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  1. Funnily enough everybody got screwed, Seliph started with 11 STR last time, this time he started with 14, three points higher, and many other characters too, only Julia in so far is a bit sub par (I got her Nosferatu but man, 7 DEF and that MOV, I am going to be giving her the leg and shield rings for a bit) The brother of Patty also started with much higher stats. I'll see if Altena got screwed. Also Julias stats are determined by Deidere+Alvis, right? And much to my charging, pawn stores do not move between generations, so the truckload of rings were lost, I do wonder if storage is shared between father and child..
  2. Probably as I don't plan to alter any pairings, But I will pay more attention. I did miss Lex Brave axe on purpose as I don't have anyone to inherit it and I've never used lex beyond the prologue (rushing him to the farthest village to kill the bandit and save it) As @Baldrick suggested it could be that the 80HP+30/STR/MAG/SKL/SPE/LCK/DEF/M.DEF. Caused the game to turn the inheritance to 0. Altho I wonder why Altena was the only one affected? Given that my code alters all units (even those I won't pair up) oh btw @Baldrick the game has hard caps unlike FE6, 7 and 8, it won't let any stat by raised beyond 30 sans for the HP. I have no MOV codes so I cannot check that.
  3. My current cheat file has that for every character on every stat sans move its changed to 30 and there is the bonus stat code that adds a +5 to everything until you equip a ring and then said stat will lose its +5. Thats is interesting none the less and would explain why she was such a bad character in my previous run. However can any one check if the results of 80/30/30/30/30/30/30/30 of cusn and ethlin stats can generate a number larger than 255? Toying with some coded fe4 wont accept for some caded anything beyond 255 and wil, roll back the nu ber to 0. (I found about this whe trying to hack the silver sword kill count out of curiosity)
  4. hmm, is that so? I'll have to check this run what happens with Cuan and Ethlin, they had theiir stats maxed so Althena should've been better. That or it all went to leif. I did forgot to pick the Gae Bolg before Cuan vanished before the desert chapter (gen 1) so that could also be, or it could be that cuan and ethlin massacred their way trough the wyvern riders.
  5. I am not ashamed at all to admit it. I did once perform a legit FE4 run, but it was like in 2012. Also I didn't hack 2nd gen at all. Altena never gained much speed for me, always got doubled in the arena, so what I did was sell a brave spear and had her buy it to alleviate somewhat that problem.
  6. I am aware that the staff ACC is calculated like that. I just couldnt do it given my latest saves had me face to face with Ishtar and going back to get the silence staff+the ring while I had left Ced to guard my main base (because Altena's brother? lover? whatever I had to reload and lose a victory against her due to his squad massacring Tornado/Ced so I had to reload, warp Altena to the home castle, get her in position and turn him into an NPC, sending Nana all the way back was too expensive considering her entire squad was breathing down my neck and there were those 80 EVA pegasus knights with the Earth/Runeswords. All right I'll consider these suggestions. Huh you learn something new every day. I wasn't expecting that.
  7. I did hack my 1st gen stats so i could finish it faster (it was my 2nd time playing gen 1. I only finished it once and that was years ago and I really wanted to try gen 2 as my last attempt was a trainwreck. What I did was use some action replay codes to give gen 1 max stats+bonus stats. So the stats of the parents also play a role with the kids?) So I missed two weapons thats annoying. For the user who said that about the sleep staff the ai didnt bother to target seliph but instead they chose to target everybody else which was really annoying. Ill take notes about ring distribution. I Am sure I missed a few. I do wish Altena had a better skill growth, tbh her with the gae bolg was pretty useless for me, foes either dodged or her damage dealt wasnt too great. I did finish the game, is just that I found the last chapter last segment a curveball.
  8. I just finished for the first time FE4 and I found the last gauntlet of chapters to be brutal, filled with cheap tricks or well cheap for my army given that they didn't wound up getting much in the way of resistance growth and never liked to dodge. Was it bad luck for me? I am leaving the images of my units by end game so I can get some opinions on how good or bad their stats are, also keep in mind I followed all the pairings here (Dew x Aira and Azel Tiltyu but otherwise I followed the 1st suggestions) Maybe for my next run I should get Shanan and Altena killed and then use the glitch to sell the Balmung and Gae Bolg so Larcei and Leaf use the respective weapon. As for why no Folsety, I forgot to ge the weapon and was more or less playing blind, beyond knowing who could be recruited the guides I found were notoriously innacurate. Also why the resistence values are so low? The final chapters feature tons of dark mages with sleep staves that have unlimited uses (a bit unfair that bit) and then there is Julius lover, her Tome makes mincemeat off my army and to boot she has insane evasion, I only managed to kill her by a combination of luck and Seliph being able to damage her so Ares is able to land the final hit. It came as a real nasty surprise that my army that had managed to handle itself very well until that point was being killed in two moves or less.
