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  1. Like does the program actually have the rules of the game built in like any other card game you can play on PC or like is it just a base and you have to manually apply rules and stuff?
  2. Have we got any indicator or official confirmation that they will release the card game in English at all? If so would it probably be released around the time the game comes out in English next year?
  3. Any specific recommendations for places to buy the cards online that do Internationally delivery?
  4. So is this actually working/finished? Would I be able to play FE Cipher using this program?
  5. $60 is the price here in Aus. Its good that there seems to be some discount for getting the other path, I assume the DLC 3rd path will be roughly half price of the retail release price? Versions of pokemon don't matter.
  6. Here are a few price scenarios I see. Buying 1 version at retail. You go pay your $60 for whatever version, when you choose to download the other 2 campaigns: You get a discount of sorts. Either as a bundle or individually. There is no discount and its $60 per campaign ($180 total). I doubt anyone is going to buy both versions physically, we don't even know if the save data and game information will be shared between the game or if thats even possible or if its solely download all 3 or buy 1 physically but rest must be downloaded if you want save/game info to be shared amongst those campaigns. Unlike Pokemon, the versions don't matter. The content between versions is so minimally different and it provides ways of freely accessing the other content you dont get in this version. However these are completely different games set within the same story and its mechanics and features are interconnected heavily so I cant help but feel that if there isnt some kind of discount for getting all 3 that it's a little bit much.
  7. Seems like you are insinuating being a virgin is a bad thing. I believe the more appropriate term you are looking for is immature.
  8. Anyone know what the name of the song is? It sounds like its xenoblade chronicles music and since it recently came out it would make sense but I cant seem to find what the name of the track is anywhere. I'm in Australia/Europe region if it helps at all. Thanks!
  9. Do we know if cards coming out this June will be compatible with the old cards or is it a brand new game with new rules? I hope there is a community somewhere either like a FB group or a seperate board on these forums just for the TCG. I always wanted to play the old card game and buy the cards but I could never find a resource or group large enough since no-one ever seem to translate and get the rules for it. This was the best that was done and it wasnt much http://aquantis.tripod.com/FEcards.html Does anyone know of a community being set up so its easy to find out who I can buy cards from, rules etc...?
  10. Happy Birthday, sorry for being a week late!!!

  11. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  12. Nothing new, I know. It has been years since I first discovered it and progress is extremely slow at best in translating cards. Anyone know how to play or the game or a resource on how to? Would anyone consider backing a Kickstarter to pay for someone to translate everything FT so people could buy/download cards and actually play (or maybe even to set up a video game for it but with copyrights and all very unlikely). This is what I am taking about for those who dont know http://aquantis.tripod.com/FEcards.html (Honestly a new website needs to be made so this thing can be revived).
  13. Masked Marth instead of Marth. Everyone "wins" then. "Marth" for the unaware still remains the FE rep and won't tell the difference besides new costume and the mask (Melee/Brawl marth can be alternative costume) however it will have extra significance for the fans and won't be so much of a spoiler (Although that hasnt really been a factor). Would make more sense for Castle/Arena Ferox representation and probably whatever other stage(s) they decide to release.
  14. I thought the face was weird and creepy. Much prefer if Grima didn't have some secondary face and kept to the dragon eye glowing stuff.
  15. What about something like Vantage, Vengence, LB, Miracle, Sol on sorcerers. Pretty much won't die in one go most of the time, and if they live they are going to hurt very hard bad and heal most of their damage back with nosferatu?
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