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  1. Unfortunately, it seems to have disappeared. Tried recovering it with google support, but no dice. I know I didn't delete it, but I haven't the faintest idea where it could have gone.
  2. You can probably promote her with a lunar bracelet, if you find one, or with either a knight or hero crest.
  3. Short answer: Yes. Explanation: We're editing assembly code here. The first two instructions load the attack into r1, which is a register (think of a register as a container that has a value in it). To multiply by 3, we use lsl (logical shift left, akin to multiplying by powers of 2) to multiply by 2 (2^1, where 1 is the argument on the far right (h stands for hex)) and put that value in r0. Then we add the original value to r0. 2*number + number = 3*number. We could use mul, which is multiplication (and is probably what you were expecting to find), but the compiler preferred to use an lsl/add combination, which is slightly faster. To multiply by 2, we just want to get rid of the "add r0,r0,r1" instruction, which is why I had you write 00 00. That encodes the instruction "lsl r0,r0,#0", or "multiply value in r0 by 2^0 = 1", which means the value stays the same. If you only change the first 00, you'll get the instruction "add r0,r0,r0", which doubles the value (this should mean effective weapons deal 4x damage!). If you want to understand assembly a bit more, give this a read.
  4. Open your rom in a hex editor (like HxD; if you use FEBuilder, I believe that has a built-in hex editor), go to the address 248D4, and write 00 00 there.
  5. The fact that you say this shows that you either didn't try at all, or didn't try very hard. Here's what you'd need to do: 1) Repoint and expand the class table. 2) Add data for new class(es). Most of the stuff should be fairly self explanatory; if you're confused, reference a similar class (for terrain bonus pointers, etc). 3) Import the map sprites, both standing and moving, and update the necessary tables. 4) Import the battle animations (probably the hardest part) and make a battle animation pointer (it's part of the class data). 5) Update the list of units that the promotion item of your choice can promote to include thieves. Hero crest would make the most sense out of the existing ones, but a lot of classes need them too...but you can just add more in-game. FEBuilder is probably the easiest method to use for all this, although I have no idea how well it works with FE6 (or, for that matter, at all; I don't really use it). You can also do it with Nightmare and a hex editor if you're old school. It's a good project for a beginner, so search around and see if you can get started. Good luck!
  6. Are you referring to FEditor? There was a spell animation creator thingy in there, but nowadays we use this instead.
  7. Is the same in both. ORG stands for Origin, it means "insert stuff starting at this offset". Since they're the same, that means whatever you're assembling last overwrites what you wrote there first.
  8. Don't use chapter 5x. It's got some hardcoded shenanigans, as you've discovered, and finding and removing them all would take longer than just moving all your events to a different chapter.
  9. Generally the project lead is in charge of the eventing, which is what I assume you mean by "coding". You don't _have_ to, but it can't hurt to learn, no? Here are two good resources if you're just starting out. Even though they're for FE7, the theory is the same for fe8, and there's an incomplete FE8 version of the second link here.
  10. Double click tmx2ea.exe and it should create an installer for all the .tmx files you have in the folder. What exactly do you mean by 'no changes that I make to texts or stats are saved'?
  11. You'll probably want someone who's actually used FEBuilder (I assume that's what you're using) to help here, sorry. However, I should point out that weapon effectiveness and weapon triangle aren't the same thing. It sounds more like you expanded the rapier's effectiveness list, which is an array of class ids that the weapon is effective against, assuming I'm understanding correctly.
  12. What exactly did you do to the weapon triangle table? Did you expand the table without repointing it?
  13. Idk how FEBuilder does it, but in vanilla, the game checks if the unit's class id is lower than 0xB (General) or higher than 0xC (General_F), and if either of those is true, no Great Shield. But that means that anything in between those will have the skill. So if you just change the byte, to give, say Eirika Master Lord and Sage the skill, then all class ids between those will also have it.
  14. Put them in free space. There's no guarantee that the data you're inserting is the same size as the data you're replacing, since the images are compressed; if the new data is longer, than it'll overwrite whatever comes afterward, which may or may not cause the issue you're having. Free space in FE8 begins at 0xB2A610.
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