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  1. AAAAH is my favorite swear word but I'm not sure AHHHH is a swear at all. I played like 2 beat hazard songs once it's pretty good. I definitely consider it quality but I'm not good at it.
  2. Jade Empire. I mean, you're not required to be female, but you can be.
  3. My main realization came when I started having trouble finding guides for doing things I wanted to do. I mean, that's not exactly right. I could find the guides to doing it, but they'd be for a slightly different version number, model number, update number, or something else (sometimes only presumably) and I wouldn't quite get the answer, there would be something I'd have to do a bit different from the instructions in the guide, or sometimes, the guide really wouldn't be helpful.
  4. Maybe he's supposed to contrast with Van Zieks (sp?) and the judge...the judge and van zieks are both acknowledged as lords, and the banker in game 1 case 3 also talks more properly. GAA 1 case 3, case 5 spoilers.
  5. Maybe Magnus McGilded is a reference to a historical figure...I'm pretty sure the Altamonte oil company is a reference to the (earl?) Altamonte based in County Sligo, which inspired some of Yeats's poetry, including a poem where he dreamed of/mused on living in his "bee loud glade."
  6. Besides Thracia 776 that doesn't really happen all that often.
  7. It's been I think at least a decade since I read Gathering Blue, I can't really remember it at all. The Giver is good. I sometimes wonder if the Giver's role was purely ceremonial, or whether the Givers held onto memories that even those in control of the society didn't have access to, or what.
  8. Spoilers are allowed I think. I don't really remember it myself but apparently this happens after beating Garon and before the credits roll.
  9. Well the last time you talked to me you told me that you lost it every time Corrin bounced off Camilla's boobs, so I assumed you had never managed to finish the game because you turned it off in frustration.
  10. It's not completely infeasible to say that there was awareness of the Iliad during the making of Fates. Arete, Azura's mother, is even named after a Greek concept that's applied to heroic cycles and occurs in the Iliad (I'm too lazy to remember what other greek names there are in FE Fates). In a way, Azura seems more like Helen than Corrin, since when she does something against Valla outside its confines, it threatens her existence. Helen doesn't face something like that, but she's under compulsion that distresses her because she doesn't want to be where she is. Corrin appears to be genuinely torn between both sites. But you might as well say he was modeled after a native american getting captured by colonists, or a colonist getting captured by native americans, and raised up in an alien culture. Or that Corrin is based off of Moses, too, because he was raised among the royalty of the enemies of his people. A lot of FE games gods on both sides, are they all based on the Trojan War? We might as well say that Revelation is based on The Aeneid because Corrin is also Aeneas (related to Aphrodite and finds a new home for his people).
  11. I don't get it, but I may also be a stupid baby.
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