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  1. Well the last time you talked to me you told me that you lost it every time Corrin bounced off Camilla's boobs, so I assumed you had never managed to finish the game because you turned it off in frustration.
  2. It's not completely infeasible to say that there was awareness of the Iliad during the making of Fates. Arete, Azura's mother, is even named after a Greek concept that's applied to heroic cycles and occurs in the Iliad (I'm too lazy to remember what other greek names there are in FE Fates). In a way, Azura seems more like Helen than Corrin, since when she does something against Valla outside its confines, it threatens her existence. Helen doesn't face something like that, but she's under compulsion that distresses her because she doesn't want to be where she is. Corrin appears to be genuinely torn between both sites. But you might as well say he was modeled after a native american getting captured by colonists, or a colonist getting captured by native americans, and raised up in an alien culture. Or that Corrin is based off of Moses, too, because he was raised among the royalty of the enemies of his people. A lot of FE games gods on both sides, are they all based on the Trojan War? We might as well say that Revelation is based on The Aeneid because Corrin is also Aeneas (related to Aphrodite and finds a new home for his people).
  3. I don't get it, but I may also be a stupid baby.
  4. To give you some perspective, the complaint I remember seeing from Conquest players about ch 10 is that a single unit (or rather 2 paired units) can't solo the chapter because there are too many spaces to defend and too many guys who will just go on the spaces to win instead of suiciding against Corrrin or whoever ur trying to solo with.
  5. I can like the texture of tofu along with the taste of what it is eaten with. I don't know if you can though, you might be less capable.
  6. Still have no idea where Navi is. Why aren't more people upset about this. The whole point of Link's adventure is to find Navi and she's still MIA at the end of the game. I guess it's an effectively tragic subject.
  7. That might be a small sample size. Do you believe in FE turncounts?
  8. Is killing the death knight in that chapter really all that useful? Turncounts?
  9. That's like saying if you eat spaghetti and meatballs you're not eating spaghetti. Also, even with your mindset, you can if ur playing the first several chapters since they are pre birthright/conquest/revelations. There was this one account on reddit that would just correct people every time they posted anything about Revelations, saying it was Revelation. It's like reminding people that it's Monster Hunter 3 Tri instead of Monster Hunter Tri. I'm not sure that's even lowkey. I think that's one of the big chapters ppl complain about.
  10. Alright then sorry for the incorrect assumption.
  11. So Soul's recent posts are an attempt to humanize Yoshikage Kira.
  12. Renaming the Byzantine Empire would be inefficient, at least in English, I think - I'm not doing my research, but that's what I bet everybody calls it and it's probably been like that for a while. So if people started thinking about it as something else and forgot it as the Byzantine Empire, it would be difficult for them to find it in older indexes or hashtags or what have you. The real emperor of Shu, the great and the powerful, who declined to serve Liu Bei three times, was Zhuge Liang. There is some possible sincerity going on there I guess - it looks like Liu Bei refuses to formally state he is candidate for emperor until the Han Dynasty is officially deposed. The real question (I think) is when the crowned Han Emperors had power and when not. Maybe it's a matter of appearances VS reality. In the south, as far as I know, slaves did not get into positions of power even if they were competent - and I think there were measures to keep them from being competent in certain ways (not being allowed to read IMO). They could not even form stable families without permission. In Rome, at some point, slaves could become freed men, and sometimes they had power and influence and the ability to share in the changing world in a more human way. I'm not an expert on either place, but maybe that's a good measure of how ok it is to have slaves at all. (I dunno if Roman slaves could have families)
  13. Since you've never done it, why knock it?
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