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  1. IMO it just seems like TSM was not able to adjust and take easy advantages and this was easily seen in the early game of the TSM FNC game. Dyrus died like twice under turret from Reignover ganks, the thing is Huni as Cass was shoved up to turret for a long time and Santorin and the rest of TSM never took advantage of that, either ganking Huni or forcing other objectives (could also do with p/b since cho isn't the best roamer). I think Santorin ganked like mid but it failed since its against LB and Febiven is pretty good at not overextending. Meanwhile Reignover gets FB top and then forces a flash mid on Bjerg. Similar things happened in the EDG (IIRC) game where dyrus gets 3 man dived bot and Santorin is top with his duo lane but they dont try to dive or even force the enemy top laner out of lane. In most high level play, if you give up on objective or area you really have to trade it for another objective or you will get snowballed on hard against good teams like the ones they played in MSI. Even after the showing I think NA is fine and I am excited for both NA and EU summer splits (EU is looking really intense). However that is just my opinion as a scrub.
  2. Its not like some FE fans want the new game to be more like older games and less like awakening......... oh wait. Also brawl tourney's still go on, they just are not anywhere near as popular as melee.
  3. I think the best plan would have been to have two streams going if one took too long or whatever so things are on when they are scheduled to be on. That's what I meant when its partly on the tournament organizers since they didn't have a plan if things took too long other than have people wait for a really long time, and its not out of the ordinary for people to start getting frustrated and impatient. Obviously you hope people aren't rude and what not but they are still people.
  4. I mean it was also sunday night and melee top 8 started at like 9 pm (ending at 3 am) and some people were there from like 9 am and literally had to fly/drive in and deal with a bunch of crap. So what if they were cheering for melee to come on seeing as they paid a ton of money to go see melee. Obviously it is a little disrespectful but it is also on the tournament organizers for planning it the way they did. Side note when melee top 8 came on, melee was the number 1 game on twitch in terms of views, getting over 100,000 I believe.
  5. Kayle, Annie, and Sivir are all fun (imo) and I believe are 450 IP each. Annie can blow people up and play multiple roles (mid, top, supp), and I think she is coming back into the meta (supposedly annie top is becoming popular). Kayle has interesting mechanics with her e and can do a good amount of splash damage and is also versatile (mid, top, or jg). Sivir is a pretty good adc atm with excellent waveclear and teamfight, her only weakness is no escape/dash. Riven is also a fun character and I heard that they are making her animation cancels automatic so skill cap could be lower for her in the future.
  6. me and frostyfiremage had our matches. he won one game 3-2, i won two games, 3-1 and 3-2 (I believe that is what it was but please confirm ffm)
  7. horace beat me 3-1, 3-1, 3-0 ggs do i even have to play my last match since there is no way i can advance anyways?
  8. horace or frosty fire mage hit me up with a pm tonight if you are free for our matches
  9. Yeah I was busy this weekend and I apparently missed Horace so if you want to Raven you can give him the wins against me 3-0. I will be available around 6 pm CT during the weekdays if its still going.
  10. me and sophia had our match. she won one of them 3-0, i won the other two 3-2. good games.
  11. anyone in my pool shoot me a pm if you are free to play, though i might be playin league so wont respond immediately
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