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  1. @ILikeKirbys Thanks for the help! Though, just one thing, I'm fairly sure that -Spd Celica is -3 stats not -4, so that's 30 Spd. I was contemplating B skill that will suit her other than Renewal, but I guess that's the best to capitalize her niche huh. Also, what do you think about Ardent Sacrifice vs Reciprocal Aid for her? I lack the fodder for the former, but I just want to ask lol. I think I'm sticking with Threaten Res since I always have a hone speed ally in my team. Is SPD+1 Sacred Seal still necessary with that in mind? I do plan to give her DB3 someday for that sweet sweet 66/67 maximum potential damage, kekekeke,
  2. What would be a good build for -Spd +Res Celica? So far I have passed her Draconic Aura (Alm x Celica yo) and Threaten Res 3. If possible, I want to keep her unique Distant Def since I don't have access to DB3 atm. But, I do have to LoD 3 fodder for consideration.
  3. I just hope his sprite and stats will be good as a saving grace.
  4. [5* F Corrin's lv 40 convo] F Corrin: If it's okay with you, please pat me again. By receiving your kind feelings, I'm sure I'll become stronger than ever before. [(Big sister) Corrin.....] -hearstruck...- Arrow: Formerly, Kiran.
  5. It'll fail to double breaker enemies, but that goes without saying. And yeah they stack.
  6. You didn't eat your tomato. That's why. Don't you see that Wo Dao is drenched in tomato juice?
  7. After the disaster known as Hero Pest, I was finally graced with Milla's Blessings and was able to meet Celica. She's -Spd but whatever. Also got a dupe Nino finally aaaaaaaa. She's +HP -Res aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  8. Then I guess it'd be up to lady luck on who'll lead near the end.
  9. I really want Julia to win but I am confused on how should I spend my flags. Case in point: If I spend my flags during the 3x bonus, a lot of others will also do it and that'll put Tharja into 3x spot too later. Rinse and repeat. The scariest part is when we have reached billion points. At that point, the gap would be too big to trigger the 3x state and will probably stay in stalemate. It'd be Linde 2.0 I tell you.
  10. I always consider Reinhardt as a free win too since I have Julia in my Arena team paired with Azura. Reinhardt would need 52 Atk if he hopes to barely scratch her.
  11. Sweater Narcian will be fabulous as heck I tell you.
  12. If that means women are to wear swimming trunks only then... Excuse me, I'll have to get some tissue.
  13. Close, but I used 3 swords and a lancer team. And, I just realized I posted in the wrong thread. I'm so drunk today, it seems.
  14. Ah. As long as you're not talking about bikini FE Scathach then it's fine by me.
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