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  1. @ILikeKirbys Thanks for the help! Though, just one thing, I'm fairly sure that -Spd Celica is -3 stats not -4, so that's 30 Spd. I was contemplating B skill that will suit her other than Renewal, but I guess that's the best to capitalize her niche huh. Also, what do you think about Ardent Sacrifice vs Reciprocal Aid for her? I lack the fodder for the former, but I just want to ask lol.

    I think I'm sticking with Threaten Res since I always have a hone speed ally in my team. Is SPD+1 Sacred Seal still necessary with that in mind? I do plan to give her DB3 someday for that sweet sweet 66/67 maximum potential damage, kekekeke,

  2. 9 hours ago, Roflolxp54 said:

    Female Corrin being popular among her brothers as usual; poor Eclat/Kiran. (A translator for this would be great!)


    [5* F Corrin's lv 40 convo]

    F Corrin: If it's okay with you, please pat me again. By receiving your kind feelings, I'm sure I'll become stronger than ever before.

    [(Big sister) Corrin.....] -hearstruck...-

    Arrow: Formerly, Kiran.

  3. 18 minutes ago, dragonlordsd said:

    Does Ragnarok Stack with Darting Blow? I heard it stacks with hone/spur. If so, that could give you 49-53 speed on the attack. I don't think there's anything that fails to double.

    Edit: 48-51 speed. Not quite that high.

    It'll fail to double breaker enemies, but that goes without saying. And yeah they stack.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Cute Chao said:

    I've tried. Finest steak and everything! I thought about sacrificing the cat, but he didn't agree...


    You didn't eat your tomato. That's why.

    Don't you see that Wo Dao is drenched in tomato juice?

  5. After the disaster known as Hero Pest, I was finally graced with Milla's Blessings and was able to meet Celica. She's -Spd but whatever.

    Also got a dupe Nino finally aaaaaaaa. She's +HP -Res aaaaaaaaaaaaaa


    Slightly better than +Def -Res but aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    But I finally got +Atk -Def Hana yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaawwww. Time to 5* her and merge her with super neutral Hana.


  6. 45 minutes ago, Ice Dragon said:

    By the end, the point differential will probably be high enough that it can't be surmounted in a single hour anyways. Unless this does happen to be a truly close match, spending feathers early or spending feathers late won't matter too much.

    Then I guess it'd be up to lady luck on who'll lead near the end.

  7. I really want Julia to win but I am confused on how should I spend my flags.

    Case in point: If I spend my flags during the 3x bonus, a lot of others will also do it and that'll put Tharja into 3x spot too later. Rinse and repeat. The scariest part is when we have reached billion points. At that point, the gap would be too big to trigger the 3x state and will probably stay in stalemate. It'd be Linde 2.0 I tell you.



  8. 9 minutes ago, Vaximillian said:

    Still squeeing like a fangirl and rewatching and rewatching and rewatching the trailer so that I can hear With Mila's Divine Protection again and again.

    Nintendo/IS/whoever, just push the update so that dataminers can extract that glorious theme!

    I'm still mesmerized by Celica's art haha. It's just so beautiful.

  9. Just now, SatsumaFSoysoy said:

    So, I just checked the Japanese trailer again for Ragnarok's effect, and the Japanese skill description says that Celica will only take the 5 damage from attacking when she's at max health (the exact wording is when the Atk/Spd boost is in effect, but that's essentially when max health). That's actually amazing.

    I wish there's a fury like this lol.

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