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  1. Ok i reached ch 13 and it crashes, as soon as i move any unit the game suddendly crashes.
  2. I Just reached ch 11, i spent good chunk of time abusing the tower of valni (thanks to everybody in the hack having 255% growth rates on every stat that can grow) i end up promoting people at level 10-15 rather than 20 like i do in the original. So for training i need to take Gerik, Tethys and Innes for training in order to turn them onto Hero, Druid and Ranger (I consider the sniper class utterly useless) then i am onto the caer pellyn village and i go to train Dozla, L'arachel, edward, Saleh (Druid and Sage) then i can go move to Ch 13, after checking it works i will edit the text. I have in mind something simple 'The Rumours of my dead were greatly exagerated by Valter Cormag, I spent a whole month under the care of the good people of Caer Pellin' 'So valter lied to me?! I swear i will kill him' 'Revenge never solves anything cormag' Simple enough in my humble opinion, looking at glenn's portrait i see him as a tranquil person. And when Glenn faces Valter 'Such a shame that your soul and mind were wraped beyond understanding thanks to the accursed lance' valter will answer with it was worth it for the power and Glenn answers 'I'll put you out of your misery now' The ther key interaction is with Lyon, if Ephraim 'You could have made a good emperor, a good leader prince Lyon however you chose the parth of darkness' 'I did what i had to do in order to secure grado's saftey' 'is that so? does that includes masacring over 80% of the continent turning it onto a war zone perverting your fathers remains and then working with a being that nearly killed all of our ancestors?' '...' 'Good bye you majesty may you find peace in the afterlife'
  3. Thanks for everything so far, i'll tell you if it works, i had to re start cuz eirika's route was already on ch 20
  4. Thanks, I now remembered i need two file of Ephraim if i am going to let Glenn live and join Eirika and the opposite stands for eirika's desert chapter i need him on the desert chapter, and whoops my bad. Ok here is ephraim with flurospar chapter Ch 15 Eirika desert Ch 15 Ephraim Just one thing for each (and it's my last request) in Eirika 15 once ephraim arrives Selene should arrive along him, and in Ephraim 15 from the start Glenn should be there along Saleh and innes. *sigh* trying to assemble it gives me a long string of errors, i assume the process is not the reverse of dissassembling? (Select Text file you want to add to the rom, select the rom you want edited and hit assemble using the correct chapter offeset) [spoiler=errors] errors encountered: File: EAstdlib.event, Line: 151: File EA Standard library\Boolean Logic.txt not found.: #include "EA Standard library\Boolean Logic.txt" File: EAstdlib.event, Line: 153: File EA Standard library\Numeric Helpers.txt not found.: #include "EA Standard library\Numeric Helpers.txt" File: EAstdlib.event, Line: 155: File EA Standard library\Unit Helpers.txt not found.: #include "EA Standard library\Unit Helpers.txt" File: EAstdlib.event, Line: 157: File EA Standard library\World Map Helpers.txt not found.: #include "EA Standard library\World Map Helpers.txt" File: EAstdlib.event, Line: 159: File EA Standard library\Weather Definitions.txt not found.: #include "EA Standard library\Weather Definitions.txt" File: EAstdlib.event, Line: 161: File EA Standard library\Chapter Structure Helpers.txt not found.: #include "EA Standard library\Chapter Structure Helpers.txt" File: EAstdlib.event, Line: 163: File EA Standard library\Main Code Helpers.txt not found.: #include "EA Standard library\Main Code Helpers.txt" File: EAstdlib.event, Line: 165: File EA Standard library\Misc Helpers.txt not found.: #include "EA Standard library\Misc Helpers.txt" File: EAstdlib.event, Line: 167: File EA Standard library\Convo Background Definitions.txt not found.: #include "EA Standard library\Convo Background Definitions.txt" File: EAstdlib.event, Line: 169: File EA Standard library\Chapter Definitions.txt not found.: #include "EA Standard library\Chapter Definitions.txt" File: EAstdlib.event, Line: 171: File EA Standard library\Music Definitions.txt not found.: #include "EA Standard library\Music Definitions.txt" File: EAstdlib.event, Line: 173: File EA Standard library\End Of Chapter Helpers.txt not found.: #include "EA Standard library\End Of Chapter Helpers.txt" File: EAstdlib.event, Line: 175: File EA Standard library\Convo Helpers.txt not found.: #include "EA Standard