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  1. Hi. This Tutorial will show you how to change the text in the English translation of Ankoku Ryu to Hikari no Tsurugi. I could not find any other Tutorials on the matter, so I am creating this one. I am sure you could use to make other translations, or even just use the Japaneses text; However I don't know Japaneses or have a Japaneses Keyboard. I used the old translation found here but you should be able to use the new one if you want to. First I would like to add that you can not change how much text is being displayed. You only have the same amount of characters or less. For an example, Marth = Warth Not Marth = Huge_dude_42069. There is a way to add more characters , I just don't know how, yet. Here is a list of things that you need to start. 1. Rom 2. A English Patch (Only if you want to use the English/Latin Alphabet in the game) 3. Fceuz I thing only the windows version has debugging, but I don't know if sure. You might need to use Wine or just recompile if you are using Mac os X, or a Linux distro. 4. A hex editer that can read .tbl files. I wanted to use hxd but it can't read that. Windhex can, but this might only be for windows. Let me know the ones that you use. I hear Vim is good, though I am not sure it can read .tbl files 5. TBLater 6. tilemolester-0.16 If that does not work then usehttps://www.romhacking.net/utilities/515/ You need Java for both. 7. You can skip the last two if you get this .tbl file, but It will only work for the OG translation, I believe. FireEmblem.tbl Now Here is how to do it with the .tbl file. 1. Patch Rom. 2. Open it in the Hex editer. 3. load .tbl file. 4. ??? 5. Profit. Now lets say you don't want to use my .tbl file and want to make your own. Here is how. 1. Go to the main main 2. in Fceux open debug ppu viewer. See how "a" starts at 45? Remember that. 3. Now Open Tblater and go down to 45 4. Enter the alphabet and numbers as you see them. 5. You now Have your own .tbl file! Good luck. Side Note: I have no idea what the Lawrence this is. I don't think that is used for anything, If you know what that is let me know. But what if you want to change the alphabet? Well Here is how 1. Open Mr.molester 2. Open Rom 3. Look for text 4. Now edit. As you can see I changed the a to a new a. Looks pretty cool but I don't know why would would need to do this. You can change the font to a new font from anther nes game if you would like. I kind of like the font though. So to add more space I think you need to re-point the text. I don't know how to do that however. Look at this page for more. https://emulation.gametechwiki.com/index.php/ROM_Hacking_Resources#Text_dumping_and_insertion_tools
  2. oh you added extra "00" bytes, that makes scene now. Why not just add the Wavs to the end of the rom and add more as you go, though? Not that it matters too much, the actual hardware might not even be able to play it with the sound waves. I am just a bit curious. That is very sad that there is no fix for the battles fading out the wav music. When I played a bit the map music did come back on at some point. I guess it waits for the track to finish? If you have a link to more information about the wavs, I would be interested. Also, I might be able to make a few maps to help, since at some point I want to remake some for fun, but I can't promising anything at the moment. I have alot of projects I need to work on. Though, I will let you know if I get around to it.
  3. NGL, no homo, but cuddle sounds with someone sounds nice. Now back to depression... I pray that the bastard goes to hell when he dies. I did not see the video itself, but on YouTube Whang made a video about it. I love my cats, I could never do something like that. Tomorrow is going hell for me though, as I have to put one of my cats in the ground. She died today, from feline leukemia :(
  4. I am using vba - m. I will try the old one. I have to ask though, HOW did you get the rom to be 48MB? lol what did you do? I would love to help you out once I get my mod finished. EDIT: I got it working with 1.8. You did a great job with the map. The music sounds very close to the DS. Maybe that's why it did not play on the other one, and why it is so big. EDIT:2 Some of the songs go in and out btw.
  5. Donkey Kong country. I played Fire emblem before smash.
  6. It's been a long time. I got the Awakening 3ds, when it came out I think. I spend about 3000+ hours on that game. I played all of them though, after that. I have not beat the "new" ones yet. I been busy playing ck2, eu4, hoi4, vic2, and the fallout games. Yea in about 2016 I got a pc, which is why I switched to pc games for a while.
  7. I might be a bit autistic. But no I have not tried dog or cat food. I don't want to, it does not smell good. Besides I can cook better than anything I buy, and pet food is worst than that. Mind you, I don't see anything wrong with that, it's not like you are hurting anyone. I still remember hearing about that one video about burning a cat alive. Mades me sick just thinking about it. My pets love human food though. My cats stole some of my $1 Walmart bread yesterday.
  8. Every few years, I try to make a mod. I have failed every time. But this year, I feel like I might be able to get it off the ground this time around. Here is the Idea: Make a Alt-History of our own world but with Fire Emblem Magic. Roman Emblem The year is 480, and the Island Sicily was just annexed by Odoacer. However, many Romans still live on the Island. One of the Romans is Fabius. Fabius, was a commander of West Rome before the fall. He is quite Depressed since, as an Orphan, Fabius had nothing but Rome. The other main character is Unnamed girl.png Basically, she is a Germanic girl, who has lot of money, and a powerful stone, which may or may not be the Fire Emblem of this world. She hired on Fabius, as a bodyguard. Fabius is cynical, but all he is good for is fighting and he needs the money. The main plot is that many people are trying to steal the stone that Unnamed girl has. NPCs There is also Roderick, an ex Roman commander that was Fabius's teacher. In the first part of the, Roderick seams like a good dude, and is growing an army to try to fight off Odoacer. However, later in the game we learn he might not be just trying to fight Odoacers. Quick note: This hack is not trying to follow history at all. It's a new timeline based on ours, but magic and other good stuff is real. The same people might not be in this time line and even if they are they might not be the same as they are IRL. Odoacers is a boss, and is tracking down unnamed girl. He does not want to kill her however. Uh here is the plot but uh it's made in ms paint. Here are a few things I have done. So what do you guys think?
  9. uh I might just be dumb but uh it's not working. after patching the USA copy of FE7 it just crashes vba-m. I tried both patch one and two.
  10. An FE7 remake would not be the same if we just start to remove things. I only like to see thing of value added to remakes. I don't see how removing him would add any value to the game. Nor do I see removing him as improving the game ether, since he does not play a huge role. Removing the avatar would not change a lot, but I see why anyone would want to rekt the lore. But for the love of god, don't make him Korrin! I would want mark to be a bit more customizable, and maybe even playable but only the way Khris is. Khris was a good avatar, maybe even the best one, because he is not a huge deal in the plot. Korrin is the worst one imo, since every one sucks him up.
  11. Yep this is it. I just confessed the part about it in Chinese and not Japanese. I remember not finishing it because I did not like something. I don't remember what it was thought. What were some of the changes you did not like?
  12. Before the 3ds remake even came out, I seem to remember a fan project that remake FE2 for the pc. It was extremely old and only in Japanese. I'm not sure if I just had a fever dream or something but I can remember playing some of it back in the day. I couldn't find any evidence of it existing though.
  13. I might be a little bit late but I just got the game and right now I'm enjoying it alot more than Fates. Though the fishing mechanic surprised me. Like lamo it's so random.
  14. This remake/what if sounds pretty good. Thought, I don't know if I would make Azura the main character.
  15. I just hate Fates. Fates had no story, and the story is my favorite bit. I wish they would make a new game with no avatar and a good plot.
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