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  1. Yeah there were several things I noticed in that emblem. Like how the gems don't perfectly match the colours of either Awakening or Mystery of the Emblem. But that medallion caught my eye right away.
  2. Ishi


    My dude welcome.
  3. I lean more towards the post Kaga era. While I do believe that FE 4 and 5 have the best stories. I just overall enjoy post Kaga era more. They fully fleshed out gameplay, and the games feel similar.
  4. Wow I forgot this website existed

  5. Happy birthday!

  6. Someone needs to give you the link to a server then you're in. Oh and don't use the browser btw. Its really really bad compared to the program
  7. I will almost always take Burger over Pizza.
  8. I heard Great Lord Aqua is absurdly good. Every Great Lord variant ive seen of her has had some ridiculous stats for even a level 18 unit.
  9. Welcome bud. Always nice to see some Blazing Sword love.
  10. Huzzah you made it. Welcome dude!
  11. Ishi


    Shameless Plug https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9Jb_BjNGAARSlrQIlsonmw I do let's plays, Fire Emblem Hard Mode is pretty common. But the quality changes from videos as they progress. Like the worst mic imaginable until like part 17 of my RD. Shoutouts to the Blue Yeti, that thing makes me sound so much better
  12. You're in for a real treat. The game is a ton of fun, it often gets called the worst of the gba. But its my favourite, hell i'd even argue it has the best story of the gba ones. Gameplay wise yeah its certainly more difficult, but on Normal Mode its pretty tolerable and not as bad as some make it out to be.
  13. I dont think the story is terrible. It just has had a lot of effort put into it excluding the fan translation added stuff, its more refined. But at the same time the new stuff didn't quite smooth into the refined content they added. Just my opinion but I think the story is better written in 12 than 3. The biggest complaint for the most part is MU's involvement which to some just killed the feel.
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