library\Convo Helpers.txt" File: EAstdlib.event, Line: 177: File EA Standard library\Tile Changes.txt not found.: #include "EA Standard library\Tile Changes.txt" File: EAstdlib.event, Line: 179: File EA Standard library\Trap Helpers.txt not found.: #include "EA Standard library\Trap Helpers.txt" File: EAstdlib.event, Line: 183: File EA Standard library\Backward Compatibility.txt not found.: #include "EA Standard library\Backward Compatibility.txt" File: EAstdlib.event, Line: 207: File EA Standard library\FE8 Definitions.txt not found.: #include "EA Standard library\FE8 Definitions.txt" File Eirika Ch 13 Aias Glen edit.txt, Line 783, Column 21: Didn't reach end, currently at Comma(,)
  5. Oh damn, sorry, i havent checked cutscenes of FE 8 in a long time and i mix up Ch 9 that is the port one with Revolt at Carcino. here is the ephraim one all i want is for Selene to go from Enemy to Ally after Ephraim or Duessel talks with him. Here is Ch 13 the battle of Hamil Canyon it makes more sense is my opinion since i can make Glenn talk to Cormag and not make him show up right after the Ch 10 aas it took him some time to heal his wounds
  6. Mostly that Gen is deployed in the chapter after... turn 5 as an NPC and that Eirika can talk to him in order to recuit him. I am going to dissassemble one more chapter and upload it's not much of a bother, it's an ephraim chapter but thats it.
  7. Ah i see, thanks for the tip, here is the ch 9 events dissassembled i hope chose the correct pointers.
  8. I tried to make use of a blank file, i named it blank.txt and then i select the file, my hacked rom, and i got the error and if i select the chapter option then i get: Finished. 1 errors encountered: Invalid pointer $EA00002E in offset 0 at pointer list. No data written to output.
  9. there was a patch made a by a YT user for Fire Emblem 8 that added the STR/Mag as separate stats but i dont remember it anymore.
  10. Got this error: Finished. 1 errors encountered: Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Referencia a objeto no establecida como instancia de un objeto. en Nintenlord.Event_Assembler.Core.Code.Language.EACodeLanguageDisassembler.<FindTemplates>d__24.MoveNext() en Nintenlord.Event_Assembler.Core.Code.Language.EACodeLanguageDisassembler.Disassemble(Byte[] code, Int32 offset, Int32 length, Priority priority, ILog log, Boolean addEndingLines) en Nintenlord.Event_Assembler.Core.Program.Disassemble(String inputFile, String outputFile, String languageName, Boolean addEndGuards, DisassemblyMode mode, Int32 offset, Priority priority, Int32 size, ILog messageLog) en Nintenlord.Event_Assembler.UserInterface.MainForm.<.ctor>b__3(Object sender, DoWorkEventArgs args) No data written to output.
  11. How do i dissassemble a rom? the program is asking me for a text file and i am not too keen on using the sample one in case god knows what will happen
  12. I'll make later a few copies of the rom, trying my hand at using nightmare/nightmare 2 for modding the events made end up breaking ch 9 beyond repair so i had to use an old version to get where i was yesterday Glenn i predict is going to be the difficult part, why? because i need to modd a cutscene i think it's post 10A the one i would need to toy with, because otherwhise he never shows up in the game map (he is killed by a fixed event, much like in the prologue Valter injures Seth)
  13. Chances are that some descriptions will be need to be cut from the text all together due that probably the J version uses less characters per phrase than english or spanish that reduces the amount of avalible space to insert text, iirc Blazer faced a similar issue when Translating fire emblem 12
  14. I know all i did is fairly easy stuff, hence why i labelled myself as a n00b. Can you link me to the Tutorial? and *sigh* guess i'll download the coordinate converter and check. Problem is that i toyed too much with the reinforcement editor and now Eirika tries to recruit amelia in turn 1 no matter what tab i select.
  15. I will, and i also find that saddening, FE6 is such a wonderful game, it has just the right lenght, not too long nor too short, it has enough challenge and i like that, and i often wonder why no one makes an ENG patch for FE7 J? i mean if no one wants the BS that is the tutorial all they need is to pretty much rip the FE7 U text and inject it onto a FE7 J rom. Thanks for all the help and Nightmare 2 is incomplete? must be the reason why i suddendly have 3 allied units positioned over three enemy units in FE 8 i was trying to position Glenn there to recruit him.
