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  1. Ok, one last question will Feditor use 0x00D00000 to 0x00E00000 free space or dose it add ever thing to the end of the rom. I hope it only add to the end, so i can use the free space.
  2. I see, so should I unencrypted all the text to manager space? Sorry for all the questions.
  3. So how come ever time i modify a text, the rom gets way bigger?
  4. I am going to live to be Over 9,000!!!!! or late 90, drug free .
  5. Texas, and no I am not a cowboy...yet JK
  6. So I balance all characters in fe8 then, make some better and other toned down?
  7. 1.copying error 2.Yes Nope , but I made this in like 2 am. Thank You!!! Not his growth are good ,but with the "ok" stats is make him a ok unit. Uh...thank you, I guess?
  8. Well I thank you for all constructive criticism, so with that I made v0.4!!!!
  9. Seth (Fire Emblem 8) -New Base Stats Hp-37 Str-15 Skill-13 Spd-22 Luck-13 Def-12 Res-8 con-14 -New Growths HP-95% Str-50% Skill-45% Spd-50% Luck-30% Def-65% Res-30% Items -Iron Sword -Silver Lance -Vulnerary Downloads v0.3 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/85215698/Fe/Fire%20Emblem8%20cool%20seth%20.ips v0.4 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/85215698/Fe/Fire%20Emblem%20Balanced%20Seth.ips Marcus (Fire Emblem 7) -New Class=Cavalier -New Base Stats Hp-20 Str-7 Skill-5 Spd-7 Luck-3 Def-8 Res-4 con-9 -New Growths HP-80% Str-45% Skill-40% Spd-50% Luck-35% Def-40% Res-15% Items -Iron Sword -Iron lance -Vulnerary Downloads v 0,1 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/85215698/Fe/Fire%20Emblem%20Balanced%20Marcus.ips
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