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  1. Do you own a Japanese 3DS? Or are you playing on a patched American 3DS?
  2. Regionthree will not work on any of the three 3DS's that I've tried. Is everyone using cubic ninja, or does everyone have a japanese 3DS?
  3. So I realize that I'm a few days late, but are the characters' bases located in that as well? Or would I need to look elsewhere for that.
  4. So there's this album with a bunch of characters bases: http://imgur.com/a/4VVPP Anybody got any others? Anyone know how Kamui's work?
  5. I'm getting the games within a week, and i was wondering what units have stood out as amazing. (Other than Corrin, obviously.) I missed most of the streams, so I'm relatively in the dark, though I've heard your flying sisters are excellent.
  6. I've seen Hoshido base stats before, but anyone know where i can fin Nohr base stats/Boss stats?
  7. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late!

  8. Just wondering: where can I find/edit growths for these games using a hex editor? Also: What do I load into Nightmare from the FE10 rom for the modules to be compatible? I've used WiiScrubber to pick out individual files, but am confused what to do from here.
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