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  1. OK, I admit this was actually a pretty cool trick. I was playing Disco Elysium and I got up to get a mousepad for my computer. Selected a yellow legal pad. Next thing I know, I click to open a container and I found my clipboard and detective's notes in a container. What kind of over-obedient world takes the time to synchronize me getting a legal pad to me telling my PC to me finding a clipboard in a container? Get a life! But thanks very much all the same. Any requests? Or are you aware I can't do anything to equal it in return?
  2. People are trying to hide that they love you because they're afraid you'll be taken away. And then they question the reality of that motive, and then they assume the motive sounds so crazy that they must have invented it as a way of keeping you from finding out that they don't like you. It's kind of this darkening process where they question who they are and whether they are really a figment of a much larger imagination that is manipulating them. I don't know what comes after that process. Ray Wylie Hubbard said A: enlightenment B: endarkenment hint there is no C I can't figure out if that was a timeline or a list of possible grades in school.
  3. This place is more gender progressive than the workplace I work where I have to ask questions on gender. Not that I have ever tried to do anything about that. Good job and thank you IMO.
  4. I will pray for you if you give me your name, dob (pronounced dob), ssn ("I mean you do live in America right?" he asks, seeing your location in newcastle, assumes it's delaware), and why you made your smiley in red type.
  5. I don't even remember when Corrin bounces on Camilla's breasts, but if that's part of the regular plot, how do you ever manage to beat the game if you keep losing it there. :\
  6. OK congratulations clearly you can ignore people on your profile.

    1. Integrity
    2. Original Johan Liebert

      Original Johan Liebert

      OK OK it's the hackers 😕 ... I left a message here that seems to have gone away.

  7. Lynching in mafia. But when I play mafia I always explain to "new ppl" that lynching is typically a good strategy, especially on night one. I don't really like when stories break down in a schizophrenic mess and you start thinking that characters might be mirrors of each other, etc. But I mean...I liked Fight Club, and what I watched of Mr. Robot. This is why Byleth is so great. Nearly everyone talks to him about how great he is all the time and he mostly doesn't talk back much and he makes really fake looking and overacted gestures (for instance: Sothis chastises him towards the start and he simply bows without talking back). He never gets the chance to initiate supports, he always has to wait for people to come to him before he can talk to them. I think FE 3 Houses can be read as Byleth making fun of everyone but Jeralt and almost everyone making fun of Byleth but Jeralt. Byleth and Jeralt's relationship, however, made me extremely depressed, up to and including Jeralt's voice advising Byleth to get married at the end of the game. Reminds me of Riou and Viktor in Suikoden II.
  8. I still live with my parents and I don't have a problem with it but I still judge other people who live with their parents. My judgments are bad though so don't listen to them.
  9. We all know immoral characters are good examples of what not to be, right? *crickets* I like Felix a lot, he's among my faves, but I think he's lacking in self awareness like everyone else. If he has such a problem with chivalry and knighthood as commonly practiced, why did he become a knight? (ok, I know, I know, it's because that's his upbringing) But if he wants to be a hero and save innocent people, we all know that heroes promote from mercenaries, not knights. Almost everything Felix criticizes other people for are problems he has too. He might not enjoy killing like Dimitri, but he has stated he has devoted most of his time and energy to being an excellent killer. Is it better to enjoy what you do if there is wrongness to it, or fail to enjoy what you dedicate yourself to doing? Is it better to love the lord you serve, or somewhat despise him but serve him anyway? Is it better to mull over questions on duty, or not mull over questions on duty but be dutiful anyway? I could go on. Felix and Bryce...Dimitri and Ashnard? I don't even know if it's fair for me to like Felix after saying all this, but he's still one of my faves.
  10. There's something kinda horrible about that last sentence, and it's probably nothing all that terrible compared to things other people say in this world when it comes to video games. But Sothis actually did lose her skeleton after dying. But I don't think I was thinking about that when I made my post. Don't get me wrong I have done horrible things, but why am I still around? Do you know how to deal with me if you need to? Can I assist you with that without you thinking I'm trying to trap you? Do you guys have moments like that a lot?
  11. Hahaha...ha...ha...playing ME3 without a save from 1 and 2...Wrex dead...saving Krogan only to see their leader lie about Mordin helping to cure the genophage...not knowing if I could have done more for the Qurian/Geth conflict if I had loaded my file (looks like it doesn't actually allow you to make a difference beyond either side you support being stronger)...Kaiden dead (I liked and felt really bad for Ashley in ME 2 and 3 though) Looking through the choices, I guess they matter less than I might have imagined, but when I played without any carrying over I had a general ignorance of what chances I lost and so there was more of a feeling of missing a lot of opportunities for things to have turned out better. I think Kai-Leng was just added to team up with the Illusive Man and create a reference to Malazan: Book of the Fallen. In that book series, there's a legendary military group called the Bridgeburners who end up as a war asset available to you during ME3 (I mean, not directly, but...). I think that Kai-Leng and the Illusive Man are meant to lightly reference Shadowthrone and Cotillion, two gods from that series (partners in crime, a mastermind of illusions and a stealthy assassin), although Kai Leng is very much a lesser partner to the Illusive Man than Cotillion is to Shadowthrone, and the Illusive Man is much more human than Shadowthrone is.
  12. I dunno if you can ignore people on your profile, but are you willing to do an IP ban or even a MAC address ban of me for me without me breaking any further Code of Conduct violations?

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