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  1. Not a bad idea, but I'm too much of a wuss. I doubt I could actually cut it off, I'd probably need someone to do it for me. And if I did that, I'd probably have to give some of it up as a matter of fairness. I used to chew on my lip, and boy was the blood delicious.
  2. I mean, I might try human if it wasn't illegal. In fact, something being illegal isn't always enough to stop me. Got it, I'll request polar bear in prison for my last meal after I get put on death row for killing and eating humans.
  3. I played almost exclusively with Venasaur in Pokemon Blue, getting all the way to Gary's Charizard. Gary's Charizard was the first pokemon that could 2HKO my Venusaur. My brother supplied me with mewtwo... ๐Ÿ˜• I wonder if more leveling and an x-special could have won the day, instead of grinding another pokemon up to fight charizard exclusively.
  4. Soul stop mocking me. Evidence: "Lowkey always wanted..." Lowkey-->Loki I used to use Loki as an SF username. It's not even the first time, you started being G&W. And with that aside, you're not acting as a clear authority on my psyche with this topic, you've misrepresented me, if you're ever in the US I might sue you.
  5. Did you get it at a lot of different places? Do you know the names of the bakery or bakeries you went to? Maybe these are obvious leads you already looked into. (I went through a wikipedia list of german pastries and didn't see any promising leads).
  6. I feel the same way, and I would like to make a quick apology rather than perhaps starting a fad, except I can think of many things I wish I hadn't said, it's not hard to remember. Well right now I can only think of about 9 things and it only took me about 20 seconds of thinking to remember those 9 things. The weird thing is that recently I was thinking of one of those things and realized that it's just following a pattern of behavior that I undertook unconsciously. I regret the conscious stupidity I was aware of at the time, but the larger pattern of behavior isn't something I realized I undertook! And I never made a contribution like TLP.
  7. I made it through the first 4 or 5 chapters. I didn't really find it funny or offensive (though I understand why someone would be offended). Just really odd that someone would make a FE hack to write dialogue like that. And I really don't get why there was a weapon called something like "moooooving" (wasn't there?). But it was also pretty difficult. I can't really explain it but I really wanted to get far enough to recruit Kiwi. Back then I wanted to play everything FE.
  8. No poll you have to post your opinion if you want to share it. (I'm just lazy and hoping a mod will attach a poll). Do you think that Three Houses shows that Byleth should have been trying to get Rhea to lynch people to catch TWSITD? Is Mafia a viable strategy for Three Houses? I'm not sure how I feel about wikipedia. The first and last time I played Civilization VI I played as the Scythians. Tomyris is known as the killer of Cyrus the Great. Cyrus issued an edict that wikipedia states promoted a general policy of repatriation to Israel. Zerubabbel (no spam?) led 42,630 Jews to Israel under this agreement. He was accompanied by a priest named Joshua (Jyo?). In the book 40,000 in Gehenna (Warhammer 40,000k??) there are 42,363 humans and azi (cloned humans) who found a Union colony. The colony fails initially, and most of the inhabitants make friends with lizards of varying sizes (manaketes?). Hextator called me uncouth and the Cuthim were adversaries of the Jews during this period apparently. It's OK to kill Amaleks according to god. Stop killing people besides me. There's also something about "Coniah", sounds like a screaming rabbit to me. Good job to CJ Cherryh, Christ Jesus Christ, and gamefaqs among others. I'm not writing an assigned paper so I'm not putting a lot of effort into this ๐Ÿ˜•
  9. OK, I admit this was actually a pretty cool trick. I was playing Disco Elysium and I got up to get a mousepad for my computer. Selected a yellow legal pad. Next thing I know, I click to open a container and I found my clipboard and detective's notes in a container. What kind of over-obedient world takes the time to synchronize me getting a legal pad to me telling my PC to me finding a clipboard in a container? Get a life! But thanks very much all the same. Any requests? Or are you aware I can't do anything to equal it in return?
  10. People are trying to hide that they love you because they're afraid you'll be taken away. And then they question the reality of that motive, and then they assume the motive sounds so crazy that they must have invented it as a way of keeping you from finding out that they don't like you. It's kind of this darkening process where they question who they are and whether they are really a figment of a much larger imagination that is manipulating them. I don't know what comes after that process. Ray Wylie Hubbard said A: enlightenment B: endarkenment hint there is no C I can't figure out if that was a timeline or a list of possible grades in school.
  11. This place is more gender progressive than the workplace I work where I have to ask questions on gender. Not that I have ever tried to do anything about that. Good job and thank you IMO.
  12. I will pray for you if you give me your name, dob (pronounced dob), ssn ("I mean you do live in America right?" he asks, seeing your location in newcastle, assumes it's delaware), and why you made your smiley in red type.
  13. I don't even remember when Corrin bounces on Camilla's breasts, but if that's part of the regular plot, how do you ever manage to beat the game if you keep losing it there. :\
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