjoy your time here, for however long you decide to stick around this time.

    Also, I'm a little curious, who is your avatar, if you don't mind me asking?


    1. baticeer


      Thanks! My avatar is Ethlin from FE4. I cropped it from the art on the Cipher cards.

    2. ___


      Oh cool, thanks for sharing! I had never heard of that character, and I'm not very familiar with the Cipher game either, but the art is very pretty.


      Again, I hope you have fun around here!

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