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  1. Although I played the NDS version of Shadow Dragon, this version is a carbon copy of FE1, and although it is not confined to Japan, it is not a tweaked version that has glaring differences from the original FE1 such as the NDS version(FE11): 1.The NDS version has a 4-part prologue that didn't exist in the original, 2. Due to the ease of arena abuse in more modern FE titles, including the NDS version of Shadow Dragon, that version is more lenient towards grinding, while this version doesn't allow yielding in arenas, meaning your allied unit is gone if it can't damage an arena enemy while the same arena enemy can, 3. In the original, unlike the NDS version, no experience for healing, meaning your clerics can't grow unless they are attacked by the enemy, 4. In the original, unlike the NDS version, the mechanics allow for an attack to still have a chance of missing, even if the attack shows 100 percent hit chance... 5. In the DS version, you get less experience gain for repetition, and said experience gain can decrease to zero in the event you abuse too much, but that mechanic doesn't exist in the original... ^ Due to the above differences, FE1 is technically a different game than FE11 was, although the story's main points are the same, so in turn, technically, this is my first time playing this game, despite the feeling that FE11 minus the Prologue is a similar game as FE1...
  2. Hana: A myrmidon that has good strength, but squishy defenses... Second-best swordmaster to none but Ryoma out of all the possible swordmasters(assuming no heart/partner/friendship seals are used, in which case, Hana's rank among all possible swordmasters drops to third by Kaze), in my opinion...
  3. I'm keeping an eye on the "festival as a Halloween special" possibility... If I don't see it on the list of dlc to purchase, let alone a notification that tells me it's available for purchase, by the morning of next Friday, the 28th, after 00:01 hours(or 12:01 AM) UTC time, I'll have to conclude that the festival DLC is Japanese-exclusive, and that Nintendo has no plans to change that, meaning the dlc is locked to japan for all eternity, or at least until the copyrights for Fire Emblem expire next century or maybe a little bit past 2100, due to the fact that Nintendo's execs have to pass away in order to trigger the 95-120 year countdown to the time their works become public domain, and then, and only then, can I play the festival dlc in America w/o having to learn Japanese and/or download an emulator to alter the source code for better understanding of script w/o the danger of breaking copyright laws and getting in law trouble... So, either I see the dlc next week, or I wait for Nintendo's departure from the gaming industry, and subsequent dying of their figureheads for the dlc to become public domain... By then, though, who knows if I'll be still alive to play the festival dlc, with or without nintendo's involvement in terms of translation and localization(whether by official means or unofficial means that involve copyright expiration and/or entry into public domain", as by the time the dlc enters public domain, I could be 124+ years old, assuming I'm still walking on earth by that time, but please Nintendo, don't give me the message that I have to either learn Jap, or wait until my potentially-last-legs-of-life years just to play the festival dlc, and even then, don't make me obtain another device(emulator) after the expiration of your copyrights just to play it... Next week will tell all...
  4. 1. Yes. If this is true ^ If 1st gen cannot inherit wolfskin/ninetales in any way, shape or form(while 2nd gen can, but only if they are married to kaden/keaton, meaning kana can get it, but not Corrin) w/o risking getting a shadowban, then the same should apply to bond units: Shadowbanned if you try... 2. No, as that would break the restriction put on you that implies (you are not legitimately allowed to try to hack avatar talent for supporting to make wolfskin/ninetales possible partner/friend seal-induced class options for corrin, and due to that, the same should go to bond units, as they rely on both Corrins' stats and the random selection of the class the bond unit will start with(yours or your friend's?)... ^ I apologize if this is not on the main site. On the main site, I can't find anything regarding what classes are legal for characters and what is not, so if I posted a link that points outside of the forest, but missed the answer, and if it's on main site as well, can you help me point out where to find it?
  5. oops! I found an possible wrong answer on my part: I tested my game, disproved my own statement: Class sets are remembered, including DLC ones, but in order to retain friendship classes, it will have to already be in one upon logbook entry generation. My apologies... Source
  6. Supports do not carry over from one file of regular action to one file of einherjar-induced action. Meaning I'm afraid your 2nd Gen einherjar is stuck on the base class tree, due to the fact that einherjars cannot support(but can still pair up) in your second file(meaning no ability to use friendship/buddy or partner seals, plus the fact that there's no alternate class sets, let alone a class set that's set to infinity(or a class set that covers all possible classes for his/her gender), in the einherjar unit's coding(unlike awakening), hence stuck on base class tree in a similar manner to prison recruits(FYI, prison recruits are captured enemies put in a prison then recruited by resources in the My Castle realm)...
