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  1. It really seems that on maddening/NG, S+ ranks will not be feasible unless you literally only train 1 skill or have a knowledge gem on the entire game
  2. I trained her budding talent only to never use it since she pretty much always did more damage with just her spells
  3. I hardly did extra battles outside of paralogues and rare beasts, and the difficulty felt fair. Late game units can get pretty stacked on speed; 44 speed assassins could double pretty much everyone on my team and warriors could 1/2HKO all but my beefiest members which were edelgard and wyvern!petra. Only thing is the game gives you so much to work with that if you use your battalions correctly you can easily cc a pack and pick them off easily. Mages also dont have to worry about conserving their resources and when they get more spells they can just go crazy with their strongest spells which makes dealing with troublesome generics easy. Lysithea was basically an on demand "delete this unit" button to be specific. It felt better than awakening hard at least post timeskip, which is fair since lunatic hasn't been released yet.
  4. Unfortunately, I've beat the route and selecting the cleared file just starts a ng+
  5. Actually i'm just an idiot lol, I thought lys's magic was capped since she hadnt gotten any in a few levels and the bar was filled, but it turns out it was just bag rng since I dinged 51 magic without the renown boost. I just wasn't used to seeing her not get magic...
  6. I'm a gremory, but I thought caps were character specific, not classes?
  7. Is the max stats page inaccurate? It looks like non hp stats are capped at 50, 55 with the renown statues. Is there supposed to be some other way to raise your caps? My Lysithea is at 50 Magic and not getting anymore, so I wanted to see if there's a way to increase caps so I don't waste levels. Edit: nvm i was just getting bad rng lol
  8. Is the max stats page accurate on the main SF page? My lysithea is hitting 50 mag and It looks like the bar on her stat page is nearly filled even though the cap is supposed to be in the 80s. Is there a limit break skill in the game?
  9. For black eagles, which route is the 4th route and which is standard BE?
  10. So from what I know, each class gets a skill that you can keep permanently after you master it, but also have skills inherent to that class. For example, if I go through mercenary and get vantage as a mastery skill, then go to swordmaster, will vantage take up 1 of the 3 slots allotted for class skills? Also since some classes come with 3 class skills, does that mean you can't use any of your previously unlocked mastered abilities with that class or can you take out innate abilities?
  11. awesome, that's basically what I wanted to know, thank you very much. Im okay with not finding some way to trivialize the later chapters since that's about where my old save was anyways.
  12. So after accidentally deleting my lunatic save on ch21, I quit for a few months in rage. However with the new game coming up, I want to finish the game just for completion's sake. I'm open to using all the path bonuses including dread fighter and dark flier and free dlc's (picked up witch from anna's gift), but wont be grinding. That being said, what corrin build would you recommend and how should I use the dlc classes?
  13. Alright, i'll probably use the first set of pairups and use percy as a zerker. Is there a way i could fit Nina in here in case Niles gets screwed and I need someone to abuse pass for endgame? Thank you for detailed answer! My only seal usage so far (chapter 11) is the heart seal on avatar to reclass to wyvern and a heart seal on jakob to reclass to wyvern, which I feel was a mistake given your suggestion on his reclassing paths. I wasn't really planning on using dwyer/kana, but could you explain why avatar x jakob is a bad pairing for them out of curiosity? And I probably won't be using keaton, pairing camilla and niles instead, though I don't know how much that hurts Niles's own performance. I probably won't be using Beruka either, as my Effie already has alot of exp dumped into her. I'm thinking of either using a partner seal to start working on her axe rank early or promoting her to a great knight.
  14. the only units i had planned to use as pure pairup bots were charlotte and arthur. I'm not sure if i should start getting supports on camilla and niles right now, or hold out until i can get camilla with keaton and work with niles x beruka immediately.
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