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  1. I haven't played Three Houses yet, but hearing his voice in his head seems very plausible to me. This is a blast from the past, but for some reason I keep imagining Lewyn as that German Shepherd in "All Dogs Go to Heaven" haha
  2. Yeah, that's fair. He was probably completely spent. When I first got him, I was in a bad situation and had to make him singlehandedly defend my keep. He dodges everything and saved the day. RIP, my friend. That said, I will just headcanon that he's living some sort Quantum Leap life at the behest of Forseti (clearly I'm still in the denial stage).
  3. Yikes, yeah that's depressing but it is one possible explanation. The thing that makes me think it's really Lewyn is the moment when he gets upset at Fee and says that what went on between him and her mother is none of her business. He probably gets pretty angry when pushed on it because he was in a self-imposed exile. Ir's all quite sad!! He knows his kids would be happier just staying mad at him rather than knowing he's a ghost. My headcanon is that he's just got to be off on other divine missions. Side note, how in the ******** does Manfroy land that hit with a 23% chance?! Such bad RNG at the worst time! Poor Lewyn. 😭
  4. A bit of both--it was incredibly blunt but it felt in character. It's part of why I prefer to believe that Lewyn is sort of like a ghost or an angel type thing rather than Forseti. It's much more appealing to me to imagine that it *is* Lewyn but he's on a divine mission with borrowed time. It would explain why he carefully avoided his family. How painful would it be for them to realize he wasn't *really* alive? I know I preferred being upset at him for being a deadbeat over believing he was literally dead!
  5. Thanks for the clip--I didn't realize it had little vignettes. The Bellhalla thing feels even more painful when you think of it as battles like that (don't get me started on Quan. I'm still in denial).
  6. Just finished the ended (thanks to YouTube, RIP 10 chapter save). I was pretty floored that he wasn't the original Lewyn. I guess I just figured of course Lewyn would survive the battle of Belhalla, he had insane speed and evasion. I'm a bit heartbroken now. No wonder he abandoned his family. I admit to laughing for a good while after he meets Ced and says "How's things?". It was a bit cold and oddly distant, but I figured Lewyn had gone back to his 'idiot bard" ways. I had no idea it was because he was Forseti or some Forseti puppet? I guess he could be a bit of both. Now I have to mourn my save and the *real* Lewyn. Going to need some strong drink for this
  7. Thanks--I will see what I can do to recover it, but until then I will console myself watching someone else's playthrough. Gaming can be brutal sometimes
  8. I've been playing (and really enjoying) FE4 on a SNES emulator. I got to chapter 10 and was just about to make the final push to Julius/Ishtar. I saved it and shut it off. I come back to it, try to load, and all it says is "Start New Game". I was pretty crushed after investing so much in this. I know I can download save states but it's not the same. This one hurt.
  9. I'm still sorting out who the voice actors yet (Behind the Voice Actors still has incomplete listing). Ben Diskin plays Jakob right? He's done quite a good job. Anyone know who plays Kaze? I think he is quite good as well. There are a few I'm not entirely sold on, but for the most part I think the VA work is quite good in this.
  10. After playing more (I should say bingeing) I've really grown to like Kaze. I might have to go for that. But I'm still leaning towards Jakob. I can see the appeal of Xander, but I just can't get past the fake brother thing. I'm a Jane Austen fan, so I've seen some uncomfortably close pairings (Mansfield Park comes to mind) but I just can't quite go for Xander/Corrin though objectively it is not wrong.
  11. Having played a couple of more chapters, Silas is really starting to grow on me. And I still have a strong attachment to Jakob (I have a thing for the loyal butler deal--I almost married the butler in Rune Factory 4 but I had to go for the tsundere)
  12. OK--Niles looks highly interesting. Ever since I played Prince of Persia: Sands of Time I have developed an undying love for Yuri Lowenthal's voice.
  13. This helps alot! thanks for the detail. I guess I'm mainly looking for what the most interesting, or appealing pairing I can find, but I am also interested in the pairing that produces the best child. Is Xander/Corrin the best bet there? (I'm assuming that has similarly strong results as Chrom/F!Robin??)
  14. I just googled this character and he has much going for him--he is part wolf and is voiced by Gideon Emery. I won't get married until I kick the tires on this character!
  15. I'm really enjoying "Fates" so far, but I really haven't at all decided who to pair the avatar with. I've done a bit of googling and I keep getting conflicting results. It looks like in Japan Jakob, Xander and Leo were most popular pairings? I'm just curious because it seemed like it was very obvious who the most popular pairings were for the femRobin. Secondary question, does anyone else have a bit of a problem pairing Xander/Corrin? I've thought about it as a strong pairing option, but it just seems a bit weird. Thanks
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