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  1. I love most jeigans anyways, but he is very hard to use endgame.
  2. You can only save to the Avatar Logbook, once you beet the game. You can save 5 people,then but skills from then in the next play through.
  3. My favorite character in nohr is leo.
  4. Mozume dose not give the Villager class via Marriage and Buddy seals.
  5. Asama going to be forever alone and forgotten. I hate him and his daughter. In fact, I may do a shadow dragon and kill asama just for fun. Edit:For norh, I will give up Arthur's kid,but I want Wyvern Rider.... Maybe I will give up Foleo or Siegbert, even though I love Leo and Marx.
  6. By the way how would you Marry a Dlc character? Today for my birthday I want to marry lyn. Lol I really have the same birthday as chrom.
  7. Its sad, but I don't think ram hacking would work for FE:If because it probably need higher than 9.0.
  8. What if the the parent can't use the item, but the kid can?
  9. 1:Who should marry who AND WHY? 2:Do skills pass on? If so then how many of them. 3:Do items pass on?If so then how many of them. Edit: how do you marry people?
  10. On my 9.4 emunand sd card, I can't dump the ram. All it does is freeze, after i go to the link.
  11. So many opinions. Now all have to do is grind for all of them. yay....
  12. I making a unit that will only be support. What are the best skills for them.
  13. well...you got me there. Lets not count Awakening then. LOL we are not counting a lot of things.
  14. No Rainbow potion/Constellations allowed for 12 too. Plus if we want to add items Navarre would win because Navarre is in Awakening... I still dont know why Awakening has super high caps.
  15. I don't think that "unlimited boosters purchase" counts. And as for which Karel/Navarre, I would think it would be FE 6 vs FE 12, because that's the where they are strongest.(for the most part)
  16. -Both have to be Level 20 Swordmaster (caps same as game) -FE 6 Karel vs FE 12 Nabarl (They are stronger.) Well FE 7 Karel 2 more Spd, but over all FE 6 Karel is better -Karel uses Wo dao -Nabarl uses Killing Edge Things that don't count: -Awakening -Stat boosters -Any Items -Supports -Any thing outside out the battle.
  17. Thanks, Vincent. That was this what i needed.
  18. Dose any one have any fire emblem 12 modules? It would be cool if someone found out to modify growths and Chapter Unit Editor.
  19. I am try to add Eliwood and Hector in FE6, but i dont know how to make them balance.
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