  16. @Wintersmith, really? well i guess i'll give it a go, also what i meant by altering magic users is so that any magic unit can wield and use any magic, Light, Dark, Anima and staves, well any promoted unit, altering the route is that in my FE8 summoner class is outright replaced by Necromancer, not to mention i also altered Tethys so that she is a Female Shaman/Druid. Also could you please give me some pointers? checking the recruitment editor part there is no 13B, tho that can be easlity fixed, i need to swap bosses i have no idea how to do that, i need to make Selena the boss of 10B permanently, no idea how to do that either, no idea how to make Glenn show up in the map for 9A, altho i found a way to program the recuitment. By Any chance you have a link for any FE 8 maps that have grid? i figured how to make glenn show up (in theory) but looking at the map i have no way to determine X/Y coordinates.
  17. I like two particular characters of The sacred stones that cannot be recruited until you clear Valni tower post game 3 times and a certain floor of Lagdou ruins, i am talking about Fluoro spark and Sun Stone, both are characters i feel sympathy and i do not like that they are killed with such ease. I want to change their deaths and add support convos with some of the characters. My question is my being a total n00b at the more advanced stuff how difficult can this be? For those with curiosity my editing skills do not go beyond: a) De promoting units. b) Altering their stat growths c) Altering the magic classes to fit my ends. d) Altering the stat cap of the classes. e) alter Promotion path f) make weapons have unlimited uses and alter the number of remaining uses. Thats all i know, all of it self taught by experimenting with a lot of roms of FE8. I want for example Ephraim and Duessel being able to talk Fluorospark from her suicidal path and given that Glennis not hostile and from what i remember Glenn was not hostile towards Erika and was offed by Valter, so i would make Glenn Recruitable in Ch 10a and Selene would show up as part of EPhraim's entourage in 13-14A.
  18. Oddly works with nightmare i modded Roy Lord Stats and then used a CB to turn niime onto a female shaman and then promote her to Druid and it worked, oddly.
  19. No i havent, you think if i used it it would avoid he problem nightmare 2 adds to my hack?
  20. Ok i can confirm it has to do with the growth rates, i dunno why but upping them to 250 crashes the game upon promotion, i started from scratch with a new ROM and only did two things, all characters get 250% growth rates and i modded the Druid M and F, the Bishop M and F and finally the Sage M and F clases to be able to use all kinds of magic, same results as before, game crashes as soon as the growths finish. Reducing the stats to 100 still triggers the freeze, all i can assume is the game does not likes having it's stats growths messed around. Altho can any one test a theory of mine? make all recruitable character growths to be 250 then take the class growths and put them in the same number and see if it still freezes, i guess it could be a disparity between class and growth % Correction FE6 plain hates you messing around with the classes even if i dont touch the growths the game crashes.
  21. I'll try, i was actually reducing the growth levels to 100 before that, give me 30 mins or so in order to check. I cannot, as soon as the unit gets their weapon upgraded the game freezes. EDIT: i tested again by using a CB code to put a unit's sword level to A and then i promoted it, same issue as before game freezes, will i have to re-do the hack?
  22. 1) I wont upload roms, i wasnt sure what was the policy so i will uploading a patch later. 2) The program is nightmare 2. 3) i increased the status growth % to 250% for all characters you can recruit along making sure that all valkyries, sages and druids have access to the whole magic triangle. http://www.mediafire.com/download/fp0e1e81h3h56ip/fe6%20UB%20prototype.ups -> patch for an english FE6 game EDIT: the freeze happens post stat growths, when the game should display to me the new ranks of weapons availble, it does it with all units.
  23. First hello to the members of the comunity i am kinda of a newbie modder/hacker/whatever is the correct term for me i am posting here due that I have been using nightmare to mod Fire Emblem 6 to my liking and i found a rather nasty obstacle in the process, i have applied the last of the mods i wanted but when i promote the character the game freezes, it happens to any and all characters. If any one wishes is can upload a patch or the ro and my savefile to show whats the issue. The only changes i have done so far are: I increased all recruitable characters growth rates to 250%, i gave the legend weapons the Rapier, along Al sword and Gant's spear the same stat boost as the Dark Dragon stone gives to Idoun and finally i made all the promoted magic classes to have access to all forms of magic, IE Sages also can use dark tomes, Druids can use light magic, Valkyries can use both. And finally all weapons have unlimited uses. As a side note this was inspired in a sense from a brawl mod project that aims to break all characters, i have the same aim in my hacks.
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