  7. Here is something that concerns me regarding nintendo's future, assuming the wii u failed due to lacking x86 architecture... ^ Assuming they stick to the Tegra X1 chip, and refuse to upgrade to Tegra X2 in the final version of NX, I'd say the "Nintendoomed" scenario will come as a result of the NX, and Nintendo could see the NX as another Dreamcast, despite the portable portion of that console, because if people want x86(32-bit) processing in their games, and Nintendo keeps refusing to make hardware that meet such desires, the NX could drag Nintendo out of business in another Sega-esque situation, unless tweaking in other areas somehow turn the prospect of x86 games being hard to port over to a Nintendo OS into a fantasy by inches... ^ Then again, the future can be unpredictable, so I'd not count nintendo out until the low numbers begin to pour in, if they do, as I'm not the type that prematurely bashes a company that I have stuck with for so long... Still, deep down inside me, hearing about stuff like "32-bit processor or no deal!" and/or "This gaming device is inferior to other consoles I know of, and thus, does not deserve my one dime!" in total disregard to their software, since I believe that the software quality of the competition, with some exceptions like Destiny, Kingdom Hearts, among other competition standouts, is not as good as Nintendo's(if the NX and maker fails, will the gaming industry crash again?), the results could be a downer should the NX fail to sell well enough to silence the plausibility of such criticism... :(
  8. Answer is not on main site of Serenes forest yet, but at least I may have found it, if only on the bottom of source's page: No stones of any kind in museum melee(Beast or Dragon) Source
  9. I am aware. Hence, "unless they release them(festival of bonds dlcs) next week or so..."... Nothing stays in japan until Nintendo/IS says it is staying, if Nintendo/IS says it is staying... ^ That's why I'm not upset that it's not released this week... The amount of content to be translated... I'm ok w/ a week of no dlc newcomers to America... But I will be upset if they announce that they are scrapping the dlc altogether... I'm not worried, however... Give them time to translate. The dlc is still a go, even if we have to wait at least a week longer...
  10. one week plus passed since last dlc... ^ and no bond festival dlc to be found... Also, the japan map pack 1 ended w/ the two-part hidden truths map, while japan's map pack 2 started w/ vanguard's trial and ended w/ witch's trial... ^ meaning japan's map pack 3 is the childrens' arc, and doesn't end in a fates version of Apothesis... And FYI, Festival of Bonds contains unlimited versions of the class change items obtained in "Before awakening"(in "Before awakening", they are limited to one per save file... :( ) ^ Unless they release them next week or so, I assume the US is done w/ fates dlc, and that the bond festival dlc maps are japan-only just like Cipher... :(
  11. Niles x Nyx Laslow x Selena Serenity x Leo ^ OK w/ you?
  12. Related note to aforementioned cap-raising: Level 3 Statues also impacted Lilith's caps... ^ But Lilith is now maxed out, and it only +1'ed to the cap in the same stat only once, and the +1 didn't stack w/ other statues that raise the same stat... ^ But am I missing something? edit: nvm: Lilith did not get any statue boosts... :( ^ and my post is junk... too bad there's no delete button for such a miss in my train of thought: Thought she got gains from statue lv. 3s, but in truth... :(
  13. Yes. Good idea... I would get Dragon Fang first, then I would reclass to a staff-wielding class, then progress far enough so that the Boo Camp enemies get past lv. 20 on the orange enemies, but not the green enemies there... Then I would get a Lunger and use Lunge when the enemy goes to the forest above the mist on top of map that is still in the reach of my non-flyers. Then I would use the lunger to block the enemy exit point on the Sigil above the non-flyer no-entry zone's no-lunger subzone(the non-flyer zone is comprised of the emptiness tiles that you can only access w/ a flyer that can pass through the partitions on the edges of the mist blockade, or the non-lunger subzone, that blocks all player-controlled units from crossing the mist but lets enemies cross. However, player-controlled units w/ Lunge can still gain access to the subzone by waiting until an enemy emerges from the mist tile to cross any tile that's not any mist one before lunging), which is a feat that the map makes it almost impossible to do if not for one and only one certain spot above the mist: the forest tile on the bottom and the center of the non-flyer no-entry zone's no-lunger subzone... Finally, I will move a unit to a muck tile, and use Corrin to heal the unit every turn... ^ And when I get enough experience, finally, reclass to either Dark Knight OR Nohr Noble so MU can use Yato as needed... ^ Warning! That requires a LOT of gold, so play and complete Ghostly Gold if you don't have enough gold to afford a lot healing staves... :)
  14. What is the formula that calculates how much staff/rod experience the staff/rod user gets after the use of the staff/rod?
  15. If it wasn't for your mom, you could consider the digital version... ^ Especially since she doesn't have to see what you're buying in that route... ^ Speaking of digital, almost 9-10 hours away from digital(Eshop) launch, as eShop goes by Eastern Daylight Time, so "9-10 hours" because I don't know if that means eShop buyers can play it after the stroke of 9 PM AZ time, or 10 PM AZ time, as DST is not being observed right now in the states, but since AZ doesn't observe DST anyway...
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