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  1. No worries, I plan to start by checking an older data file I have around and see if the issue is that I changed micaiah's growths. If so, then the answer is fairly simple.
  2. Nope, and I can't use USB loader GX since I lack an EHDD from where to boot the game, and sticks and GX don't mesh well.
  3. hmm, I decided to test this on real hardware, there are problems, I am booting the game via wiiflow and I get a crash if I try to create a new game on any difficulty mode. Ideas?
  4. My edits touched the 2nd and 3rd tier classes skills and I ended also changing the values of mercy and halfshift. Mercy got switched for Aether and Halfshift got switched to formshift. So that Laguz and at least the Laguz Naliah sends with you, aren't exactly a handicap. The easiest way to see if those changes worked is by adding the "300 slots in convoy" and "have all 270 items in convoy" cheats so that among those 270 Mercy pops up. If one works, its plausible the other will.
  5. Well, I ended figuring it out with some tinkering, thanks. All I really need now is to figure how to use and rather make wii cheats work on dolphin, adding the to the .ini isn't doing anything.
  6. Could you mention others and elaborate a bit more on nintendolord's? I am not seeing an option that does.tpl
  7. Aplogies, but where do I find a tool that lets me do that? Or rather, what is the name of the tool?
  8. The latest release I can find which is 1.4 Also I am editing FE10Data.cms is that the right file or is it FE8Data.bin ?
  9. I'm not, the data file size doesn't changes. The file size is about 122KB and it doesn't changes pre or post edit. I am not sure if its a problem of wii scrubber that isn't replacing as it should the file.
  10. So, I am facing a bit of a problem... there is some step in the process of editing the data.cmm file and reinserting it onto the iso that's causing all sorts of issues. What I edited were the abilities: #1 Reduced all "capacity" to 0, since there is no nightmare module for the Characters and the classes don't have (oddly enough) anything related to capacity, this was the best choice. #2 I replaced Halfshit with the equivalent that the laguz Royals use (because halfshift in my opinion is bad and is a waste of a good slot). #3 I replaced Mercy with Aether (so that Elincia can actually score kills) but I also made a separate test file where all I did was change one skill cost to 0 and dolphin starts throwing a lot of errors anyway. I'd love to know if anyone has any idea of why I am having these issues.
  11. So, regarding the assembly modification, let's say I use it, how I would proceed to assign to the classes I want the Slayer ability?
  12. Thanks, someone on the discord server pointed me to FEBuilder and with it I was able to apparently port it to other classes (will see soon). But I have a new question, by any chance is the Great Shield Patch broken? I am playing the game on hard and now every base class has Great Shield. Which is annoying in the arena as it can trigger up to 10 times in a row. Seems FEBuilder didn't add the skill to any of the classes.
  13. So, I have been hit with the idea of tweaking FE8 a bit, just a bit, I can do 90% of the tweaks myself, but there is one that mystifies me. The Bishops "slaying" "slayer" ability, that turns any weapon in their hands into an anti monster weapon. I am looking through nighmare's available data and the ability seems to be missing. Which values is it? And in which of the four ability categories is it? I want to give this ability to the valkyries.
  14. No problem, gods knows that Zophar.net has allowed me to enjoy lots of rom hacks.
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