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  1. Mute your TV and turn on the radio. (I played all through engage without doing this, but if you're tired of a soundtrack but still want some music, this is a workaround. I can't remember if you can turn off music and leave voices/sfx on in engage.)
  2. If I was taken care of financially and someone would read books to me all the time, I think I'd be OK. I'd probably also listen to a LOT more music, because that's something I already wish I did a little more of, even if I'm a bit obsessed with games. I don't think I could manage to carry out my current responsibilities at this time without eyes. I'm an OK typist but I make enough mistakes that I'd need more work to supervise the mistakes than makes sense, especially since it's high volume work. Personally I don't know a lot about all the resources that are available to the blind. Definitely would make me sad. If I could be guided into work that blind people could do that might be OK.
  3. Ynaut you think the dragon that appears when Loptyr tome is used is the real Loptyr? Well in Code Geass Lelouch passes on the burden of being Zero to Suzaku, and Suzaku is a phoenix, which is kinda like a chicken, so I think Fa is the Zero Emblem.
  4. I love that name and never heard of it before (I'm guessing it's where the turtle in Terry Pratchett comes from) but America is the supercontinent (north and south) and Turtle Island is supposedly (google) just North America. So can we extend it to Central and South?
  5. Actually, there was a time when Soren x Ike was kinda divisive. Now I think it's under the radar/gaydar. I don't think he's anywhere near as classist as say Trails of Cold Steel Machias. He doesn't ever have a problem with Sanaki or Elincia or any of the Laguz royals. Nor does he have any particular issue against knights of Daien being knights. He's an easy (and I do not mean misguided) icon for FE fans who like to highlight criticism of chivalry or the nobility, but Ike himself doesn't seem to have problems with the nobility IMO. It's been a long time though. I'm willing to be reeducated. I mean, I read some of your more recent posts and it makes me want a Tellius remaster/remake because I really can't remember this stuff anymore 😞 I'm surprised no one has mentioned Niles and Tharja and Rhajat. I thought all three of them were kinda divisive for being kinda bad ppl, not just for same sex relations with Corrin in the cases of Niles and Rhajat. I would mention that girl with the pink and blue hair in Fates but I think she's just kinda disliked?
  6. Poor Zephia never got to see a moe zoom in of Sombron holding her hand and a pact ring...
  7. https://my.nintendo.com/rewards/3e91c37cc4df034b?lang=en-US I specifically mean the FE that came after Radiant Dawn, not Dark Dragon and Blade of Light.
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