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  2. Did you come to my profile after my birthday just to gloat!? I was going to make my birthday 3/30 just to criticize you for visiting my profile on my birthday and not saying happy birthday. But changing my DoB would be another lie (AFAIK).

    1. Freohr Datia

      Freohr Datia

      huh. I dunno, it might have been entirely coincidence!

      every now and then when I spot you I return to your profile to check your name history to make sure you're severian like I keep thinking you are 😛

      but uh.... hey, late happy birthday!!!

    2. Original Johan Liebert

      Original Johan Liebert

      I still feel stupid for severing Ian.

  3. I'm glad you apparently enjoyed the death of the 3-13 Idiot.

  4. Well, let me tell you, I owe you for - in my judgment - helping me with something I may never be able to do because of COVID-19. But it's the thought that counts, in this case my thoughts thanks to yours. There's something I'll say in defense of Dimitri, insane though he may be. Edelgard wasn't betrayed by anyone she cared about early in the story as far as I can tell. Dimitri thought Edelgard betrayed him even though he cared about her. Maybe he thought she cared about him - someone else said something about Edelgard forgetting about her time with Dimitri to begin with. Not that it probably wasn't a selfish care - I think Claude was right about Dimitri being romantically interested in her. The way that Edelgard's voice sounds as the flame emperor sounds very angry to me. When she kills people in battle, at least in part 2 of crimson flower, she yells at them sometimes "you're weak!" I think she might hate weakness because she is strong. It's interesting that I remember her being even-tempered when negotiating Dimitri when they attempt to negotiate, but she lashes out at him at the very end of the game when he shows a moment of weakness, offering his hand. I think she lost control of her hate or her anger there, because she could have actually survived. I guess you could draw a distinction between anger and hatred. I don't think it's the same as in Claude's ending, where it's the protagonist she's asking to end her life tearfully. But even when she controls her hatred in Claude's story, even though she seems to be controlling her hatred, she isn't able to move on. IMO her death is more painful. In a way, Hegemon Husk Edelgard might actually be a less problematic and painful villain to deal with than Claude's story Edelgard. I haven't seen if Silver Snow Edelgard death is any different. If her control of her emotions lead her to be the most killed lord in the game tied with Dimitri, I'm not sure her path was any more successful. Then again, Rhea is dethroned in all four, Byleth - who Edelgard thought better of - appears to get more influential in all four, and I guess the jury is still out about TWSITD because a lot of people seem to have trouble deciding if they're just hiding out somewhere else in any given ending, but the game seems to be leaning towards indicating that at the very least their power has been seriously diminished. I guess one can argue she was successful even past her death.
  5. You're probably right, because that is indeed the case in most of the playthroughs I myself have done (my mind is failing me these days). I can't remember how the knife Dimitri gave to Edelgard makes its way into conversation and why he starts blaming Edelgard. Maybe it came up in the tragedy at Duscur? Ugh I don't want to replay a campaign just to find out. Do you think Edelgard may want vengeance against TWSITD, or do you just think she sees them as irredeemable? As flame emperor she says directly to Thales that "there shall be no redemption for you and your kind" (or something like that). I dunno why she bothered saying that to him directly except insofar as TWSITD may already be very aware that she hates them.
  6. I figure Monica/Korya should be the most hated FE Three Houses girl. Her use of Edelgard's knife, I think, is a substantial breaking point for Dimitri in his storyline. I would not be entirely surprised if Edelgard distrusts Dimitri because of his breakdown in his own route. Even if you dislike Edelgard extremely, it seems to me that Korya is much worse, at least on a personal level. Orson has terrible taste in women. I don't know if Edelgard's war was all in all justified or smart or whatever, but she started it. I think that's the best reason people have for hating her. Rhea seems to get hate as well, and her mismanagement of Fodlan seems to be the best reason why Edelgard's war is justified (Rhea does not even seem to be effectively combating the problems that Edelgard herself brings to the table). I'm currently working on that S rank Silver Snow support but I'm not sure that hate is undeserved. Edelgard seems to be kinder to her enemies off the battlefield, at least, than Rhea is. See executions of church officials by Rhea VS Edelgard leaving Rhea alive and in seemingly good health in Claude's route. Or, look at how Edelgard responds to Byleth not joining her VS Rhea responding to Byleth not joining her - Edelgard is sad to face the professor, but fights for what she believes in, but for Rhea, it's just something along the lines of "Byleth failed me." Edelgard is happy that