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  1. I think we can assume Stahl as Kjelle's father because Stahl and Sully get literally THE ONLY unique ending in this game… who cares about canon really? If you can customize parings, just do the ones you like…
  2. I mean like Support, Dual attack, guards, Crit/Skill and Kill quotes. Mine would be: "I'm by your side."/"Stay vigilant."/"Be careful."/"Draw your weapon." (Support) "Over here!"/"Fool!"/"Dual Attack!"/"Now!!" (Attack) "You're welcome."/"Pay attention."/"I won't let you lose."/"Move!" (Guard) "You forced my hand."/"Checkmate." (I'd keep that one)/"My regards to the afterlife!"/"You'll have to forgive me." (Crit/Skill) "One down."/"Rest."/"Next up?"/"Whatever it takes." (Kill) "Gee, thanks."/"...hmph."/"Couldn't have done it alone."/"Well..." (Ally kill)
  3. Hard Casual (treated like classic with deaths, I just use Casual suspend-save a lot) with EXTREMELY minimal grinding until I get the kids - then I'll grind for the skills I want to pass down.
  4. Two more questions, then I think I have everything out of the way: 1. Chrom x Sumia or Chrom x Olivia? If not Chrom, Sumia will go with Gaius. 2. should Maribelle!Morgan be a Dark Flier or a Grandmaster?
  5. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to games with large amounts of customization. also, I only marry first gen to first gen and second to second (cuz I hate 3rd gen morgan - too many timelines), so…
  6. So, I don't know which of the following to do: Chrom x Maribelle and MaMu x Somebody (probably Olivia)/FeMu x Frederick OR Chrom x Sumia and MaMu x Maribelle If anybody could help, I'd appreciate it. (P.S. This is for a LP, which'll come out on my channel sometime in February most likely)
  7. 1. Lon'qu x Olivia - Similar personalities, knew each other before wars, helps him get stronger which is what Lon'qu wants and we get a badass black haired Owain 2. Lon'qu x Lissa - we get an explanation for why Owain's a Myrmidon 3. Lon'qu x Panne - similar…ish, Yarne's cowardice as the son of a badass warrior is king
  8. So, ima do male MU +LCK -Either HP or DEF and marry Lissa
  9. @ Anacybele Sorry if I was mean - I just was trying to be funny…my luck is horrible and tend to twist what people say, especially over the internet, so I am the worst person to talk to online @eggs4king It's hard casual, and I'm gonna go through the game grinding sparsely, and for skills that will be passed down, otherwise just leveling through chaps, then, for DLC/post game, grind for dem skills
  10. What I meant is that I don't really have Fred as my female MUs husband for the same reasons you have Fred as your's. I did it for stats and hair color - he's not my favorite male and now the topic is derailed and I feel like a fool
  11. My female avatar is always +SPD, because I use her as the main unit, so I actually wanna kill some things with her on APO. If I were to do physical Morgan he would be a hero, though not a shabby plan[ UmmmmmI'm JayPaperGOD...I simply chose Fred because brown haired Morgan and he's not gonna die of diabetes (Gaius), kill me (Henry) or make me feel like a pedo (any of the children)
  12. ana hasn't commented yet? we all know her response already though If Fred!Morgan, Morgan would be a grandmaster as child of my +SPD female MU. I only want Lissa!Morgan as a Sorceror.
  13. The problem with +MAG is that it gives 4 more magic than strength - why on earth would I use physical weapons on Owain? I want a perfectly balanced Dread fighter Owain - Strength and Magic are exactly the same.
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