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  1. 1. Orange Scarlet, the Custov brothers, Chepp Von Decellius 2. Whenever I have stuff to show, aside from good mugs 3. Skype me at Matt_Custov, be prepared to show your skills to the full team
  2. We have some maps, some characters, and some ideas for the text Yes, lemme rephrase it, Will you join this project? thank you, also you'd know the story of the story, considering you and Orange created it
  3. Hello everyone, starting today, the Goth and Awesome team is creating a project before the time of law and order, on the continent of kings, a land of beginnings (Marth's continent). Hopefully, this will be a chocolate hack. Right now, we (i.e. the team) are looking for members who can make portraits, event, mapmake, and a little help with scripting. Screenshots will be posted as are available. Team so far: Orange Scarlet - Battle Sprites Matt Custov - Portraits and Text Editing Chepp Von Decellius - Battle Sprites and Portraits
  4. Rath, Kent and Hector splice A lot of work went into these sprites, please comment your opinion on them
  5. Matt_Custov

    FE Recolor

    Thank you Yeti, making this tool saved my life
  6. He wasn't insulting your writing, he was stating a fact that I find true myself, if you say I have ideas, almost everyone does, so that's kind of a bland statement. Also Kelik is bada$$, don't insult him
  7. 1. Sorry 2. will be done 3. I have experience with Mappy, FEditor, Nightmare, Event Assembler (I don't really know how to use it though), and HxD. If I'm right, that's all of them Do you mean Blazer's? becaus I read that one Yeah, sorry about that, I thought I clicked hacking questions, I must've clicked the wrong thing Edit: I don't know how to change the post of a topic or delete it
  8. I always use mediafare or dropbox for my flies
  9. I would love to help with the scripting Yeti made a brand new map editor this weekend. That tool is way better than mappy and tiled combined XD Once my guide is written and we optimize a few processes... There is no replacing Mappy, Klok!
  10. I agree with Blazer, and I can help with the scripting, should you need it
  11. If you would like to help me, Skype me @ Matt_Custov, messaging me what you can do to help
  12. Hello everybody, I'm a noobish modder in fire emblem games. I'm working on my first two hacks together and would like to request help. My friend SmashedFish is helping with some portriats, and Markyjoe1990 is teaching me how to event.
  13. nice, looks like it's coming along. I would love to try it out.
  14. This hack looks amazing. If I had the time (or the incredible skills)I would help you with this hack. Sadly my hack, Volley of War, is still buggy and needs to be evented better. Either way, I wish you good luck on this hack I find it funny that we're all sitting here talking about FFT when the subject at hand is Marc's FE mod lol
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