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  1. Hello! Welcome to the forums, i hope your interest in fire emblem games grows, they are really good and entertaining and people here can help you if you've got any questions
  2. Ah no i meant Sothe as a main character, Also THE BLACK KNIGHT. Lol i totally blanked out there bc i forgot his name, but thanks for the feedback and for liking my roster haha also if the game turns out to be like Marvel vs Capcom 2 that would be pretty awesome.
  3. Well some of the characters that i would like to see in a fighting Fe game are not that "popular" but well here i go: First i would like to see a variety of shapeshifters like Tiki, Nowi, Panne,Kaden and Keaton *especially Keaton* etc. Marth, Ike and Micaiah, Sothe, Ephraim, Eirika, Roy, Eliwood,Hector, Lyn, Leif, Corrin, Robin, Chrom,Roy are some of the lords and main characters that come in mind, (idk about lucina, i feel she would be just a clone, also the lords of fe5 which i don't remember their names) For side characters i can name a few but keep in mind that i have't played all FE games: I would like to see Canas, Henry, Jakob, Cherche, Joshua, Titania, Frederick, Gaius, Emmeryn would be funny too, Felicia (as a Jakob alt) Artur and Arthur,Beruka, Nyx, Amelia, Saleh, Seth, Inigo, Owain, Brady, Myrrh Obviusly i'm missing a lot. For some of these characters to get a chance of being in the game they should add a support option so they appear and help the fighter I would like to see the Hoshidan and Nohrian royal family (yes even Elise and Sakura punching stuff) For Villians i can think of : Lyon, the dark knight, Gangrel, Zephiel, Garon Well i think that's it but i'm not that good making rosters and i'm missing a lot of people oh well...
  4. i would love to see a Zootopia theme, and a Theme with the Disney dogs (i love them) but i guess i'll wait, probably there are going to be more themes
  5. Hello! Welcome to the forest! And your english is good! I hope you enjoy the forums!
  6. Tbh i'm just here waiting patiently for the 8th gen to come so we can have more eevelutions *i hope is a dragon, ghost or poison type*
  7. Really? Wow thanks! I'm doing my best :D
  8. Thanks! I forgot about that and i was in a rush, also i guess too much twitter makes me think i can't edit anything ha! I'll keep that in mind! ^^
  9. Well hello there! Many of you may not know me but i used to be an active member of this site, however i went inactive due to school and because i couldn't get this account back, but now i finally came back, wow, i started this account when i was like 15 or something, i'll talk a little about myself, well i'm a girl and you can call me Paula, i like videogames, bands and some animes, i'll try to stick more this time around and as the title says: it's good to be back, also just a note but engliss is not my first language, well i think that's it. Hi!
  10. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late!

  11. Well Marth of course, also i'm happy for lucario and Ike^^
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