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  1. I'm trying to see if I can get Fury promoted by the beginning of chapter 3, and that might allow her to return Claude to give a turn or two of standing next to each other. The movement might not work out though.
  2. I'm in the process of planning out a rescue glitch LTC run of FE4. When I checked the jealousy section of the website, the list of priorities for Claude put Aira and Ethlin below Adean in terms of priority. This would imply that Ethlin could be used to expedite the love process, but it just feels a little weird that a unit who is otherwise outside the lover system would impact jealousy. I'm curious if anyone can confirm or deny whether or not Ethlin can actually be part of a jealousy formation with Aira, Adean, and Claude.
  3. This happens because male and female units build up lover points even when they aren't standing next to each other. The rate is much slower, so if you plan out your pairings early enough adjacency will almost always win over against the innate love growth. If you don't wait as long to start pairing next time, these issues will be avoided.
  4. I know that in FE4 Luna/Sol are calculated before checking for hit. That may or may not mean anything, but since they're both SNES FE games there may be some overlap (though probably not too much, the RNG must be quite different in FE5 because weird menu stuff advances rns.)
  5. Pity I missed this. I'm kind of inclined to think that Hector, Dorcas, and Bartre would be good picks. Though they aren't the best it's only Eliwood normal mode so with obscene amounts of experience they could probably one round everything with hand axes, they have good availability, and might even be able to do a thing or two with rescuing. Of course, in a draft like this who the hell knows. Edit: Oh yeah Erk would also be great.
  6. I thought I wouldn't like this run as much as the FE6 one because I love rescue chains and there aren't any here, but that chapter 6 strategy was beautiful. I especially enjoyed the super precise unit positioning, to achieve things like stopping Caeda from getting hit by an archer. It's a pity that warp skipping exists, seeing how you respond to the higher difficulty of FE11 with a bunch of chumps is great.
  7. Wow, I thought your FE6 run was amazing, but this really blew my mind! Gratz!
  8. I'm not too big on Hillary either, but I'm supporting her because I think it's very important that the next president is a Democrat to ensure that Obama's policies aren't gutted. Though I lean more leftwards on economic issues, the real reason I can never imagine myself voting for a Republican is that I find their positions on LGBT rights and planned parenthood to be very immoral. If it were simply an economic question, I might vote for Jeb over Hillary, but with social policy included I could never.
  9. @jetbeamscantmeltsteelfull I also support Obama's economic policies and think they have done a lot of good for the country, but if opinion polls don't catch up before 2016 they'll still be a political liability. As for the email scandal... I think that's a grey area. My father works for the state department and he thinks that Hillary's actions are a bit disrespectful to other government employees, who also find it inconvenient to use a government email address but do it anyways. According to him, it also probably breaks state department policy, though when you're in command you have a little more freedom to break rules. He still plans to vote for her though. All that aside, the scandal at worst amounts to a minor infraction, though it does fit well with an emerging republican narrative of trying to paint Hillary as out of touch. Considering how effective a similar strategy was for defeating Romney, it is slightly worrying, though I'm still confident/hoping that Hillary is well positioned to win. On the other hand the Benghazi "scandal" is a groundless, politically manufactured issue that should have been lain to rest a long time ago.
  10. I'm quite happy. I absolutely love Biden, and his debate against Paul Ryan was beautiful. Hillary is still the more formidable candidate in the general election, since Biden's connections to the Obama presidency are an issue unless Obama's upwards trend in the polls continues.However, it's always bad to count entirely on one candidate, as Hillary could completely implode. The Clintons are generally scandal proof, but if something especially egregious came to light the democrats could be left scrambling. Biden would be a good, electable alternative with name recognition (sorry O'Malley.)
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBwUZDZKiWs&feature=youtu.be The run continues! I've recently gained motivation to work on this so maybe the run will actually start to progress at a decent rate.
  12. Lol @ Alec actually being a good father. It's good to see that this is as terribly imbalanced as real FE4.
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