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  1. So, regarding the assembly modification, let's say I use it, how I would proceed to assign to the classes I want the Slayer ability?
  2. Thanks, someone on the discord server pointed me to FEBuilder and with it I was able to apparently port it to other classes (will see soon). But I have a new question, by any chance is the Great Shield Patch broken? I am playing the game on hard and now every base class has Great Shield. Which is annoying in the arena as it can trigger up to 10 times in a row. Seems FEBuilder didn't add the skill to any of the classes.
  3. So, I have been hit with the idea of tweaking FE8 a bit, just a bit, I can do 90% of the tweaks myself, but there is one that mystifies me. The Bishops "slaying" "slayer" ability, that turns any weapon in their hands into an anti monster weapon. I am looking through nighmare's available data and the ability seems to be missing. Which values is it? And in which of the four ability categories is it? I want to give this ability to the valkyries.
  4. No problem, gods knows that Zophar.net has allowed me to enjoy lots of rom hacks.
  5. No, no my problem was that every ROM I found lacked a header, so I had to figure out how to add a correct header to it.
  6. I'll get you back on Ishtars resistance. I wasnt fully awake when I wrote the post. But yeah I had a long run of bad luck with Fire Emblem games. I recall some stuff happening to me in FE8 thats plain unfair a 1% Stone petrfying Arthur or Luthe and then get criticalled and so on, in Fe7 in the arena Hector missing with 99% all four hits, etc. I got a fresh rom of EP and added a header to it then I patched it to english. I have a different rom patched. I'll just start the chapter and take some screen caps, tell me if there is any particular enemy I should focus on, so I can get to the bottom of this. Hmm test so far only indicate that its very rare say for Ced to get hit, despite his 96 points of evasion (not sure if the rescue glitch takes into acount the bonus of the castle even if the unit is not in it but thats what his stat screen shows) anyway the only unit who managed to cause severe damaged was Burian with his axe. Also no, my bad I had assumed it was Thoron what the barons used to kill Tinny, they have silver lances equiped, which hit pretty hard. Edit, yeah my bad @Baldrick @momogeek2141 Ishtar has 27 res+5 of her tome (33 res total), that means that with a magic ring Ced does has more Magic, sorry about that. I have pics of just about everybody sans Julius elite unit, also I am starting to piece what happens, numerous enemies on the chapter have brave weapons, allowing them to double, they tend to gang up on any unit and eventually my unit will die, same goes for the silver spear/Thoron wielders, just a couple of those that land a hit and I can kiss a few characters goodbye. I didn't realize because I tend to leave pressed the fast foward key.
  7. Fire Emblem Four, Genealogy of the holy war, tthe RNG usually finds a way to One shot my units somehow, be it from a boss getting a combination of skills, me never being able to land a hit even with 100% chance. Like one of the named units of the corpul chapter, the one that drops tornado, he usually is able to release a couple of very accurate tornado hits that hurt pretty much. Example Altena with a slim spear has 61 avoid, an enemy with a Elfire spell has somehwere around 40% of hitting her (theoretical example) 9 out of 10 times she will be hitt, no if and buts, sometimes up to 75% of her health. Or at least I call criticals a unit having 30 HP losing it all in a single attack despite high DEF or RES. A totally different example would be Seliph defending a position with 40 HP, an enemy waltzes in, attacks Seliph>Seliph loses all his HP in a single hit, despite the enemy only having slightly better stats. Or like two incidents made me have to reload the start of thje turn, a random unit somehow managed to hit a max speed/luck Lackche but that wouldn't be all, no she had around 60 or so HP points, a single hit and bam, she was dead. It was one of those moutned units that come out of the second castle. The other was one of the Baron units (I think) that protect Hilda (Blume's wife) their MAG in theory should be inferior to Tiny's resistance, once more the RNG bypassed that and landed a one hit kill on Tiny. The RNG in this game simply loathes me. No, I meant matching,Ced's Magic cap is 30, with a magic ring is 35, Ishtar res is capped at 30 with a bonus of +5, much like Julius cap. I wasnt aware that the staves would work if the magic matched the res of the nenemy, superior, yes but I was surprised that matching numbers would work.
