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  1. Belisarius likes to pretend he's a total softy with his sleeping Kirby, but then strikes with cynicism and an air of boredom
  2. Jesus Christ people. We already have an out of control gun problem in the us and probably some other countries. Don't let it overflow into fire emblem.
  3. I work at this answering service. We mostly answer for doctors. It's just normal work, but I like to hope that I do more good than bad. I like to think that I'm a hero, even if that means that everyone else working alongside me is a hero too. At the same time I don't really think I am. I don't even believe in reality as it presents itself to me, nor do I believe I'll ever find out the true nature of reality and how I really can help others, if there even really are others out there. Also, I wonder if it's possible that our service does more good than bad somehow, though I don't think it really does. Also, if I had the chance I might move to something that pays more, and I do look for jobs. Even though I think I'll regret leaving my current job in the future. I don't want working at my job meaning I'm a hero because I want to help others. It's more that believing that helps bring satisfaction during and after my day there. My desire to be a hero doesn't necessarily entail having a love interest or finding a unique path in the world and getting others to like me. It's more about believing that I can help others because I don't think I'm worth helping myself. I hope I don't cause damage being who I am. It might even be a purity thing, to avoid "sin" and maybe the idea of an afterlife of ease and comfort motivates my actions. I don't really know who I am. I just know what I think I might be. Sorry for all this BS. Sometimes all I want is to get is dinner with my family each night and go to sleep.
  4. It doesn't really matter. There is no point in firing sacred arrows at innocent humans or animals.
  5. Everyone else seems to get the joke,and I don't - I really am too old to be here.
  6. I dunno. Snuff films? I'm not sure I've ever watched one but that would be my choice.
  7. Thanks is cooler than star wars villains and while he is stupid he manages to not be edgy I guess. Not that being edgy isn't cool.
  8. Your name is hectorcopter and you emoted as Lyndis. Wat is your problem with Eliwood. If you are Hector and you don't even like Eliwood how good a friend are you.
  9. I wouldn't do it automatically, but I'd manually choose Mose Allison's "But It Didn't Turn Out That Way."
  10. Too bad. I guess I realized this too late and was too inattentive to the game. Thanks for saving me some time!
  11. Has anyone ever theorized (to your knowledge) that the FE Fates opening is from the PoV of Anankos? I'd like to check before I spend time constructing a post on it myself. EDIT: Also if someone hasn't seen this theory before but recognizes the possibility, let me know, because if you get the gist of it it might reduce what I post assuming I do so.
  12. Me not being more famous, richer, sexier, smarter, funnier, and delicious.
  13. Maybe a short spear or spear would have been more effective in dealing damage.
  14. I don't get it. The other characters are pretty central heroes and villains, but why is Guilford here? He's by no means unimportant, but he's far from a central character. Any ideas?
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