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  1. How can glasses be real if our eyes aren't real If ray-bans aren't real how can rae-bans be real
  2. I'm just glad someone knows the story behind my avatar. I actually haven't finished Monster but I liked most of what I saw. @Sooks AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH
  3. jajaj remember when you asked me about that Tana picture n___N

    1. Original Johan Liebert

      Original Johan Liebert

      Not completely but I can imagine why.

      EDIT-Don't worry about it.

    2. the actual real soul
  4. Two chapters: -Sigurd's Arc: chapter 1 -Celice's Arc: chapter 2 Maps even bigger than before. Changing map music of course.
  5. Veld is a metagame-god. Since he's the final boss of a game that got released after Seisen no Keifu, for the player he's the last remaining obstacle of the Lopt cult if you're playing chronologically (which we know is nearly always the case for FE players, especially US FE players). With Lopt destroyed and Manfroy and Julius dead, he inherits the status of closest thing to a dark god of the cult. Why not do the BS FEs for these threads? That could be fun.
  6. -Dueling SF user Ike Mike in smash brothers 4 for the 3ds for (I think) months? Sadly, work made it difficult for me to keep up, and he had advanced far beyond my capabilities in the most recent smash game when I attempted a return. I was probably holding him back. -Etrian Odyssey III, especially the post-game boss. -The House in Fata Morgana.
  7. You know I remember Hika's name used to be White People Suck, but it never occurred to me until relatively recently that he might not be white (have never seen a pic of hika).
  8. Well there's a fanfic for everything it seems. EDIT-Well apparently it'snot a secure connection, but an old site called bobbincranbud.com has a fanfic that covers this topic called Xenogears: After the Fall.
  9. There should be an Etrian Odyssey Musou. I'm kind of spamming the topic though, because I don't predict that will be next.
  10. I think Sooks's choice to bring someone back might be the best one...I looked around my room and couldn't think of any good ideas. And sentient cars like xray said might be safer than smart cars w/ any kind of wireless features.
  11. There is a blue line between my post and Soul's post. Does it mean we have to fight? Or does it mean that there's an ad that didn't load? Well, I wonder.
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