Byleth is alive at the end of her route, while Rhea is happy that she has one of her mother's bones in the opening cutscene. I don't know how Edelgard made it through what she did, but considering that she did, it's no big wonder that she has it together as much as she does. The thing that makes me doubt Edelgard is not necessarily all that fair, because it's incredibly vague. She talks about how "I alone shall rule" as the hegemon husk in the end of Dimitri's route. On the one hand, I guess it's pretty typical that there should be someone at the top who has the final say on anything. But I (like Dimitri, who was troubled by the comment) was wondering if her primary motive for seeking power was really self-preservation. She was made by TWSITD to be a ruler, and if she had not pursued that course, she might not have survived at all. That might be a pretty typical reason to seek power, however. I kind of think that Edelgard was raised to need power to survive. I'm hoping some of the people who paid more attention to the game can respond to this idea, but if you have countless times already, you don't need to spend the time. I know Edelgard talks about her dream for Fodlan, but realistically she would have had a much better time achieving some form of that dream working with Claude rather than as a corpse (and Claude says repeatedly they don't have to fight). Incidentally, I also don't know if Claude really cares that much about his dreams for Fodlan either. He could have joined with Dimitri in Dimitri's route, but instead he runs off (he doesn't even really defend the city he's in? all of the few troops he has are around the harbor where he's waiting?). I'm kind of convinced that the rulers are going towards rulership because that's the path they were put on, not because they really want to rule. Maybe the reason Rhea is so controlling about her rule is because she isn't as insightful about how difficult it is to rule properly (though like I am saying about Edelgard, I think she also is afraid to step down). She makes a great anti-nuke though, so props for that. Even if I am right, I think what Edelgard did is...fair for who she is, because I can't imagine asking someone to sacrifice their right to fight for their life and existence and independence after everything she has been through. To live based on trust when what you've known is a completely cutthroat existence. I don't feel that way about Claude right now, and Dimitri doesn't seem to be very ambitious (not saying he's great ruler material, though maybe he is towards the end, just that he doesn't seem as interested in power as the other two house leaders or Rhea). And I think the reason Edelgard asks to die on Claude's route is largely because she's afraid to live life as someone who doesn't have a great deal of power.
  7. I got out of the hospital after a stay that was partially due to fear of coming down with COVID-19. I also received aid from a higher power in attempting to quit a bad habit. Not that you have to be that powerful to be stronger than me.
  8. Belisarius likes to pretend he's a total softy with his sleeping Kirby, but then strikes with cynicism and an air of boredom
  9. Jesus Christ people. We already have an out of control gun problem in the us and probably some other countries. Don't let it overflow into fire emblem.
  10. I work at this answering service. We mostly answer for doctors. It's just normal work, but I like to hope that I do more good than bad. I like to think that I'm a hero, even if that means that everyone else working alongside me is a hero too. At the same time I don't really think I am. I don't even believe in reality as it presents itself to me, nor do I believe I'll ever find out the true nature of reality and how I really can help others, if there even really are others out there. Also, I wonder if it's possible that our service does more good than bad somehow, though I don't think it really does. Also, if I had the chance I might move to something that pays more, and I do look for jobs. Even though I think I'll regret leaving my current job in the future. I don't want working at my job meaning I'm a hero because I want to help others. It's more that believing that helps bring satisfaction during and after my day there. My desire to be a hero doesn't necessarily entail having a love interest or finding a unique path in the world and getting others to like me. It's more about believing that I can help others because I don't think I'm worth helping myself. I hope I don't cause damage being who I am. It might even be a purity thing, to avoid "sin" and maybe the idea of an afterlife of ease and comfort motivates my actions. I don't really know who I am. I just know what I think I might be. Sorry for all this BS. Sometimes all I want is to get is dinner with my family each night and go to sleep.
  11. It doesn't really matter. There is no point in firing sacred arrows at innocent humans or animals.
  12. Everyone else seems to get the joke,and I don't - I really am too old to be here.
  13. I dunno. Snuff films? I'm not sure I've ever watched one but that would be my choice.
  14. Thanks is cooler than star wars villains and while he is stupid he manages to not be edgy I guess. Not that being edgy isn't cool.
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