  8. Finished it for the second time, after the AI decided to pull some RNG bullcrap and I had forgotten to save state I decided to abuse as much as I coul the Infinite movement glitch, turns out it was a good idea as it managed to help me reach Ishtar again in a lot less time. Still it would've been nice to know that unless you watch the RES of your enemy you cannot target them, I spent a bit thinking high and low that Ishtar had been given Inmunity from sleep or silence staves (both useful and very useful in stopping Julia on her tracks) Also I wonder, does the game performs the equation to determine the stats of everybody once you reset? It could be tied to Cecil leadership stars glitch.
  9. Did that years ago. Here is the pack. How to make use of this stuff: Not every character of the ENG patched game has matching adresses with the un patched rom, so fetch one (matters little if its headered or lacks one) and erase the (a) of the .cht load your game, load the save state (rename it if you want) and press the corresponding F button, overwirte it, close SNES9x re name the cheat file you just used so it has an (a) and repeat the same procedure as before with the b file. Ok it has something to do with the save states. Thats what happens when I reset the rom and load normally the game instead of pressing F1. Also they are not broken, magic and crap defense can still pose a problem when the RNG decides 'eh y'know that 40% chance of getting hit? Lets make it 200%!' I had to sacrifice Altena so that Ares did not die (wouldn't mattered) then I had to use Corpul valkyrie staff to bring her back, and before Ares despite his RES a Tornado tome cleaved trough it. Forgot to mention I love Tiny's moment of Shut up Hannibal! To Blume, I read her answer as if she were saying it in deadpan I couldnt help but laugh, it was awesome, and now at long last she is a Mage Hero. Arthur has been the one that needed to be babied for me, poor movement range until he gets a horse, but in so far he has been killed by so many criticals... (thank god for savestates)
  10. Beats me how it happened, maybe the + 5 bonus modified something? you know what? As soon as I beat this chapter I'll upload my cheatfiles and the save & savestate I am using, so you guys can check what is going on. Also Altena got better stats this time around
  11. This is not the results of a glitch, but rather I modded all characters of gen 1 to have 30 around the board sans HP which I made 80, only Altena is somehow affected, nor is he level 30 yet, he is level 16. Somehow this time around the stats are better for everyone. I never bothered to use the cheat codes for gen 2.
  12. Yeah chapter eight, I just recruited Paty's brother. And he isnt so much of a problem for most of my units, sans Johaval (but I dont use him beyond getting him down to 1HP and have my healers heal him. easy way to boost their exp and get both of them promoted) I am working on Leif so I can promote him soon to Master Knight and pass onto him the Brave Lance with 100 kills. Also Ishtar here was surpisingly easy to kill with said spear. And later on Ced!forsety will pop up. @Psych I got the Kight ring, but pawned it off on Ge Nvm I had given it to Lewyn, ergo Ced has it, also holy hell Folsety Ced is a beast! 30 Speed+20! SPEED out of the tome, mother of god. Holy mother of god, and he has sixteen levels to go!
  13. Maybe it is not a problem outside the arena, but in it? the chapter I am in has a Swordsmaster with a silver sword, before Julia can launch an attack he already OHKO'es her, it is also the last opponent, and while I do not need the cash, it is annoying to not be able to get that star. Ill put the ring on Claude's & Sylvia's daugther, I have it on fee and it helps to reach some villages before the bandits can wreck too much havock. And i'd wish the Earth Sword had more than 10 uses, it would make so much easier training Lief and Nana. Oh and I found the arena kills do not add up to the weapon kills, cute, well at least Finn will be getting rid soon of the brave spear and passing it down to Leif (I managed to get nearly a 100 kills on it, Ayra's Hero sword now also has 100 kill on it and its amazing how easier the game and boss killing is, speciall when Lana silenced the previous chapter 3 mage bosses) Also I read on tvtropes that apparently some comunities of FE dislike Tiny, why? I slapped on her a wind tome and she started wiping enemies left and right. I am sure that for my next run I'll be trying to make Azel get a 100 kills on a couple of wind books (unless the kill mechanics only apply to weapons and not tomes) This reminds me, is there any way to stop the NPC's of Lachesis to kill Fury? I had to pull some crazy stunts to recruit her this time.
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