  9. Eh I'd say once the OP has played DeSu 1 or 2 or SMT IV he is ready for SMT If... and SMT II iirc there are english patches for both. My personal suggestion avoid Strange Journey, its not exactly well built at points and then there is this one maze filled to the brim with holes that will send you to a lower floor, I just gave up on it. The Persona 3 and 4 are good games and for all its dark tone they are much ligther than the three previous games. Not only that but are also better, mechanic wise and gameplay wise (sorry but the first POV of the first persona is not quite comfortable and then P2 IS and P2 EP didn't earn many favors with me)
  10. *scratches head* I am having quite a problem patching this, I got a FE4 rom, started it and SNES9X says checksum OK, so I assume its a rom with a header, so I go ahead and patch it and then I get checksum error. So I get a different rom, from a different source, same issue, I get a different patched than lunar IPS, same issue. I am going to try and download the patch again just in case it somehow became corrupted. The game also is unplayable on ZSNES it says checksum error. Edit to be specific it says corrupt rom. How big is the patched product supposed to be? 1.94 gives me a file that is one KB smaller than the un patched one... Edit 2 Nvm, turns out it lacks a header, to @Shin could you consider adding to the OP that a rom with a header should be 4,194,816 bytes? If its neither a problem with the moderators or with you. Is just that before stumbling on that bit of info on romhacking.net I wasn't aware of it. Edit 3: Got tit to work on ZSNES (and now to figure how to set the paths) I played for a bit, cool that the knight dude can now move a lot more, I never touched him much on the original FE4 because his poor movement kinda made him lag... a lot. And I fought the bandits... Killer axes? the hell? why so early game? Also are graphical glitches on the 'scene parts' common? (not a complaint, just wanting to make sure I patched the thing correctly after several days trying to figure it out. Anyway I managed to beat the prologue jesus christ I had forgotten how annoying it was.
  11. Not much really, unless you are attempting to edit FE9, 10 and 13 (awakening), any modern laptop should be enough (my laptop has 2gb of ram and its a dual core 2.2ghz and I can use nightmare with plenty of ease) I mention the three titles because they need a lot more of power to edit I suppose becuase of the emulators and possibly the tools to edit 3D animations.
  12. Considering that there are exploits and CFW's popping now, I'd say its not impossible.
  13. Yeah, only that the damage is calculated from the MAG stat and the RES stat instead of ATK and DEF.
  14. Not sure if it will be of any help but shadowx39 hacked a few Ocarina codes that gives some blades the ability to do magic damage. Wind Edge does Magic Damage [ShadowX39] 04B60200 00230008 Storm Sword does Magic Damage [ShadowX39] 04B60250 00C80008 Tempest Blade does Magic Damage [ShadowX39] 04B602A0 01F40008 Florete does Magic Damage [ShadowX39] 04B60340 00C80009
  15. Probably your rom file is corrupted, re download it from a different source, if that does not works check to see if the package has a single or multiple roms, there are some websites that pack several roms and SNESx9 might not like loading one, so load each one of the list.
  16. I agree with the above poster. Thanks for all the information regarding awakening.
  17. Same as the above poster I dont have a fix for this, however I have a hunch of what it could be, check the ranger class of fire emblem 8, I recently modded the shortbow to be 1-2 range and Ranger!Neimi, Ranger!Ines and Ranger!Gerik all can pull with no problems the attack at close quarters with animations on. I hope it helps you.
  18. I doubt it was an error on my end, it has happened twice with nightmare 2.jar and not with nightmare.exe. This is the previous topic I made months ago regarding this same exact situation.
  19. I edited the game once with the .jar version and as soon as I promoted any unit the game crashed, I deletled the rom and re did it with nightmare.exe and loaded my file and the game wouldnt crash this time. I had ran once before into said problem and I posted a topic somewhere here on that.
  20. I'll check later those two, given I am on the point of questions is there anyway to edit the convoy shop? I couldnt find a module for that. EDIT: Fem!Merc can promote, there is no animation but it does promotes to hero as expected.
  21. As the title goes I unpromoted some units on FE6 but not all units were un promoted, the only succeful one was Marcus, however Kleine is still the same class, same happens to echidna, I have unpromoted both units to Archer and Mercenary (female) why isnt it working? (I also did this entire process with Nightmare 1 given that nightmare 2 is not perfectly compatible with FE6 and screws with the weapon rank) EDIT: Fixed it, had to do it via army editor, however does the female mercenary lacks battle animations? also how do I change it's class name from What?! to Mercenary?
  22. I am aware but what you did gives me a base of sorts to understand scripting on fire emblem, and i had the suspicion that the 0x25 was the pointer to glenn's character, the rest was more or less self explanatory, and thanks for linking me to that tutorial, now i need to figure how to use the text editor function of FEditor.
  23. You could always try wine to run the program or google it.
  24. Yeah, altho i have been toying with the idea of having ismaire show up in River of Regrets, but i'll try to script that myself after i reverse engineer what you scripted and Hayden for the stall mission that is after the map filled with gorgon eggs. I can see that near the end of Aias glen edit 3 you added a set of lines ordering the game to deploy glen, on a position and on the respective x,y coordinates but i have no idea how you determined the equipment. Speaking of that you gave Selene two boltings.
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