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  1. I might be a little bit late but I just got the game and right now I'm enjoying it alot more than Fates. Though the fishing mechanic surprised me. Like lamo it's so random.
  2. This remake/what if sounds pretty good. Thought, I don't know if I would make Azura the main character.
  3. I just hate Fates. Fates had no story, and the story is my favorite bit. I wish they would make a new game with no avatar and a good plot.
  4. How y'all doing? I have not used Serners Forest since last year. Literally, lol I did not notice until I checked. Also RIP Etika.
  5. Thank you, but if you don't mind, can you tell me how to use this? specifically this bit "PUSH ORG $44800 BYTE 9 //max name length ORG $482bA BYTE 9 //max cursor position POP"
  6. I want to mess with FE8 and make a hack, but before I do, I want to know just one thing. Could you make an Avatar like in FE7?
  7. This would be cool. I might try to make an FE6 remake of my own.
  8. I wish the game talked more about about the Lycian League, and the other marquess. The only thing we know is that if Roy and Lilina get together they make the Lycian Kingdom, and I feel like that is a missed opportunity. We hardly see anything government related in Fire Emblem, this could have been a cool time to see how the marquess run the country.
  9. Thria is the territory of Lycia that had , Hector's half-brother, Orun in power as the marquess. But, since Orun dies, who become ruler? Does the title go to Liina, or the the game not say?
  10. They did that tho in FE9. But it was a crossbow. EDIT: I mean FE10.
  11. It would suck to buy the game 3 times. I hated fates, because of that. (and other things) Yet, sadly I think it's going to happen because fates made money like that and so this new game could too.
  12. If there is not, how hard would it be to make? BTW off topic, but is there also a mod for unpromoted S ranks?
  13. I think that Patty and Nana, don't really need to be fighting that much. Maybe I should try HolynXBriggid, I hear that makes Patty better. Sigurd's Killing Sliver Sword is much better on Lief then on Oyfay, Celice, or Delmund. Celice gets a Brave sword, Oyfay and Delmund gets Silver blades. I give disappointment a Brave sword, and Ayra v2 and Siver Sword. I guess It is just the way I play. However I still feel like Ulster (his sister out class him anyways) should have been able to use Axes.
  14. I feel bad for the Brave axe, because the only one who can use it (In gen 2) is Leif(if he gets Promoted), or one of the brothers. Leif has the Light Brand, and can any other weapons too, so the Brave axe really is not that good on him. The axe brothers, are not even good and I don't like there Personality's that much. The game should of have a lest one kid that Lex could pass down his axe's and epicness too. Looks at Ulster with a disappointment face.
  15. Thank you! FE4 is my favorite! I once tried to fix text bugs, yet for you see, I am an idiot. :) Thank you, again!
  16. Fin (Genealogy of the Holy War) was 15 (in the first part of the game). So, I bet you can be pretty young to be a knight. Who knows Titania could only be like 12 at the time Ike was a baby, or she could be 72 and a banded lol jk. So I would bet that Titania is only 30, when Ike is like 20. 10-15 years age gap happens more then you would think. What is even worst is that they not cousins.........lol Shanan is Larcei uncle. lol it's kinda funny tho. Just think. Now tell me that worst then Ike x Titania! EDIT: NVM Shanan Ayra is half-nephew.
  17. Well............. Priam does say he is descendant of the "Radiant Hero" and he has Ragnell. Why would Priam lie about this? Plus cannonly (is that even a word lol) Ike did travel to "another land" after Radiant Dawn. So the only way Priam is not Ike's descendant, is if Ike went back to Tellius then gave the Ragnell to mist/some one else "just case". It could also be Ike died and mist/some one else got the Ragnell; however how would anyone who know of the Radiant Hero even knew if Ike died, if he is far way in "another land". I think its way more likely(and cannon) that when Ike traveled to "another land" He really traveled to Valm with a few people, then had a kid. Prove me wrong. lol
  18. Can you explain to me how Priam could be "non-canon". If Priam is "non-canon" would that make all the SpotPass characters "non-canon" as well. Also you are right about one thing. Just because Ike is Greil's son doesn't automatically make him like his father; however Ike is like his father, but not just because Ike is Greil's son.
  19. Micaiah was born before the Serenes Massacre which was 20 years before Path of Radiance. Since Radiant Dawn is 3 years after Path of Radiance, we know that Micaiah is over the age of 23. I think Micaiah was a 10-13 year old when the Serenes Massacre happened. I would say she would be about 32-35 ish. Also keep in mind Tiki. She is like 1000+ years, and can have a kid with Robin. Age is not a problem. However; I guess I may have put the idea about Greil in a bad wording.
  20. Firstly, I would not add it in radiant dawn, but in path of radiance. Since in that game you have support conversations. Second, Micaiah is way older then Sothe. The boy is like what 16? I don't think the game says Micaiah age, but I guess 35.
  21. I think that Ceille is older then Titania, and Roy is younger then Ike.
  22. Titania was in love with Greil, but he died so....why not go with the next best thing, his son. I mean its not like Ike likes anyone else. I guess you could say he likes Soren, but I don't really feel like they have a relationship like that. Plus Ike is not gay, because if he was he could not have any kids. We know Ike must have kids because Priam is a thing.
  23. lol can't wait this is going to be good.
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