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  1. Ok i checked the $ symbol is present, i figured what was the problem when i was replacing the ???? signs i missed one, i assembled the rom and it should work, let me check. Yes it works. Edit, now to answer your questions I followed steps A to C the offset i got was B2BDBC to that i added 50 which gave me B2BE0C which i used on the Eirika Ch 15.txt you gave me. For Ephraim i did the same exact thing so from the assembling i got the offset B2D494 to that i added 50 which gave me B2D4E4 which i then i used on the Ephraim ch 15 Glen is also of a similar level. As a curious side note neither of them show up in the nightmare editor.
  2. Ok i am following your instructions the first offset for eirika (i used your third edit on Aias Glen.txt) is B2BDBC adding 50 to that gives me B2BE0C and after running the assembler with the newly edited text i get B2CEC0 ephraim is B2D494 adding 50 to that gives me B2D4E4 and at trying to assemble the ephraim data i get this error Finished. 1 errors encountered: File Ephraim ch 15.txt, Line 17, Column 7: Didn't reach end, currently at Symbol(B2D4E4) No data written to output. For Eirika's chapter Selene arrives with a bolting and a fimbulvert at level 11, so i can say it works.
  3. chances are it was thinks to the first copy of the assembler somehow becoming corrupted Ephraim Ch 15 and Eirika Ch 15 And thanks for all the help
  4. So bumping in case Alfred or any one else can do me the favor of adding Glenn and Flurospar to their counter part chapter (Glenn to show up in ephraim's desert chapter along Saleh, Innes and Eirika and Flurospar on Eirika along Duessel , knoll and ephraim.
  5. I assume he either turned the character Marcus onto an empty space and then used a different space or he changed Marcus class... and that should not happen in my experience.
  6. Thanks for the answer, otherwise i might have turned the game onto a no merlinus run, i reached ch 26 and merlinus is now promoting and becoming pretty much a tank (30 LCK, DEF, RES and SPE)
  7. I'll get to it, thanks, oh which of the animation modules should i use?
  8. And now i have a problem, for some reason when i promote rath the game resets, as if pressed ctrl+r And what do i need to do to be able to upload .ups files here? http://www.mediafire.com/download/1gww2zqmyqk4g0a/Fire%20Emblem%20copia.ups -> patch of the game with the problem. The reset happens if i do it in the prep screen.
  9. Feh i have an intel integrated card, i used VBA RR own system to record the stuff it looks better in an reduced tab/window.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bbOfXHTSd4&feature=youtu.be -> vid with the glitch
  11. I'll upload a vid later, but is more or less what Klok just said, the battle animation for the staff gets garbled up and somehow it afffected Fortify uses, i had fortify set for 80 uses, the glitch caused the 0 in 80 to be removed meaning any fortify staff now has xx/ 8
  12. It's not exactly what i need, the function works, there is even a sprite animation, the problem is how the animation is executed, the 'square' for the Dark Druid is too small so the image becomes chopped as soon as you start with the healing.
  13. And extra cap points on DEF and res if the page is correct. A new question arises tho is there a patch to fix Dark Druid Staff animation? it also glitches the staff uses as bizaree as it might sound.
  14. First why is nergal class labelled in 0x45 as Transported and not Dark Druid? or D Druid?, second what is the difference between a playable sage and the Uber sage class that all the morphs seem to share?
  15. I'll try learning in a few months i have no time, this friday i have a partial test of Philosophy of the law then i have the next week my Obligations/contracts test and at least a two month period of cool down before May-june-july of partial tests and finals. I suspected it would be an issue so i thought of avoid testing the theory.
  16. thanks for the answer, i guess i'll need to get experience with the ASM thing.
  17. I am searching for the digits that are the skills of the promoted classes: General, Sniper, Rougue and Bishop. This to give to most Physical units the assassin skill and the great knight line Big Shield and mages and their multiple branching promotions would be given slayer making the bishop class equally optional to the sage (in the case of Moulder and Arthur) and would give an extra incentive to promote L'arachel, Lute and the nun whose name i cannot remember to Valkyrie or Mage Knight.
  18. No problem!, i am on a similar situation, exams are killing me. Tbh i was going to attempt doing it on Nightmare as i once did something like that for accident on Ephraims river of regrets (Ch 17 iirc) i basically took an NPC, a civilian, changed his class to Pegaus Knight and his portrait to Syrene and voila! i had her, of course then i found out i had two duplicates of the same character given that for some reason the Eirika chapter Syrenne also rules the ephraim's chapter Syrenne. But what i most curious is about the digits for the classes abilities, in particular great shield and Slayer, i could finish my last wish with this hack by granting Valkyries and Magic Knights along Sages Slayer and Great Shiled ofr Paladins and Great Knights, nightmare does not shows them.
  19. So is it possible to carry out my idea to have Slene appear on Eirika's 15 and Glenn on ephraim 15? Also what are the Bishop Slayer skill digits? nightmare does not shows them on the class editor.
  20. I bring good news!, Selena's recruitment went without a hitch!. It also ends the chapter by talking to her.
  21. I'll test it on a couple of days, i have to figure why VBA-M is refusing to add more codes, possibly the number (as some one removed the 'have almost all weapons in convoy' code
  22. To quote the fourth jojo 'yare yare yare' Ephraim 13 is now uploaded. Ephraim 13.txt
  23. Finally it works, beat Ch 13 and made the recruitment, i am surprised you gave Glenn a bright lance, considered how i over powered the 'extra' weapons along the 'ultimate' ones (basically the shadow killer, bright lance, fiend cleaver, something bow now negate enemy defenses, turn void criticals against you and drain HP of the target, the same happens to sieglinde, etc. oh and they give Dragonstone bonus stats, i thought of using well one of the demon king bonuses but it's not a good idea given they alter HP and if HP > 60 one hit from a trap=dead unit)
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